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    🐰 Sg Slut Showdown III 🚀

    After way too long of a hiatus, episode THREE is back- nastier than ever! As always, don’t just shoot-shag-marry, it’s time for anal-deepthroat-creampie. Plus today, we have some international representation from China and Malaysia. To celebrate this congregation of international whores, we have a special selection of nasty side dishes for you to ration to these sexy little tarts.

    Step ONE (Main Course)🍲:
    🥛 Choose the slut to creampie.
    😜Choose the slut to deepthroat.
    🍆Choose the slut to anal.

    Step TWO (Dessert) 🍰:
    🧅Choose the slut to tit-slap.
    🍑Choose the slut to ass-slap.
    😈 Choose the slut to bitch-slap.


    ——–  Slut #1: Yuqing ——–

    “Made in China” is no longer a bad thing- just look at Yuqing! Tight, cute and fiesty is exactly what a good fucktoy should be made of. This little skank calls herself “Irene” to try to be posh, and to appear smart and sassy. But as with goods, she’s nothing more than a cheap little fuckhole toy. No hate though,  China goods/holes are cheap but durable. Even after a week’s worth of ass-r@ping and pussy wrecking, she is still as tight and fuckable as a virgin, especially via the backdoor. You know what they say, the tighter the dress, the tighter the whore.


    ——–  Slut #2: Jewel ——–

    I’ll be lying if I said Jewel isn’t my favourite. Girls with self-respect are the sexiest- just like Jewel! She takes prides in being the best cum slut any man will want to conquer. Jewel does her kegels to make sure her pussy is always tight; does her squats to get a nice slappable, anal-inviting supple ass; likes to wear a ponytail to give guys something to grab onto while she is bred/sodomized. She knows what she is good for- all three holes and never a word. She works out hard, but she can be fucked even harder. Can’t wait to let her taste my crown jewels!


    ——–  Slut #3: Charlene  ——–

    Charshaobau- or more fittingly, Charshaobitch- is that resting-bitch-faced (RBF) cunt we all know. A rising star among the sluts of Singapore, Charlene is quite the curvy one for a local whore. But as with many SG bitches, she tends to have a princessy, proud demeanor. From time to time, it is important to regularly educate SG cunts like Charlene, and there’s nothing better than some casual facefucking and gangbang to put a fiesty ho back to her place. With a body like that, she better learns to get used to being smashed.

    ==== CHEFS RECOMMENDATION 👨‍🍳 ====


    Anal 🍆 + Ass Slapping🍑 - Jewel

    The right way to greet a cumslut like Jewel is a firm and hard smack on this bitch’s booty. She loves it when the boys grope and slap her bouncy ass, as it helps to warm her up for her squats. She is a dedicated whore who never skips ass day, and always lets everyone do 5 sets of buttsex on her each. No better way to get the extra protein than up the wrong hole. No contest here, Jewel is the ass bandit that oughts to have her shitter stretched open.


    Creampie🥛 + Tit Slapping🧅 - Charlene

    Charlene’s freaking huge milk jugs can feed the whole village. This little fiesty bitch will learn that she is nothing more than a breeding pig. She won’t even let her boyfriend go raw on her, but she will learn to stop being a lil’ bitch. Slap them tits as they jiggle wildly while you pound her hard and rough from behind. She’s not going home tonight until she gets pregnant, little fuck pig.


    Deepthroat😜 + Bitch Slapping😈 - Yuqing

    It is always fun to break elegant bitches like Yuqing. She dresses up for date night, but what she gets is r*pe night. Nothing like ending off a great dinner date by fucking her throat against the side of the bed. Pretty little Yuqing needs to be reminded occasionally, that she ain’t no high class. She’s just a little cum rag, especially her mouth. Smack her pretty face every time she takes the cock out of her mouth. This is the right way to train your whore, boys.

    So how will you be enjoying your sluts today? 

    Choose the slut to anal/ deepthroat💋/ cr
    Choose the slut to tit-slap🧅/ ass-slap
    / bitch-slap😈 

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    Anal and bitch slap: Yuqing, acting all high and classy but deep down she’s just a slutty whore that loves anal

    Creampie and tit slap: Charlene, definitely wanna see her spreading her legs and smacking those jugs of her with your dick after u creampie her

    Deepthroat and ass slap: Jewel, you know she’s working out for you to smack that firm n tight ass while you work her throat out


    Yuqing’s face is perfect for a bitch slap

    Just wanna grope Charlene’s great tits

    I mean obviously Jewel’s ass is so good


    Anal + ass-slap: Jewel’s ass is so tight and firm it begs to be slapped and pounded. Grope her ass when you see her at the gym and tell her to meet you for some special training. Rip off those tights and eat her sweaty ass out to get it nice and wet. She’ll squat over your dick and work her ass as she bounces on it. When she’s too tired, bend her over and fuck her dirty hole relentlessly, slapping her firm cheeks till they’re red and she’s screaming. Finish off in her shitter and watch as your load drips from her gaping backdoor.

