●☽Moaning Moonlight ☾◯ ☄

Comet-kissed skin and starry eyed// Kinky, polyamorous, and nonbinary [they/them] 18+ only

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    thinking about making a girl cum without even fully undressing her is. quite fucking hot because like? slipping your hand under her panties? pushing them aside to fuck her?? taking off her panties but leaving her skirt or her dress on to fuck her??? or god even having her naked from the waist down but shes still wearing your shirt or your hoodie when she cums. fuck



    Reasons you should let me come

    • I’ll sound really cute when I’m moaning your name
    • I’ll be more sensitive and easier to torture afterwards
    • I’ll show you exactly how grateful I am
    • I’ll promise you anything in exchange for permission
    • I’ll look really even more pathetic when my knees give out and I’m collapsed in front of you
    • You can tell me what a dirty slut I am for liking this so much
    • I’ll say anything you want to convince you to let me

    Reasons You Should NOT Let me Cum

    • I’ll be constantly wet so you can slide your cock into me at any moment you’d like
    • I’ll be crazy needy for you giving you all the attention you desire and stroking your ego
    • I’ll be so desperate and eager to please I’ll do any dirty thing you ask of me
    • My brain will become mush and all I’ll be able to think about is pleasing you and the burning desire between my legs
    • I’ll look really cute begging you to touch me or let me cum