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    12 Useful Websites to Help You Search the Web

    1.duckduckgo.com – Search the web anonymously. 

    2.unlistedvideos.com – Search YouTube for unlisted videos.

    3.topsy.com – Search every tweet since 2006. 

    4.millionshort.com – A search engine that removed the one million most popular websites from its index.

    5.popuparchive.com – Search sounds.

    6.edspire.com – Search the web for the best online learning resources.

    7.stingycoin.com – Search the hottest deals from around the web.

    8.canistream.it – Search for streamable movies and television shows.

    9.redditcommentsearch.com – Search Reddit comments.

    10.torrentproject.se – Search torrents.

    11.search.creativecommons.org – Find content you can share, use, and remix.

    12.wikisummarizer.com – Search and summarize Wikipedia articles.


    Yet another list of web sites to check out.


    We have a lot of kids, only sons, and we’re not shy about fucking in front of them. They also don’t care that mommy is naked all the time. All they care about is drinking mommy’s milk, and rubbing her between her legs when they want her attention for something because they like the sound mommy makes. My nipples are also permanently stretched out because someone is always latched on to nurse. You want a lot of kids, and today, you’ve fucked me three times today already. You do it again, and I have two of our sons on my tits, while the baby lays near us in the crib. I’m the only one who notices the older boys watching and jerking off to us. They need something to jerk off to, so why not start right at home?


    You promised yourself.

    You promised you wouldn’t be back here, wouldn’t be staring, wouldn’t be lost in tumblr porn again.

    But you’re back here again, deep in lost time, stripping for the screen, touching yourself helplessly. You can’t keep track of time, and you can’t keep track of yourself.

    Reblog if you can’t stop yourself from masturbating to tumblr porn.


    Awkward moment when ya momma reveal ya daddy suck toes. I need to get the fuck outta this house.




    I’m ready to jump out the window


    I remember my first Christmas back from college, my mama was veenting about her boyfriend, and said “plus, the sex ain’t even been hittin’ right lately.”




    I seen a sext in my mama phone before. And a pussy pic.




    I found my mama’s dildo once, and it’s like…Look, ain’t no secret how I came into this world. Ain’t no secret that you don’t just stop being sexually active just cuz you gotta kid. Folk be horny and bout it til they dying day,


    I ain’t gotta know yo ass like that, personally.


    This post keeps getting worse 😭😭😭


    I have a worse story. My mom not only spilled the beans that my dad eats ass, but she also told my sisters and I that when she’s an old lady she still wants her booty ate by her husband and if his dentures fall out it will make it better. This isn’t even the worst thing she’s said 🙃🙃🙃




    Do you know how horrible this was ? And this happened like a few weeks ago 😩😩😩


    I snuck in my parents room in 6th grade to watch tv cause theirs was on and adult swim was on it. Man, my daddy got up and got ice cream and didn’t know I was there at the foot of the bed. I peeked after a while to see if he was sleep and that man was eating my momma out with the ice cream. Dawg I was sick at breakfast. He caught me cause I was so shocked I fell back. I also accidentally saw Dr. and Nurse sexts in my mom’s phone between her and my dad…. like kill me, man.


    Oh Jesus, come here


    I shared a room with my parents for years and couldn’t sleep over the sounds of moaning and kissing and suckin


    Yall don’t know what hell is. My dad is loud. Ima let you interpret that anyway you want. So one morning I’m coming down for breakfast it’s probably 11 something I’m still in my draws, the sun still in his draws, nobody had any coffee and I hear my dad say FUUK HER TILL YA DICK STRING POP!!! 😑😣 nigga it is too early for that noise, but he proceeded to make gestures of fucking till her till ya dick string pops.

    Now this next one. I was in the basement mom and dad upstairs in the bedrooms. It’s 10pm maybe 2am and I hear this noise like hate an panting going on. Remember I’m in the basement at the time. I didn’t know what was happening at all. I thought a fight broke out. I go upstairs and next thing I know I hear a crash above me, run upstairs to my parents room the door is closed and I say yall good….no response at first then my mom says yeah. Next morning I find out that they were doing it and my mom fell off the bed and bounced


    tf is a dick string???










