Men Knocked Out
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    Sergeant Mason had asked all the motorbike squad to meet him at a location in central London. I was already assigned to the same location earlier in the day so I saw the rest of the team start to arrive just after midday. It was a mild bright spring day and it was slowly getting busier with locals and tourists visiting the area. As far as I knew, there was nothing out of the ordinary happening today so I assumed it was a training day which would explain why Mason wanted the full team out today.

    Before the sergeant himself arrived, I noticed the rest of the team all meeting up and chatting. I was about to walk over to see them myself when some people approached me. I don’t mind when people come to see me for a chat, some are locals who recognise me, others are tourists wanting photos or to ask for directions to various attractions in the area. It breaks the day up a bit when I can chat with people, and I can see they like it as well.

    As I was talking with these people, I saw Mason arrive, he parked his bike up and walked over to the rest of the team. I don’t think he noticed me but I kept glancing over. He always stood out from the rest of the team as he would rarely wear the hi viz jackets the rest of us wear. He says it gives him an awe of authority which he clearly liked. I always got on with him well enough though.

    I could see the team smiling and even laughing a few times. I wanted to head over but didn’t want to be rude to this family so I carried on talking with them for a bit longer. I still kept glancing over at the team and each time I looked, I noticed them all looking more serious. Suddenly none of them were laughing or even smiling, Mason seemed to be talking to them all but now none of them seemed to be reacting to what he was saying. I just assumed he was discussing something more serious now so tried not to think about it.

    After I finished talking with the family and they went on their way, I looked over at the team and saw they were still all stood in exactly the same places, all looking at the Sergeant and he was the only one still talking. I started to make my way over and as I got closer I could hear a little of what he was saying to them, it was quite odd but he seemed to be telling them how peaceful and relaxed they were and they just wanted to listen to him. I must admit, Mason does have one of those voices you could listen to for hours, i’ve always thought he should narrate audio books, I do like it when he’s leading meetings back at HQ, he always holds everyone’s attention. But this seemed different, why was he telling the guys to just listen to him? I decided to try and get a little closer without him noticing me. None of the other guys seemed to react to me walking over at all, infact they were starting to look half asleep, I could hear Mason better now, he was still saying some odd things to them.

    “Just let your minds wander, you don’t need to concentrate on anything going on around you, just listen to my voice and do only as I tell you”

    As I was listening, I realised how much I was enjoying hearing him, his voice...it was so relaxing. Then suddenly a car horn blasted and I came back to my senses. I moved back so I could no longer hear him. Was he using some sort of hypnosis? Nah, surely not, hypnosis isn’t real! It must just be some weird new training technique. As I kept watching over I noticed my fellow officers looked more and more spaced out, it even looked like a couple of them were drooling, then I noticed all the guys seemed to say something at the same time, then Mason continued to speak to them for a bit longer. Soon after the guys all seemed to come back to their senses and just seemed to start chatting away as they were before. It certainly seemed like some sort of hypnosis! I had to find out what was going on. I waited until Mason walked away and I went to ask them what happened.

    “Hey guys, what was going on just now?” I asked.

    “Huh? What do you mean? We were just chatting, why do you ask?” responded Bates.

    “Well when the Serge was talking to you, what was he talking to you about? You all looked spaced out!”

    “What are you on about Mason?” Smith said in a stern tone. “He was just telling us about the training we’re doing today. He wants to see you as well. Were where you anyway?”

    “Did you not see me? I was stood behind Mason whilst he was talking to you. Wow you were really spaced out if you didn’t notice me. You know i’m sure he was using some sort of hypnosis on you guys. He kept telling you to relax and only listen to his voice and only do as he says”

    “Hypnosis?! Don’t be so bloody stupid!” Jackson piped. “Hypnosis isn’t real. He was just wanting us to focus on him whilst he was explaining today’s training that’s all. Of course we were focusing on him, it’s an important day. You better go and find him to discuss what’s happening”.

    “Hmm, well alright. I’ll go and see him. See you guys soon”.

    As I walked away I kept replaying what i’d seen earlier, and how I even seemed to be affected when I could hear Mason. Something definitely isn’t right. I then noticed Mason stood by his bike so I walked over to him.

    “Hey Sergeant, I hear you’re looking for me?”