    Creampie + tit-slap: I mean a pretty obvious choice. A young xmm with an attitude cos she thinks she’s the shit. She’s the only charshaobau I like to eat. Get her wet and place your cock in her young tight pussy and enjoy the taste of her soft breasts and hard nipples. She’ll think that she’s in control as the two of you fuck so remind her who’s really in charge. Grope and slap her tits while you roughly pound her pussy as she screams in pain mixed with pleasure. Nibble on her soft tits and leave lovebites all over her porcelain skin to let her know you own her slut body. She’ll soon submit and call you daddy. Fill up her young cunt with cum then make her stick her finger in, mix it around and lick the cream of her finger. She’s daddy’s naughty slut now.

    Deepthroat + bitch-slap: Tbh her body’s pretty tight but Yuqing is pretty average in every other aspect compared to Charlene or Jewel. This made in China whore has to be reminded of her place. Get her on her knees, get your dick down her throat and start thrusting hard. If she resists, bitch-slap her till she realises she isn’t in China anymore and she exists to let guys fuck her face. Facefuck and make her gag till her face is a mess, makeup smeared with precum and spit, and she’s a wreck begging for cock in English and Chinese. When you’re ready, cover her face in cum then feed it to her, good Chinese girls shouldn’t waste food. Maybe then will she deserve cock in her other holes.

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    This fucking slut loves to wear such little clothes she might as well be naked. Just take off your fucking clothes already, with a tight waist like that, thick ass and fucking huge tits, she deserves to be gangbanged by a group of guys. A slut like her needs to have a dick in every hole at the same time with a dick fucking her tits as well and constantly cumming in her mouth while her pussy gets fucked while she begs for more cum. Reblog for more

    Omg, jus look at this gorgeous syt, just imagine dragging her by her hair and pushing her into the school toilet cubicle, get her on her fking knees and jam ur cock deep down her throat, after skullfucking her till she gags and break out in tears, you turn her around, bend her over, pouding ur dick hard and fast repeatedly while groping those huge jugs of hers then to finish it off, depositing your fking seeds inside of her, leaving her there helpless and crying while her pussy is drenched with ur cum

    Omg, jus look at this gorgeous syt, just imagine dragging her by her hair and pushing her into the school toilet cubicle, get her on her fking knees and jam ur cock deep down her throat, after skullfucking her till she gags and break out in tears, you turn her around, bend her over, pouding ur dick hard and fast repeatedly while groping those huge jugs of hers then to finish it off, depositing your fking seeds inside of her, leaving her there helpless and crying while her pussy is drenched with ur cum


    She’s certainly a really hot girl for sure! Look at her showing off her body whenever she goes to beaches! She even has a super cute smile and face to go with that body of hers!

    What’s even better is that she’s a gamer girl! Girls that game and are hot I’m sure many guys like them! As you can tell, she loves playing fortnite. In fortnite, you use vbucks to buy cosmetic items for your character. She really wanted a specific cosmetic item but didn’t have the vbucks to buy it. As such, she was searching for people who were selling vbucks to see if she could get it at a cheaper rate. There was one guy selling vbucks for cheap. However, upon seeing how hot she was he suddenly added another condition. He wanted to fuck her. At first she didn’t want but she couldn’t find a better deal and she went ahead with it.

    She met up with the guy at her house and she just said “Get it over and done with, I just want my vbucks.” However, the guy had other plans. He wanted to keep her for as long as possible. He started off by face fucking her cute face. She couldn’t care less and just went along with it. He then started playing with her boobs as he started to fuck that sweet pussy of hers. Whenever he was about to cum he would purposely stop. He did this so that he could fuck her as long as possible to make his time worth it. After a while, she was getting upset too as all the teasing let to her wanting an orgasm really badly. She then changed from the “get it over and done with” attitude to the “fuck me” attitude. She started riding his dick and she rode it fast and hard. She wanted to orgasm and she didn’t care anymore. It was only a matter of time before they both came and it was then she realised that she had let him cum inside of her. She just cleaned up and asked him to go home. She got her vbucks eventually and a good memory of fucking someone she didn’t want to fuck.

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    Don’t we all love these xmm sluts that dress like they are asking for it? Always remember to put your bratty little xmm in place from time to time. Give her face with those fuck-me eyes a good slap, pull her hair and doggy her from the back. Pound her pussy, then switch to her asshole to always remind her that she is nothing more than a little cum rag. Do it all while her short fbt slut pants are on so she knows that she must always be ready for cock whenever, and wherever.

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    Damn right


    Here’s my innocent and pure friend, I just wanna introduce to her the pleasure of being a fking slut that craves for dick in every one of her holes. I will put a leash on her then make her get on all fours and start begging for my cock.. Then I’ll give her a taste of my cock then suddenly deepthroat her and look at her degraded face as she chokes on my dick while tears drip down her cheeks.. Then I’ll throw her against the wall and jam my cock into her tight Lil pussy and repeatedly pound it from behind as she screams and beg me to be more gentle but it falls on deaf ear, as I speed up my thrust and the sound of my thighs slapping on her ass echoes the room, and I will finish by cumming buckets inside her, leaving her broken from the pleasure and wanting more


    I’m back bois