Project Monsoon  Clever colorful street art that only appears when it rains

    After the Superhydrophobic Street Art, which uses a superhydrophobic coating to create designs which appear only in the rain, here is the Project Monsoon, which uses the same concept, this time with hydrochromic painting, which reveals its color only when wet. This amazing and clever project was designed by a Korean team of designers, in collaboration with Pantone, to provide color to the streets of Seoul during the rainy season, while paying tribute to the Korean culture. A brilliant idea! Source: ufunk 


    The world is filled with such wonderful things.


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    Hannah’s Heels

    Hannah pushed her way through the bushy hedge and slowly emerged on the other side, glancing from side to side as she surveyed her surroundings. There was no one nearby, she was safe…for now at least.

    It had been so difficult to escape that utterly perverted facility. Whatever they were doing to her and the others was sick and if she had stayed…never mind. She didn’t want to think about that. What mattered was that she somehow managed to escape the grounds and get back to the outside world. Despite how sluggish and unresponsive her body was being. She knew they had pumped her so full of chemicals and cosmetics that she no longer looked human. Her skin was smoother and glistened in a weird, porcelain kind of way. Her joints were stiff and every movement was jerky and unnatural, she must look like a plastic dolly marching out of there. What made it even worse was the way her legs seemed to splay open against her will. She had to waddle slowly with her hips swinging as her legs pushed themselves apart. The harder she tried to close them, the more she concentrated on walking normally the wider they opened and the more her waist thrust forward.

    However, Hannah persevered and now she was out. Still, she wasn’t free yet. They had probably noticed her absence by now. There could be men after her this very second. Large, muscular men coming to drag her back there, brutish hands all over her body as they took her forcefully, groping and squeezing her newly inflated tits. Their cocks bulging in their pants as they played with her plump chest and…

    Snapping back to reality Hannah shook her head and cringed. Her fingers were stroking her nipples on their own and it was hard to believe how sensitive her breasts were all of a sudden. She knew they made them larger, injected some mystery liquid and left her to watch, drugged and hazy as her chest expanded several cup sizes. The thing she hadn’t realised was that they felt so good to play with. Just pinching herself sent sparks through her torso and made her shiver.

    Now wasn’t the time to think about her tits. Hannah steeled herself to focus on where to go now. She was still moving so slowly though, if anyone found her she would easily be caught. Possibly the biggest factor in slowing her down was the heels. The bright pink, super high heels strapped tightly to her feet. For days she had been made to walk only in these heels. They were training her feet to adjust to the ridiculous footwear whose only purpose was to look cute. She never wore heels this high before in her life and while she had adjusted to them somewhat, it was still difficult to move around in them. Especially with her now heavier chest putting her off balance.

    It was obvious that she should remove the heels. It was hard to believe she hadn’t done so earlier, although she had been so stressed as she fled that she didn’t want to stop moving for fear of capture. Hannah began to bend down towards the pretty pink heels, finding herself naturally bending at the waist rather than the knees. She didn’t seem to notice at first but it was strange to bend like that. As she leaned forward, keeping her legs straight, she gradually stuck out her rear and exposed her naked ass and pussy even more to the cool air.

    The breeze made her pussy twitch slightly as a trickle of clear juice slid down the side of her thigh. She had been wet and sticky for the entirety of her escape and was finding it harder and harder to ignore. Back at the facility she would be overdue for a nice long cock stuffed in her drippy, needy hole right now. There would be several throbbing cocks there to plough her, fill her all the way up and then pump her full of hot cum.

    Those thoughts lingered in her head as she reached to the heels and began fiddling with the strap. They were just an ordinary pair of heels, no lock or other devious trap keeping them attached to her feet. She could simply undo the strap and slide them off…so why was it so hard? Her fingers shook and it became hard to pay attention to what she was doing as she clumsily failed over and over to undo the strap. How do I take these off? Why can’t I seem to get my head around it. It’s getting hard to think. Head….fuzzy…Why can’t I…do stuff…

    Maybe it was because she hadn’t been fucked in so long. It had been like…hours since she last had her greedy cunt plugged with a nice thick cock and it was getting harder to reason every second. If she could just ride one cock and cum around it like a good doll maybe she could think again and escape. Her sopping pussy was tingling and leaking badly. She felt the empty, desperate sensation of a fuckhole that needs to be stretched by a meaty cock.

    Voices! Male voices. Heading towards her. They could be from the facility. They might be coming to take her, abduct her once again and complete her transformation into the unrecognisable sluttified doll they were turning her into. She had to run. Get away before they spotted her.

    Or she could stay here. That thought popped into her head and her body froze. She was bent over, ass and pussy thrust high into the air. Her tight, well lubricated hole exposed and ready to just be taken immediately. As soon as they saw her, even if they weren’t from the facility, they would surely take their cocks out and started ramming their cocks into her bareback.

    She had a mini orgasm at that image, short, rapid breaths escaping her plumped up, parted lips as she almost lost balance. Quickly her will to move faded. Second by second she knew more and more she wouldn’t move. Wouldn’t escape. In fact by now she was wriggling her ass as the footsteps of the men grew louder and faster and they ran towards her shouting. No doubt in her mind they were coming to take her back. All this effort to get away and she would just be caught right now. She should be crying, running…screaming and begging not to go back.

    Instead, she was moaning and grinding her hips in the air in an attempt to pleasure an invisible dick. A small puddle of her pussy drool had formed around her beautiful pink heels as the men approached behind her. She whined in glee when she felt the swollen tip of one of their cocks rubbing along her labia. She twitched and pushed her hips backwards onto him, mewling like a cat in heat as he tormented her by keeping his cock just barely touching her soaking sex. Then she felt him throb and she knew he could tease no longer. With a low grunt and clutching her hips firmly he thrust his bulging shaft into her deeply, filling her with hot cock and causing her to slither and squirm in delight as her head got lighter and lust-filled whimpers spilled past her drool covered lips. Her plans of escape flittered away as the intense animalistic drive to impale herself further on that amazing shaft consumed her.