    “Aah Jenson, there you are! You should have been with the rest of the team earlier when I was discussing today’s plans. We’re doing some new training today.”

    Before he could continue, I decided to question him about what I saw.

    “Hey Serge, what exactly were you saying to the guys earlier? It’s just I did overhear a bit of it and I know this will probably sound really stupid, but I swear you were hypnotising them!”

    As I said that, I swear I saw a slight smirk appear on his face.

    “Hypnosis? What you mean like telling you to relax and just listen to my calming voice, let all other noises disappear and only focus on my voice. Telling you to focus on my eyes, let your mind focus on me and do as I tell you. If I was able to hypnotise you, i’d tell you to close your eyes as you continue to listen to my soothing voice, you love hearing me speak to you, your mind focusing on my words”

    Suddenly another car horn went off and I came out of what felt like a trance. My mind felt foggy and it took me a couple of seconds to remember where I was. Shit, he was trying to hypnotise me! I need to get away.

    “Err, ooh, sorry Sergeant...err...I need to go for a piss”

    I didn’t give him a chance to respond before I turned and just walked away. I still felt quite woozy but I just kept walking until I got to the toilets. What am I going to do now? No one will believe me if I tell them the Sergeant can hypnotise people. I’m going to have to try and confront him, but he’ll just work his magic on me again! Shit, what am I going to do?

    I walked back out and looked over to where Mason was, he was still standing alone where I left him. I decided to ask the other guys to come over with me.

    “Hey, can you lot come with me to see Mason? I need your help with something”

    They all looked straight over at me, but just as they were about to ask why, I started walking over to Mason, I glanced back and saw the team were following me.

    “Right, Sergeant, i’m being serious now! I know you tried to hypnotise me earlier and i’m pretty sure you did the same to the rest of the team earlier. We won’t let you get away with this!”

    “We? I don’t see the other guys questioning anything?” Responded Mason. “They are all good officers, they like to listen to me and do exactly as I tell them to. As their sergeant they know I am in charge and they must do as I tell them at all times. They know when its time to relax and when its time to listen. They know to listen to me and obey me. They like to obey me. They love to listen to me as they stand and relax...”

    Ooh his voice! It’s just so lovely to listen to. I feel more relaxed already. My head felt very heavy but I managed to turn to look at my fellow officers, they all looked as relaxed as I felt. They were all looking straight at serge, I knew I had to turn back to him as well, after all he is my senior and I have to listen and obey him at all times. It felt so good to obey him. I just wanted to hear more of his voice. All other noises suddenly seemed to go silent, I could only hear Mason’s voice now, it was perfect. So soothing, I could feel my mind wander, I felt myself swaying, my eyes felt heavy and my head started to tilt to the side, but as long as I kept listening to his voice I knew i’d be happy.

    “Now Jenson, you seem more relaxed now, will you do as I command you to?” I heard Mason ask.

    “I I...I willl” it was so hard to speak, my mind was a cloud of fog.

    “Good officer, remember you will always listen to me and do as I ask at all times, do you understand?”

    “Yesss serrgg” I couldn’t even say the full word, I was struggling to even hold my head up to look at him.

    “Good officer. Now i’m going to bring you back to reality soon, but whenever you hear me say the words ‘good officer’ you will go back into this deep relaxed state. And at all times you will do as I tell you and you will just want to please me. You won’t remember me hypnotising you or the other officers. After we finish training here, you’re going to ask if you can do some extra one on one training with me, do you understand all of this?”

    “I underr...stanndd” nodding slightly as I said it.

    “Good officer, now everyone, wake up!”

    Ooh I went blank for a second, I hope serge didn’t notice.

    “Okay team, we’re just about done here for the day” Mason suddenly said, “lets get back to the station.

    The rest of the team started to walk over to their bikes, but I felt the need to stay behind, I wanted to spend more time training with Mason, I walked over to him.

    “err...excuse me Sergeant, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could go through a bit more training with you, erm, maybe just the two of us?”

    “Yes Jenson, I don’t see a problem with that, after all you’re a good officer”

    I suddenly felt a wave of relaxation hit me when he spoke. Ooh his voice, I love being called a good officer, it made me happy, it made me want to please the sergeant, I want to obey him, I love listening to his voice, hearing him tell me what to do.

