mistress' toy
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2019-10-26 02:02:25

    At Censored Sissies we believe different acts or depictions require different levels of censorship as seen in this picture. Sissy’s corset is blurred. Mistress’ high heel and sissy’s hood are blurred and then pixilated at 10x. Sissy’s panties are blurred and pixilated at 20x. Sissy’s tits and gag are blurred, then pixilated at 10x, and then black boxed. Redundancy is the #1 rule here. 


    I have never come across a restraint sheet in person. I love the idea of being pressed firmly and evenly down into the mattress with no possibility of escape. While I enjoy a good head trip and would absolutely love to try the total head immobility represented here for awhile, I also would thoroughly enjoy being forced to sleep on my back with the minimum necessary wrist and ankle cuffs.