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    hedonism is good actually rich people just suck at it


    i think not only do we have a moral obligation to preserve human life but also a moral obligation to maximize the pleasure of others and ourselves (provided it doesn’t hurt anyone)


    people don’t just deserve to eat food, they deserve to eat good food that tastes good without worrying about nutritional content

    people don’t just deserve clothes, they deserve nice clothes that are well made and fit their personal style

    people don’t just deserve the bare minimum, they dont just deserve to be alive, they deserve to live and have nice things for no other reason than making that particular person happy

    🐷Force Feeding Our Fatass Roommate Kobe!🐷

    When Wood and Mistress Fenix come back from a night out partying, they are shocked to see their fatass roommate Kobe Beefcake sprawled out on their couch stuffed and covered in crumbs! They immediately know what has happened, because they told him specifically to NOT eat the whole blueberry pie they were all gonna share when they got him. But there’s blueberry filling all over humb and pie-crust crumbs everywhere! They know they have to punish him. After Mistress Fenix gets her way with him (by spanking him in Mistress Fenix’s own clip) it’s time for Wood’s punishment. And Wood decides that the best way to punish a glutton is to show them that there really CAN be too much of a good thing. The two girls are going to force feed this fatty a quarter of a huge sheet cake!

    They quickly start to feed him piece by piece, not caring how messy he gets or how much he is moaning. They humiliate and tease him, explain just how much of an out-of-control pig he is and tell him that they know it’s been him stealing their food for these past couple months. This punishment has been a long time coming, and they don’t shy on teasing and degrading their pig of a roommate. They even talk about staying in charge of everything he’s eating to ensure that he isn’t eating their food, and instead they’ll keep him constantly stuffed that he won’t be hungry for their snacks, and end up with him too fat to even walk to the fridge anyway! These devious feeders definitely have some hefty plans for Kobe…

    Featuring Afeni Fenix and Kobe Beefcake, @beefcakebelly!

    🔥Fat Husband DOOMED to Immobility!🔥

    On Halloween night, slutty feeder housewife gets dressed in her sexiest lingerie, leather skirt, and apron with a platter full of cupcakes to give to her huge husband Kobe Beefcake. She has some exciting news to share with him. Kobe is her feedee, and while he’s already super fat and able to gain really fast, it’s never been enough for her. She wants a huge, immobile blob of a husband, and she’d do anything to make that happen. And she did, because she gets to break the news to Kobe that she found a way to make sure he’s gonna gain even faster, get even bigger, and maybe become the fattest person in the world. At first, Kobe is really exciting, desperate to get even more obese to please his insatiably slutty fat admirer wife. But then Wood breaks the news – she sold his soul to the devil so that he would always gain. Even in his afterlife, he’s doomed to be fattened by her and the devil in hell! Kobe is shocked and unsure how he should feel about his feeder wife gambling his life away, but as Wood crams cupcake after cupcake into his mouth it seems that he can’t stop himself. He really does wanna get fatter, even if his feeder’s intensity scares him. But with each bite of cupcake he feels fatter and fatter already – this really is supernatural! And Wood, so excited that she’s finally going to have an immobile blob of a husband sooner rather than later, continues to force calories down Kobe’s throat and laughing at the possibilities.

    A demented and intense supernatural fattening fantasy! With immobility fetish, EXTREME weight gain, weird Satanic Feeders, feeding with slight force feeding, belly play, teasing and humiliation, and lots of descriptions of Kobe reaching immobile blob status and just what that will look like!