    “Good officer. Listen to my voice, I like you Jenson, I’ve always liked you best, I’m happy to give you extra special training. Why don’t you come to my house this evening, my husband is away all week, I can spend some more time training you in peace”

    Ooh the thought of being alone with Mason felt perfect, he is perfect, I just want to continue listening to his perfect voice.

    “I’ll text you my address, why don’t you stay in your uniform when you visit, I do love our uniforms, oh and tell your family you’ll be away all night, you can just make some excuse up. I want to have plenty of time with you my good officer”

    “Yes sergeant, I will do as you ask”

    “Good officer, now i’m going to wake you up and you’ll finish up here, drop your bike off at the station and sign out, then make your way to mine without question. Now, wake up!”

    Ooh I seemed to blank out for a second again, I guess i’m just tired. At least the day is nearly over, best get finished here and head back to the station.

    Just as I got back, I heard my phone ping, I checked the message, it read:

    ‘Jenson, it’s your sergeant, this is my address, see you tonight good officer’

    Another wave of relaxation came over me as I read it, I put my phone away, clocked out and walked over to my car. I didn’t bother getting changed, after all, the sergeant wanted to do more training so may as well stay in uniform.

    I pulled up outside Mason’s house. As I turned the engine off, I just sat for a moment. Why had I come here. What training are we doing that needs to be at his house. I suddenly started to get a few odd flashbacks to earlier in the day, I remember seeing Mason talking to the team. What was he doing, why do I suddenly feel a bit uneasy about all this. Something doesn’t seem right, i’m sure I was meant to confront him about something, but what?

    As I was trying to piece together what exactly happened today, I saw the front door open and Mason started walking out towards me, then I remembered! Hypnosis! He hypnotised the guys, I need to find out why. I got out of my car and walked over to meet him, then he spoke and I suddenly no longer wanted to question anything, why would I, he is my sergeant, I want to listen to him, I want to obey him, I love being called a good officer. I followed him inside and we continued my training.

    Scenes from a video I scripted on flex4me.com

    Handsome boss Bruce is chloroformed twice by his employee SMG, then hypnotised by a video and told to strip and flex. Later SMG gets accidentally hypnotised himself from the same video, but soon has his boss back under his control.

    Sucker for a Discount

    Motorcop officers Marquez & Simpson were at the garage getting new tyres on their squad bikes. They were told by one of the mechanics to just wait over at the side as it wouldn’t take long. Marquez didn’t think anything and started walking to the side, but Simpson was a bit puzzled by how the mechanic spoke to them. He thought he seemed very spaced out but he just put it down to them being busy and decided to join his partner at the side to wait.

    “Hey this music is quite unusual they’re playing, is this a radio station?” questioned Simpson.

    “I hadn’t really taken much notice but you’re right i’ve never heard music like this before” Marquez responded.

    Just then, a mechanic walked past the two officers,

    “Excuse me, what is this music playing do you know?” Simpson asked, but the mechanic didn’t look over and just carried on walking.

    “Well that was rude! He must have heard me….. hey Greg should I book him haha!” Simpson said as he turned to look at Marquez.

    “Huh? Sorry what did you say? I zoned out” replied Marquez.

    “Are you alright mate?

    “Urgh…. yeah, sorry just got a bit light-headed. I’ll be alright” Marquez said.

    The two officers then stood in silence for a bit. Simpson then noticed he felt a bit light-headed. He put it down to the fumes of the vehicles in the garage. He looked again at Marquez to see how he was feeling and saw he looked to be staring straight into space without blinking.

    “Urgh…mate…are youu…alriightt”? Simpson started to feel really spaced out and was struggling to get his words out. Marquez didn’t even respond.

    Simpson now joined Marquez in being silent and spaced out. He could no longer think properly to get any words out. It felt easier just to stand still. He enjoyed listening to the music anyway, it felt calm and relaxing so he just focused on that instead.

    Craig had been watching from the office since the cops first arrived. He laughed under his breath,

    “I can’t believe it! My first two cops, and handsome ones to boot! I knew giving that handsome discount to the station would eventually draw them here. Soon i’ll own the whole station and be in charge of this town!”

