The Diaper Wolf🍼
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2021-09-18 10:25:43

    It was Halloween night when Linkle went out to the forest. Rather than sporting her accustomed green cloak, Linkle opted to a bright red hood instead representing Little red riding hood for the festive night. Thickly padded and with spare diapers in her basket, she set off to spend the night having lewd fun <3

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    Color commission ft. everyone’s favorite bounty hunter,  against an over zealous prototype  baby care machine, and she seems to be losing the battle. Poor thing. TO be transformed from worlds strongest bounty hunter to pampered toddler in a manner of minutes.

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    Nothing excites Mochi more than trying new ways to combine kinks. In this occasion, Mochi is self bound to her bed with a timer set to one hour, she’s going to be busy listening to her hypno tracks. She’s not going anywhere so that diaper is going to be more than useful for the experience ;) 

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