●☽Moaning Moonlight ☾◯ ☄

Comet-kissed skin and starry eyed// Kinky, polyamorous, and nonbinary [they/them] 18+ only

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    make him wear slutty lingerie beneath his suit when he goes to work 

    Make him wear slutty lingerie beneath his clothes when you two go out on dates and subtly remind him of the naughty things he’s wearing.

    Panties? Dip your fingers into his pants and play with the waistband.

    Stockings? Rub his legs through his pants.

    Is he wearing a garter belt? Play with the tabs.

    Corset? Grab him by the waist or place your hand on his lower back.

    Bra? Give his tits a little squeeze or snap it when no ones looking.