Fan submission.

    Jesslyn, my JC sweetheart. Arrogant and cocky girls like her deserve nothing less than torture and love. Because of how arrogant and cocky Jesselyn is, always putting others down and humiliating them with words, nobody liked her and naturally I became her only friend in school. But that didn’t bother her, the only reason why I still stuck with her was how attractive she is when she gets all cocky and arrogant. I enjoy listening to her degrading me and get all angry when I do the same back to her. Within 1month time we became closer than before. Although we were only “best friends” and nothing more, we often take showers together, so seeing her naked body became a norm to me. But of course, when I first saw her naked, my cock got all hard right in front of her while we stood face to face in the shower, it was damn awkward but also damn exciting.

    This time, I wanted to try something new with her. When we were together in the shower, I tricked her to blindfold her eyes and sit in front of me. And as soon as she did, I started peeing all over her face and body while she screamed in anger and humiliation, it felt so good to humiliate her this way. I then teased her by asking, “how does it feel to be covered in my pee?” And of course she didn’t bother to reply and merely gave me a ruthless stare as I tried to pacify her by running soap on her body. As soon as we were done showering, without even letting her wipe her body dry, I immediately pushed her onto the bed and tied her hands together acting as though nothing has happened, she was too weak to break free from my grip. Now that I’ve tied her up, I took out my phone and started taking photos of her naked body, it was something she has never allowed me to do. And as I as taking photos of her, she was cursing in all sorts of vulgarities but that only excite me even further. When I was done, I switched my phone to video recording mode and did a pov shot of me inserting my hardened cock into her hairy pussy for the very first time. Damn it feels good to see her pussy lips swallowing my cock, and the deeper I went, the louder she screamed. I knew she was tight when she posted on Instagram story how shoving a tampon into her pussy would tear her apart. But I didn’t expect her to be this tight. And as I thrusted in and out a few more times, slowly my cock got used to her pussy and it soon felt damn comfortable to slide it in and out of her as I started biting her neck and shoulder. When I told her I was about to cum, I tried to pull my cock out of her pussy and cum on her face but things took a different turn. She wrapped her legs around my waist and didn’t want to let me pull it out, now I got a little panicked and told her, “you can get pregnant you know?” But she didn’t care and merely said, “dear don’t stop, please cum inside my pussy.” Hearing her call me dear for the first time made me ejaculated inside her pussy and soon I could feel my cock being soaked in both our cum before she released her legs, allowing me to finally pull out. As soon as I untied her from the bed, I tried to avoid eye contact and run away from her. Simply because I hated the after sex feel of being around the person I just fucked, but she hugged me so tight that I couldn’t get up from the bed and spoke to me in a very gentle tone for the first time, “don’t leave, let’s cuddle.”