    He pressed a button on a control panel and the music stopped playing. He then made his way into the workshop over to the two officers, who were now stood mindlessly swaying, Marquez had even started to drool. They both looked so happy in their blissful unaware state.

    “Well well well boys, looks like you enjoyed listening to my special playlist, it will take a little longer to fully take over your minds, but you both seem ready to get started, now lets see what are your names”

    Just as Craig was about to look at their name tags, Simpson suddenly spoke

    “My name is Charlie Simpson”. He said in a very soft almost robotic voice.

    “Oh! I wasn’t expecting a response so soon! I thought it would take a bit longer, but I guess you cops are trained to serve! So are you going to tell me your name?” He turned towards Marquez.

    “I…I…i’m ….” Marquez stuttered.

    “Hmm, I guess you’re not as highly trained as your handsome partner here. So Simpson, what’s your partner’s name?”

    “Greg Marquez” Simpson responded in the same tone as before.

    “I see. Well seen as though you have responded very well to my special soundtrack Simpson, I want you to follow me to my office.

    “okay” he simply responded with, and followed Craig into his office. Craig shut the door behind him, walked over to the control panel and started the music playing again.

    “Take a seat officer Simpson. Oh and from now on you will respond to me as Sir okay?”

    “Yes sir” Simpson replied, and sat in the chair opposite Craig’s desk. Craig then walked over to the filing cabinet in the corner, opened the top drawer and pulled out a set of headphones. He connected them to his computer and placed them on Simpson’s head.

    “Now this is the next stage of your training. I’ve got something else for you to listen to, I think you’ll enjoy it” He smiled as he pressed a button on his keyboard.

    Simpson’s eyes grew slightly wider, he seemed to respond to the new soundtrack almost immediately. Craig took a seat opposite and just enjoyed watching his new toy falling deeper into his control.

    I'd fancied motorcop Simon Avers ever since I joined the squad a couple of years ago. I get to work with him sometimes which I love. He looks so good in his uniform but those boots are just something else! They make the man! They just scream authority and control.

    Unfortunately he's straight and with a long term girlfriend, he would never even look twice at me.

    These last few months I've been studying digital programming and electrical engineering at night college. There is a very good reason for this. My father was a clinical hypnotherapist and over the years I learnt quite a lot from him mostly without him even realising. In fact I've actually become better than he ever was, but the problem with clinical hypnosis is you need the subject to consent and it can take a while to get them to a full state of suggestibility. I wanted to change this so I started to study more about hypnosis. I eventually learnt there are visual ways to hypnotise someone quickly and without them even realising, but the technology is quite technical and you need to get it completely right for it to work properly. So college it was.

    Anyway, after months of learning, tinkering and practising, I finally got there! I created a program which I can play to someone and once they focus on it, they will soon be mine!

    Of course all this work was just for one person, Officer Avers of course! Now the only challenge will be how do I get him to view it without anyone else being around. I thought about using the training room at the station but there are always other people close by so thought that would be too risky. We're also not close enough that I could invite him round to mine as that would probably come across a bit weird to him. This is when I came up with the idea to program one of our new digital monitors. As well as a screen they also have eye pieces to view car speeds, licence plates and more. Perfect, I knew I was on traffic duty with him soon so had enough time to get hold of one of the monitors and get it programmed, then I just had to find the right moment.

    And that moment eventually arrived. We'd been out for almost two hours in a fairly secluded spot to catch speeders. It was a really quiet day and I could see Simon was getting tired and fed up so seized my opportunity, I grabbed the monitor and approached him.

    "Hey Simon, have you had chance to use one of the newly issues Police traffic monitors yet? I got one yesterday"

    He suddenly perked up and seemed quite interested "No I've heard about them being issued but not been given one myself yet. They any good?"

    "Yeah they're pretty cool actually, I can let you try mine out if you want. They have a great new feature which allows you to watch past recordings back on the device itself just by looking through the eye pieces, you don't have to have a laptop with you. Ideal for the motor squad like yourself"

    "Hey that does sound good. I'd love to see how it works"

    'Perfect' I thought to myself, 'nows my chance. I sure hope this works'.

    I showed him some of the features of the device itself including how to view past recordings. I then told him I'd select a recording for him to view the quality. Of course what I was actually selecting was my special new program I'd installed.

