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    Rules of Housewife Etiquette & Appearence when in Public 💕

    🎀 Always be happy and have a smile on your face.

    🎀 Be friendly, ladylike and courteous to everyone. Good manners and proper etiquette go a long way.

    🎀 Never look at men, but always maintain a plesant demeanor. Don’t respond in a overly rude manner when hit on unwantedly; be polite yet, firm.

    🎀 Always look your best and take pride in your appearence. The way your look is a representation of your husband. Never leave the house unless you are fully made up.

    🎀 Dress for men, not other women. This means men don’t care about labels. (Sidebar: this is the one I struggle with; I’m a label whore🙈)

    🎀 Be a smart shopper; a thrifty wife is equilvelant to an additional income.

    🎀 Have a carefree and relaxed demeanor. Don’t be cynical, seem depressed, tell sarcastic jokes or long-winded stories.

    🎀 Always speak positively to others about your husband and family life.


    Great tips! 💍


    Be a lady.

    Why a Womans Place is in the Home

    You were told that anything boys can do, girls can do. You were offended when you heard the term ‘barefoot and pregnant.’ You thought a “woman’s place being in the home” was ignorant and old-fashioned. You didn’t think you’d enjoy cooking meals. You liked restaurants and take out. You thought you were independent. You had a job and a career.

    Here’s why you’re so much happier now.

    1. Routine. You always know what to do and when to do it: when to wake up, when to have things ready, when you have time to sit and stare out the window, what time His car pulls into the driveway. It’s so good to know what to expect. So good to never wonder. So good to just follow the routine. 

    2. The world is strange. All those debates about politics and economics and social issues gave you a headache. Now that your domain is the home, you never have to think about those thorny questions. You biggest questions are what to wear, what to buy at the grocery store, and if today is a laundry day.

    3. It feels right. You still remember the day you came home late from work and he had to make you both dinner.  You got red all over. It was never his job, it was always yours. You knew it, and He knew it. You’ll never make that mistake again.

    4. Cooking is a woman’s job.  He always praises your cooking. You never thought you could be so proud of an accomplishment so why not take the time to do more.

    5.There is order. When you both worked, your home was always neglected. Always dishes in the sink. Always mail to sort. Things piled up. Now, the house is in perfect.

    6. No competition. When you were trying to make it in the working world, you were exhausted all the time. You tried to lean-in, compete, stay ahead of things, but it was so hard for you. He, on the other hand, competes with relish.

    7. Housework.  Making sure the house is clean after a full week of work is not fair to Him so of course it’s for you to do, and your desire to keep him happy means the house is spotless. 

    8. No Stress. Outside your home, you were constantly unsure of how to dress. Work appropriate means ‘don’t be too sexy’ but if you try to be sexy, are you being slutty?  Now, you dress like the perfect housewife, just like they used to show on TV. You love how you look and how He looks at you.

    9. Children. You’re ready to be bred. The house is ready. Your mind and body are ready. He’s ready. You can’t imagine how women who work could possibly make a suitable home for a family. You know you’re going to be the perfect mother.

    10. It’s Who We Are. At first, you hated this reason. When you read it at first, you thought it was a joke. You see now that it’s the root of everything. The truth that was always with you. You’re only a girl. You can’t be expected to do more than this. You accept it. After all, it’s your natural state.

    taken and edited slightly from this post

    Submissive Housewife Truths (that may take some getting used to)

    📌 Home cooked meals are a necessity. If you are a homemaker you should not be ordering food in or picking up take-out.

    📌 Your husband’s career goals are now your goals as well. You may have to put your own career aspirations on the back burner until your children are in school full time or no longer living in the house.

    📌 Your husband has the final say in household/familial issues and your obedience is key.

    📌 Always respond “yes” or “okay” when your husband asks something of you. This displays respect.

    📌 Your tone will either foster communication or set it back; in essence your tone sets the tempo of the relationship. Be cognizant of the manner in which you speak to your husband. Aggressive and nagging speech can negatively affect your marriage.

    📌 Your husband should always be sexually satiated…if he is not it is up to you to reevaluate how you can better please him. Your pleasure should be derived from pleasing him.

    📌 A disorganized home breeds chaos and unrest. Always do your best to clean the house as best you can.

    How to treat a good man

    He should be treasured. He should be held in the highest esteem and respect.

    Give him attention. Listen to him when he speaks. Listen just as closely when he is silent.

    Ask him what he needs from you. What you can do for him.

    Give him your time, your presence, your courtesy.

    If he has never given any reason for you to doubt him, then don’t LOOK for things to doubt.

    Be his pleasure. Don’t try to cause him pain.

    Don’t test him, to see if he is “just like all the others”. Had an ex that hurt you? Yeah, we all have. He probably has too. Don’t treat him like its the fault of all men.

    Treat him like a king.

    Put effort into him.

    Show him you’re worthy of how he treats you.

    Give him a damned break.

    Be at His side.

    Give him reason to smile. To laugh. To feel good.

    Take care of him.

    If he’s a good man, and you want to be with him, be a good woman.

    Edit - this entire post is partly in response to the mass of “treat women like queen’s!!!!” posts i see. So fed up of the one sided attitude that i had to try balance it out. Women and men deserve exactly the same treatment and effort.