    This post went somewhere I wasn’t prepared to go…LMAO


    Nobody was prepared I’m a traumatized kid for them. Childhood ruined


    Y'all I have seen my mom’s vibrator, heard her screaming like she was about to die, walked in on her giving head, FOUND A PICTURE OF HER COVERED IN CUM….. I’m completely desensitized at this point


    No. If I EVER saw a pic of my mom covered in cum I will NEVER forgive her for putting me through that torment. Ever.




    I found the sextape my mom and her ex husband made when I was younger. To make matters worse they recorded it over my land before time VHS tape. 😖


    LMAO bruh I lost it at the dick string story


    Frenulum tear is painful and the healing process is annoying .


    My nigga…are you ok????


    I used to have to scroll through my homophobic dad’s lesbian porn collection to upload pictures on fb but one day i saw his dick pic amongst the videos and so stopped uploading pics.

    My mom and I were talkin shit about the date she had over and she started feeling around the floor in my room. Mid sentence she kinda paused and was like “ooo!? ok then🤔😓umm…” bruh my mom hand her bare hand on my 9 inch dildo ok. Tbh I tried to continue the convo but we kept gettin distracted by the fact that that just happened😂😂😂. So she just left and was hella awkward annnnd for like 2 weeks she kept passive aggressively calling me a freak


    She gripped it


    I’m seeing stories bout parents fucking and frenulum tears 😐😐😐sadly I have stories of both.

    I once walked in on my pops having sex with some woman who wasn’t my mom, first off lemme tell ya where this fucked me up. Turns out that my mom and pops weren’t never together, they were fuck buddies, I asked my mom when I was 19 and she was like “I just wanted dick from him” fucked my whole perception up. Back to the story, I walk in his bed room and see this nigga tearing walls down. He looks at me, says “oh shit, son” and keeps stroking!!!!! I go to the living to watch tv this nigga comes out still pulling his boxers up dick covered in what I’m thinking at the time was milk. So not only did he ruin my breakfast, but I couldn’t watch Doug anymore because Skeeters nose reminded me of a dick.


    Yall stories got me WEAK. geezus…

    Just last summer, 2016, i was sleeping over my cousin’s house and i slept in the living room. the living room is connected to my aunty room. But is separated by these two doors so you can hear every thing happening in the next room regardless to which one you’re in. One night i went to lay down, I’m watching Luke Cage on netflix and i hear my cousin’s dad come in the front door. This man goes into my aunty room, and not long after i hear moaning…. then loud & excessive clapping noises.😭😭😭😭 Yall know Jay Ellis’ backshot heard around the world? let’s just say Ellis ain’t got nothin on him. 😭😭 i didn’t deserve that, i was just trying to enjoy this new series on netflix. 😢

    Before my teen years, i found polaroid pictures of my other aunty in her draw. I was concerned so i gave them to my grandma. lol

    During my teen years i was the “You got games on your phone” kid. Ended up finding my uncle’s dick pics in his phone. Naked pics of his girl. & this was even before dick pics was a thing. smh.


    If I’m going to hell for all the ugly laughs I did at the post the rest of my followers are too.

    I know I ain shit, but I also know some of my followers are members of the ain shit tribe, I’ll bring the marshmallows


    I regret making this post. It got ten times worse.


    When I was about 10 my dad was having a birthday party at the house. Throughout the night my mother kept spraying something on her tongue . Now being that I watched plenty of television I just thought it was that mint spray the actors use on their tongue before they plan on kissing someone. So i decided to go in her purse and use it myself because at that age I feel entitled to whatever mother has. Then my mouth started feeling funny and I panicked . I’m screaming cause I think my neck boutta fall off.. why? CAUSE I CANT FEEL MY THROAT ANYMORE. My mother was readying her throat for my father that night with throats numbing spray . It wasn’t until about 2 years later that I figured out in class what it was and why she had it. She told me it was cause her throat hurt. Whole time she was using it to prevent her throat from hurting 😐😐. Scarred.




    This post just made me realize how blessed I am


    Funny storys