    "Here you go, now just look through the eye pieces. It can take a little while to load the video so just keep watching so you don't miss it. There's quite a cool loading screen"

    I handed the device and he immediately places it up to his eyes. My dick twinged as he took it from me, the thought that soon he could be all mine made me so horny. I could feel myself starting to get hard, I hope he didn't notice. But he wouldn't now as he had the device placed firmly against his eyes.

    "Hey this loading screen is weird, I've never seen anything quite like it. It's kinda cool though...it's...so...prettyyy...I...caannn'tt...looookk....aawaaayy...wooaahh..."

    It was actually working! Simon was struggling to speak properly, he started slurring his words, he even started to sway slightly. I couldn't believe my luck.

    "Simon, are you alright?"

    "Whhaa?...err...yeeaah..." He barely managed to say.

    "Simon, keep watching the video. You love the video don't you. It's so pretty"

    "Huhh...urr yea iii...yeaah I love it...soo prettyyy...urr"

    "Now keep watching but listen to me, Simon I want you to only listen to me. I am in control. I am your commanding officer"

    "Err yeah...yes sir you are...in control"

    Ooh I liked being called sir.

    "Now listen up, after your shift today I want you to come to my house. You don't need to get changed at all, just come straight to mine, don't tell anyone. Do you understand?"

    "Yes sir, come to yours, don't tell anyone"

    "Good, I am going to call off early, I need to head home and prepare for your arrival. Now listen closely, when you are in this hypnotic state, you will only listen to me and do anything I ask, but when I bring you out of this state you will act normally. I can put you back into this hypnotic state any time by saying 'cop boots' and wake you out of this state by saying 'wake up'. Do you understand all this? If so repeat the phrases I just told you"

    "Yes sir, when you say cop boots I will go into this hypnotic state and when you say wake up I will wake out of this state"

    "Good boy, now let's check it works. You can stop looking into the device now and hand it back to me"

    "Yes sir", he pulls the device away from his face and holds it out to me. I nearly jizzed my pants when I saw his full face. He looked so out of it, his eyes were half closed, his mouth had drooped open, there even looked to be a bit of drool starting to drop out of it which I found really hot. He looked so dazed and out of it.

    "Wake up" I said in a firm tone. He started to blink and stir to life again.

    "Hey sorry mate I just dazed out for a second. So can I try the device then?"

    Holy crap it really worked! I can't believe this, the man of my dreams is now mine. I suddenly realised I was now rock hard and clearly had a massive lump in my pants.

    "Err sure thing. Hey do you like wearing those cop boots?

    Simon immediately went back to his trance, his head even tilted slightly to the side this time.

    "This is too good! It works perfectly. Now Simon remember my instructions, I'll see you later"

    "Yes sir, I will come to your house after my shift. I won't get changed or tell anyone what I'm doing"


    It had been almost an hour after Simon's shift had ended and there was no sign. Maybe it hadn't worked? Maybe the hypnosis wore off or he remembered and was reporting me?

    A load of horrible thoughts were now swimming round my head, I started to panic when I saw lights outside. I looked out and saw it was a motorbike pulling up. I looked closer and saw it was a police motorbike. It was Simon, I tried to calm down but now I couldn't hold in my excitement, I ran over to the door before he even had chance to ring the bell. He stood there still in his full uniform, his gorgeous boots and even still wearing his helmet.

    "Hey Simon" I said.

    "Hey there how you doing. I believe you wanted me to call round, everything alright?"

    "Yeah all good, just need to check some things with you, come in"

    He walked in and I closed the door, I invited him to go through to the living room and take a seat. He assumed he wasn't going to be here long so didn't even remove his helmet, just how I like him.

    "Now Simon, I want to discuss your cop boots"

    He immediately went back into trance, I got an instant hard on when this happened, here he was in my own house under my control.

    "Now Simon, remember you must do anything I ask of you, I am your boss and master now and you want to please me however you can do you understand?"

    "Yes sir, I want to please you"

    "Have you ever been with a man sexually before. Remember to be completely truthful"

    "Err..." He was hesitant for a bit but continued, "I have sir. I have given blow jobs a couple of times"

    I couldn't believe this, there was me thinking he was completely straight and he tells me that!

