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2022-05-13 20:59:14

    Disney peaked with the Emperor’s New Groove


    Eartha Kitt’s performance as Yzma…the music…the comedy…the Kronk. It is a perfect film


    Additional reasons:

  • Every single character is a PoC
  • First Disney animated film to show a pregnant woman onscreen
  • Real relationship goals: Pacha and ChiCha
  • Really diverse body types on everybody!
  • Classic tropes and classic tropes subverted (enemies to friends, anyone?)
  • Kronk
  • killer-snail

    Diverse body type: Llama


    Also Kuzko’s character arc is nice to see, instead of ‘be yourself’ it’s like ‘hey, don’t be an asshole’ and he actually learns it


    Also r*mance wasn’t at the center of the story, growth was, and that was really refreshing


    Also the STYLE:

  • the random cliffs and ledges and peaks and plummets. 
  • the weird-ass, completely inefficient architecture that served no real functional purpose other than to be big and grand and showy. 
  • that fucking 90 foot throne
  • the fact that Yzma was lounging on a ledge next to a bottomless chasm somewhere in the middle of the palace 
  • the COLORS oh my god enough of this desaturated, gritty, hyper-realistic bullshit i wanna see GAUDY DECADENCE for the sake of DECADENCE again
  • Yzma is literally purple and looks like a skeleton and yet somehow no one is bothered by it and she somehow looks fabulous
  • crewdlydrawn

    The LEVERS.