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    Upon Entering the Sadist’s Social Club, one can find ‘It’ ready for use… and abuse.

    It whines and whimpers as the club members each wander by. ‘It’ being a mature female of the most degradable kind. A useless cunt, well into her late 30’s and well trained with over two decades of subservient experience in her well used pussy, ass and mouth.

    Her turn it is, to stand naked at the entrance to the secret club. Stand and writhe in her restraints as each arriving club member is allowed their stinging weapon of choice. Her only job for the night, to be the fleshy, screaming and bleeding thing the rich and perverted members warm up with.

    The matron of this ‘Social Club’, the pussy loving manager of this club, is a woman with deep sadistic tastes. And it is her delightful job to select the one to be tied and cuffed in place, so ‘it’ can be used and abused as the greeter for the night.

    She has a list of all the members personally owned slaves and submissives, from which she will choose. A role she relishes since it gives her a power over these useless females that has untold sexual benefits.

    This undeniably sadistic woman will select the poor frightened female who will endure hours of cruel whipping and brutal penetration, all in the name of entertaining the club’s arriving members.

    A slave who does not show this stern woman enough proper pussy eating respect one week, will find herself at the top of the list in becoming the next disposable piece of cunt to be savagely used for greeting the members, come the next week.

    The captive woman’s only role will be to scream and wail as men, and even the odd woman, whips or canes her mercilessly. A selection of implements for making her cry, howl and beg uselessly, adorn the wall beside her. Implements of pain, degradation and horrendous torture, hanging at the ready for the arriving members to choose.

    This one’s name was Elaine. A term not commonly used by ‘its’ past and current owners. Their names of choice for ‘it’ being, cum whore, dumb cunt and lately just plain old ‘pathetic piece of cock sucking shit’.

    Her tattooed back, her tender yet long ago branded buttocks, her shivering naked thighs, all presented there as she stands bound, trembling and whimpering. All so members can warm up their whip swinging arms, or just get off on making a tied and cuffed slave whore, pitifully wail in agony.

    By the end of the night her tightly rope bound wrists may well bleed, her cuffed ankles will be deeply bruised, but that will pale in comparison to the bloody, raised welt mess that will be her ass, legs and back.

    In fact, if you could turn her trembling body around you would also see a mass of residual whip marks from the wrap around of the various leather floggers, bull whips and crops.

    Her small stomach roll and just beginning to sag tits, will be all stinging, but no where near the pain she feels in her shredded and defiled ass.

    A violated endless throbbing she will feel in both her ravaged holes, seeing how some arriving members are not content to just sadistically whip her, but to make use of her body as the permanent markings on her exposed flesh demand.

    Some of the more extreme loving members needed to violate her in the most depraved terms. Fingers, cocks, dildo’s and even the odd champagne bottle will have found there way up into her most intimate of places by night’s end.

    Places that will ache and sting and ooze out white liquid, the result of her repeated use and abuse by many a lustful lecherous man and even woman.

    And she will stand there, taking it, accepting it, pathetically sobbing and sagging against the wall in her bondage as she has no other choice. Not until the members all leave, reversing their entrance and each giving ‘It’ a parting gift, one could laughingly say.

    A gift of another cock or six, rammed up in her burning and stretched holes, or maybe even a bull whip handle left rammed in between ‘Its’ well whipped ass cheeks. The whip left bobbing and dangling out of her ravaged ass like a comical yet sadistic tail.

    And only then, once every member has departed, will she be left to collapse against the wall, sobbing quietly and waiting to be taken down, which may not occur for hours…Waiting hopelessly for release from her night of painful bondage hell.

    A timing and a choice that is not her own.,,,As an ‘It’..never has a choice…



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