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2022-08-09 13:42:25

    i spent $32 on this fucking bowl at the moma and at first i felt bad buying it bc it was so expensive but ive had a terrible day today and every time i look at my lil bowl im like :o) you know what. i can get through anything with this bowl by my side


    i literally get what marie kondo was talking about now


    bc everyone keeps requesting to see it filled :)


    I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Time seems to pass differently. But the place is cozy and private so I have no complaints. And whenever I’m hungry, I go outside with my bowl and walk down the hill to the shore. Sometimes the lake is made of soup. Sometimes it’s huge pasta noodles the size of barges. Sometimes it’s breakfast cereal. Sometimes it’s dumplings the size of great whales. I dip my little bowl and take a portion and carry it back up to the house.

    Today I found a new bowl! In its center is a little hill with a little house. I will carry it down to the shore and fill it up, and whomever lives in that little house can have a tiny portion of my meal. I hope they have a nice bowl to put it in..


    you know how when you marry someone with a title, a lot of the time you also gain that title??? like. becoming a princess because you married the prince.

    by that logic does marrying a wizard make you a wizard as well


    i’ve met a lot of wizards who say it doesn’t work like that because wizard is like doctor

    “i didn’t go to wizard school for ten years to be called MR. EVIL.”

    sorcerers do work like that though if you marry a sorcerer you also become a sorcerer