Mmmm Pics
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2023-12-02 01:15:28

    I told you son i didn't want you hanging around with those queer friends of yours. Luckly for you i found a better solution. Who knew they would make such strong and effective socks, my feet have swamped them with sweat daily and they just keep takeing it, sure the only think they can think about now is my feet slowly turning them into garbage, but that's what you want from a pair of socks.


    Today I was very succesfull! Got the chance to sniff 3 U19 Footballers white Nike socked feet, right after their match πŸ”₯


    You are so lucky


    I continue to be both jealous and astonished at your success.....as I've noted repeatedly to your posts, if I ever tried doing what you successfully accomplish, I'd either be arrested, beaten to a pulp....or both!!!!