    "well that's good to here, do you want to give me a blow job Simon?"

    "Yes sir. I want to please you"

    My dick was raging now, I opened my trousers and let it out. I swear as I did this I saw Simon smile a little, maybe it was my imagination.

    "Now I want you to give me a blow job. Make it the best one you've ever given. Remember you're here to please me"

    "Oh yes sir I want to please you!"

    Still in his trance-like state, he leaned over to me and went straight down on me...well I can honestly say I didn't last long this time, within a few short minutes I was firing my jizz right into his mouth. He didn't even react when this happened, infact he swallowed the lot and then licked the rest up from around my still hard penis and then he wiped up the bits rolling down his chin. I swear seeing that nearly made me cum all over again!

    After I had managed to compose myself again, I decided to play more of the hypnosis file to Simon, just to fully mould him to become my very own sexy cop slave. I made sure when he was with others and working he acted normally, but I soon made him all mine to have whenever I wanted...and it never gets boring. Infact I'm with him again right now, well he's right under me I should clarify. I can tell you one thing, he really does know how to please me!

    I haven’t wrote any hypno fiction for a while, this is one I did but don’t know how I feel about it. It feels a bit disjointed or incomplete. I will probably start it again soon but let me know what you think. Do you like the first person perspective the story is told in? Feel free to message me.


    It seemed to be a day like any other, I arrived to work, got into my police motorbike uniform, always love bike days, so much fun getting to ride round and get paid for it! I do love my job. And the uniform is a bonus, I get such a thrill seeing everyone watch as I ride past them, especially when I have the lights flashing away, everyone moving to the side knowing how important I am right now! I will even admit I often get a semi, wearing this uniform, and those leather trousers, that with the power I have is quite a turn on for me.

    Anyway, like I said, it seemed to be a day like any other, I was just on a short break grabbing a quick brew, as I do whenever I can, not often easy given how busy I get, but some days are quieter than others, like today. I’ve just finished escorting the prime minister through London, nothing else on for a few hours. When i’m on a break it gives me a good chance to check out all the people checking me out, I know they are admiring me, admiring the power I have, admiring how good I look, and I love it. But don’t get me wrong, I like checking others out as well, there are some handsome guys out there.... yes I know i’m married, i’ve never actually come out, but it doesn’t hurt to look now does it.

    Today as I was looking around, I one guy caught my eye, he seemed to be looking directly at me. Usually when I look eye to eye at someone, they turn away, but this guy didn’t move, and I found myself unable to move either. I don’t know what it was but I just couldn’t stop staring at him, I found myself drawn to him for some reason. He was quite attractive but not jaw dropping or anything, yet I just kept staring.

    I’ve no idea how long i’d been staring at him, i’m sure it was just a few seconds, but then he started to approach me. I felt my head tilt slightly and my jaw drop. This guy was so beautiful, his eyes so perfect, no wonder I couldn’t look away, he was the perfect specimen! He kept coming closer, I was so happy he was approaching me, he wanted me... I wanted him, I was getting so turned on. Luckily my thick leathers held my dick firmly in place so it wasn’t obvious, but for some reason I wanted it to be obvious to this man, I wanted him to know how much I wanted him!

    And then it happened...he spoke to me...his voice was so perfect, it washed over me in a warm glow, he wanted me, he told me he wanted me. I’ve never been so happy! He told me that he was my master, of course he was, he is the perfect master. He told me I would do anything he asked, but he didn’t need to tell me, of course I would do anything he asked, he is my master after all. He gave me an address to visit, still in uniform...well it was official business so of course i’d go in uniform. He then walked away, I wanted to follow him so badly, but he told me not to, my dick was raging right now, I nearly exploded without even moving, I felt a huge wet patch from all the precum, it felt amazing.

    Later on I arrived at the address, still in my full uniform of course, shortly after knocking on the door, the same man appeared, i’m sure he was even more beautiful than before. I was so happy when he invited me in!

    He told me to kneel, of course I did just that, he then opened his trouser fly...I was back to being rock hard, I knew what was coming! It was huge and all mine. He didn’t even have to tell me, I just leaned forward and starting sucking him off. I’ve never feel happier or more turned on in my life, this was the first time i’d sucked off a guy, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last. He came in my mouth, and as he did I filled my own underwear. I loved the feeling of his warm cum slipping down my throat, some was dripping down my face but I licked it right up, I wanted every last drop inside me.

