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    this 50′s hungarian comic strip I’d never heard of until now is so damn cute for something that also gets so horny


    It helps that the writer was trying to create something he hoped would appeal to women as much as men.


    Yeah and I think where it really succeeds vs. modern anime wifey fantasy shit is that Jucika really is just a character super comfortable with being sexual, likes looking sexy and even has no shame in using it to get her way:

    ….But at the same time, she doesn’t tolerate being objectified against her wishes:

    ….And the comic takes her side in both cases, whereas I’ve seen countless modern narratives in which this same character would have only been framed as like a Slutty ™ Bitch ™ or full blown villain.


    One of the things I also really like about this comic, besides what’s already been stated, is that the humor isn’t always about her being sexy. Sometimes it’s just about other goofy things in her life!


    oh yes many of them are experienes just anybody can relate to

    but then there’s also the time she just….built a functional AI?

    she just didn’t predict how the robot rebellion would really manifest


    I love how there isn’t a single dialogue bubble, yet you can fully understand what’s happening.

    Always reblog Jucika.


    We need to dismantle the systems in place that allow white people to get away with offering black people sub-par services based on the excuse that our bodies are more difficult to work with. Black hair is not more difficult than white hair, it simply requires a different skill set. Tattooing vibrant tattoos on black skin isn’t more difficult than tattooing white skin, it simply requires a different skill set. Photographing black people isn’t more difficult than photographing white people, it simply requires an understanding of photography. Doing makeup on black skin isn’t more difficult than doing makeup on white skin, it simply requires different products. Working with black people is not more difficult than working with white people you’ve all just been taught that it’s not valuable and therefore not worth learning how.


    This is extremely similar to the dilemma faced by disabled people. It is no more expensive to design a building with ramps instead of stairs, it’s only when you create the building first and have to tear down the stairs and replace them that you incur costs. If we teach the skills of inclusion from the beginning, there should be no additional costs for services and accessiblity for anybody.


    Initially I wasn’t sure I wanted to diverge from the axis of race over to disability, but I actually think that the analogy of that building and how it’s only after we’ve institutionalized inequality that costs are incurred trying to fix it, is a valuable one so thanks for the contribution.


    Poc and disabled problem solidarity



    [Image ID: Tumblr tags: #important! #racism #antiblack racism #sometimes men talk to me about this because they think i’m a man i can 100% confirm it’s on purpose. End ID.]


    [Brief clip from a previous video, which has the caption “When I have to send my husband to the store.” A white person is writing a shopping list. As well as listing the items and quantities, they are including what aisle each item can be found on, how much it costs and a painstakingly made little sticker showing exactly what it looks like.]

    [The main video starts. A black person with glasses is standing in a bathroom, holding a toothbrush, talking to the camera.]

    So that is a video of a woman, like, literally piece-by-piece word-for-wording what her husband’s trip to the grocery store for their household is going to be.

    And I saw another creator stitch this video, talking about – I mean, they had a really dope word for it, and I can’t remember it right now, but it’s about performed incompetence and how, actually, what this husband is doing is exaggerating their own incompetence and exaggerating their own incapability, to force the labor that they don’t want to do (this husband) onto their partner, right – that their wife will hopefully be like, “oh my gosh, it’s just easier for me to do it myself so I’m going to do it myself, you’re good.” And now they’re absolved of the need to, like, contribute to the household.

    So, actually, that performance of incompetence is an investment that that husband is making for his future self, if you know what I mean? It is like a patriarchal investment. And it’s two-pronged, right? One, you don’t have to do the thing that you don’t want to do, which is go to the grocery store, but two, you’ve set the expectations for your own capabilities so low that whatever you end up doing is incredible.

    So now I’m going to do my favorite thing, which is to make it about race. And I’m actually going to say that in a parallel sense – like, that is a patriarchal investment that the husband is making into his future self, but I think that, actually, in the same way, mediocrity is a gift that whiteness gives to its own future.

    You know what I’m saying? That whiteness performing mediocrity sets the bar so low that the generations that will eventually inherit the legacies of whiteness can do anything and feel entitled to, like, riches and fortune, right?

    And we also accept that performance of incompetence, that performance of mediocrity, and then accept the bare minimum from whatever white person or whatever beneficiary of whiteness comes along and does [pinches fingers together] juuuuuuust more than we would expect from them.

    And I think that, because of anti-blackness, it’s the opposite for black people. Right? Like, to escape the violence of whiteness you have to perform such excellence, and inherently the bar is constantly getting higher and higher, until you have all these superhuman black people who are just getting by.

    Anyway, I gotta brush my teeth. Bye!

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    maidens if you are going to flee dramatically from my castle in the middle of the night once i reveal my true nature to you please leave your candelabra on the little ledge by the portcullis we are running out of them


    starting to think these maidens are stumbling in soaked through from the rain just to steal my beautiful gowns and homewear are any of you actually lost

    From Whale Whisperer on Instagram.


    Psst. See them pull millions - if not a billion - pounds from nowhere for this funeral.

    NHS? Cost of living crisis? The everyday person will suffer. I'm behind ye all the way. I think I would not be the only Irish person who will also stand behind you to get those fucks out of the position they have.

    That died with the Queen. Do with them like the rest of the world. Only royal I like is that King with the funky hats

    one thing that really strikes me about anti-intellectualism is that it's just so. self-limiting and sad. like it's a good thing to learn and i feel like we've forgotten it. all this information at our fingertips and people are refusing to use it for the simplest things like when they don't understand one specific word in a text. if something is a tough read it's a moral failing of the author and not an opportunity to build on your own personal knowledge and experiences. it doesn't matter if you think picasso is a renaissance artist because who cares about art history anyway and besides, picasso was a creep, even though it would take a minute to look this up. like obviously there are issues with accessibility in say, access to academia, but some things are genuinely not going to take significant amounts of effort to look up and remember for future. yes it's not a bad thing to not know something already, but a refusal to learn? come on. learning - expanding your knowledge, getting to know more about the world or humanity or art or science or anything - serves you, not some elitist academic in the sky or whatever. whether that's just reading the first paragraph of the wikipedia page for pragmatism or taking three months to read crime and punishment, there's a sense of achievement in the end. and yeah to some extent it's a skill, but it's not a difficult thing to foster and build upon, and sitting around proclaiming how you refuse to learn anything, even the most basic and simple fun facts, due to whatever the excuse of the month is is just so insular. it's a truly wonderful and interesting and diverse world out there and we're letting it all pass us by