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2015-10-14 00:14:10

    Alright, six variants is enough. I had double the number in mind, but this sheet has finally crossed over from “fun” to “tedious”. Still could count it as 12 designs however, since two Pokemon stages per breed are included.

    So there you have it, Gastly and Haunter breed variants! All variants are based on the matching egg group, “Amorphous”. The results are a tad esoteric, so the appeal isn’t the same as the other sheets floating around, but I hope you all enjoy anyways. Maybe I’ll do some more in the future sometime.

    I just watched the last movie for the Hobbit last night and to be honest, it wasn’t my personal favorite. I think I’ll always like the first Hobbit movie, but anyways :3  I was also watching some gameplay of “Dying Light” not too long ago. So the two sort of inspired me to do some quick paint doodles of Link and Impa in a post-apocalyptic era type of clothing…haha idk. I always did imagine them traversing in a desolate world searching for Zelda.

    And thank you guys for the strong support of my comic Urban Reality! :D