    He then told me to come back here whenever I was in my uniform, I left and went back home. I didn’t even go back to the station to get changed, I wanted to be ready for him tomorrow, and every day after that. I didn’t even need to work any more, my master will take care of me, as long as I stayed in my uniform and did what he wanted. He now owns me and I love him.

    The young officer wondered why his Sergeant had given him an mp3 player whilst on duty, but he didn’t question the motive of his superior and put it in his pocket.

    Later that same day whilst in his patrol car on a break, he remembered the mp3 player and decided to give it a listen. After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly heard white noise playing, it took him by surprise but he found it intriguing and kept listening. The sound started to get louder and more intense, but the officer no longer seemed to care, he found the noise strangely relaxing and wanted to keep listening. He focused all his attention on the noise.

    He then heard his sergeant’s voice, he loved hearing his voice, it made him feel safe. He wants to please his sergeant, he wants to serve and obey him. After all, that’s what he has been trained to do. Now his training has just gone to the next level and he liked what he was hearing.

    The young officer now only listens to his sergeant and does whatever he can to please him!


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    Where’s the Qur’an version?




    What a brilliant post! Hate religious nutters that make gay people feel worthless yet they ignore the rest of the Bible!!


    Regarding knocking out someone safely, try ethyl chloride. It's easy to get online or in a pharmacy and cheap. It's sold as a relaxant for sport injuries. Easier to use if it's aerosol. Spray some in a cloth and breathe it in. It's a bit like chloroform but much lighter. No secondary side effects. The unconsciousness is also far shorter but it's really amazing for some sleep play.

    Thanks for this tip. Have you ever tried it yourself?


    I need ask is there real tranquilizer dart in real life so I wanted if it work on real people

    Well I know tranq darts are real to take large animals down, don't know what they'd do to a person, but I know they don't work as quick as they do on TV, but then neither does any other knock out method.

    As much as I love seeing guys knocked out with chloroform, it's a complete joke how TV shows use it, it doesn't render someone unconscious after holding it over their face for 5 seconds, and the chloroform has to be constantly inhaled.

    I would love to knock out a guy for real but unfortunately I don't know of a safe method to do so and I would never risk harming anyone

    Officer Jake Thomson looked over at his prisoner. The prisoner didn’t do or say anything to get Jake’s attention, but he knew he wanted to look over at him. When he first arrested the guy he knew there was something different about him but couldn’t place what it was, but now he was all he could think about.

    Jake finally managed to turn away from the prisoner, but when he did, he could feel himself being watched, and it was only a few seconds before he looked back at him. This time when he turned towards him, the prisoner was smiling. He still didn’t say anything, but now Jake was more intrigued than ever, he now couldn’t look away at all, he just stared straight into the prisoner’s eyes.

    The prisoner didn’t blink once when Jake was looking at him, Jake could now only focus on his eyes, his beautiful eyes, they were all he could now think about, they were all he wanted to look at, he loved how they made him feel.

    The prisoner still didn’t speak, but his eyes now told Jake to walk closer, which he did straight away, he went right up to him, still gazing heavily into those stunning eyes.

    The prisoner waited until Jake was right in front of him before saying a word, but he now knew it was time

    “Officer, you will until these handcuffs and let me free”

    Jake, still looking into his eyes, just smiled with a slightly goofy grin, then took out his keys, unlocked the handcuffs and stood back.

    “Well done officer, I knew you’d do as I asked, you officers are always the best subjects as you’re trained to obey, you will now only obey me, I am now your sergeant and you are my submissive officer, you only want to serve me, in any way I require”

    Officer Jake, still couldn’t seem to speak but he nodded slowly in blissful awe, he was now drooling slightly, his head had tilted slightly, and was still staring at his eyes. He would do anything asked as long as he could keep staring at those beautiful eyes. Jake would no longer be seen at the police station, he handed in his notice that same day and never returned, but he kept his uniform. He wanted to look good for his sergeant at all times, his life now was all about serving, serving his new sergeant in any way he wanted