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    Short story.

    This is a fictional story and it’s not real.

    Kelly and her boyfriend, James are out for a night of partying. She was with a group of friends and one guy in particular, Jerome, used to like Kelly a long time ago. Or at least that’s what he said, but he still likes Kelly and constantly lusts over her and faps to her pictures she posts on her IG and CF list.

    As usual, Kelly out drank her boyfriend and Jerome. As midnight approached, she sent her boyfriend home first and seeing how Jerome was drunk, she too decided to send him home before going home herself.

    As Kelly and Jerome sat in the backseat, Jerome couldn’t help but comment how pretty she looked and he casually caressed her thighs. When Kelly didn’t push his hand away, he continued caressing her thighs. Being in a drunken state, Kelly just casually laughed and said, “My thighs very smooth hor?”

    Jerome replied, “Ya sia. How come so smooth lei?”

    “Cause I always moisturize them.” Kelly replied and allowed Jerome to continue touching her. As he continued touching her, he slowly caressed her higher and higher. He caressed her inner thighs and she let out a little moan.

    “Naughty. Stop. Inner thigh is for my boy boy only. You can only touch outside.” Kelly said, blushing.

    Jerome didn’t want to take no for an answer and he said, “if you like it, I should continue giving you pleasure.” He then continued caressing her and Kelly allowed it. Kelly then reciprocated by touching his groin area and then hastily stopped.

    “We’re drunk, we should not do this.” Kelly said, stopping.

    By then, Jerome had started caressing her near her vaginal area and when he touched her underwear, it was soaked. “What a horny little slut this girl is.” Jerome thought to himself.

    When his fingers started rubbing Kelly’s pussy, she had to cup her mouth to prevent her from moaning louder than the music. She knew it was wrong but she was too drunk to care and she continued letting Jerome finger her. She reciprocated by putting her hands down his pants and touching his dick and was shocked when she found out it was rock hard.

    They continued with the foreplay until they reached Jerome’s house. As they alighted, Jerome said, “God, I want to fuck you so bad.”

    “No no, we can’t. What we did was wrong even though it felt right.” Kelly said.

    Kelly then booked a grab and there was a 10 minute waiting time. Jerome said, “I’ll wait with you till your grab comes.” Then he casually groped her ass. To which Kelly let out a moan.

    “Stop, you horny boy.” Kelly said but her body language appeared to indicate otherwise.

    Jerome carried on and he dragged Kelly to the void deck and bent her over on the chair. He then removed her soaking wet underwear and said, “Your mouth says no but your body indicates otherwise. I’m going to fuck you and all you have to do is to say stop.”

    Kelly at this moment was too horny and drunk. “Fuck. This is not right. Be quick and don’t tell anyone.”

    Jerome already rock hard from the foreplay, rammed his throbbing dick into her. All these time, he has been fapping over her and jerking off to her and now he’s in her. Pure bliss when he entered her for the first time.

    “Oh god, fuck me harder. Don’t stop. Oh fuck this is so good.” Kelly said as she moaned in pleasure do, being fucked hard by Jerome.

    Jerome finally had the chance to fuck Kelly and it was a dream come true. He was ravaging her pussy and pounding her hard, they didn’t care if anyone saw them. They were all consumed by their lust in that moment. As he was thrusting in and out of her, Jerome was feeling extreme pleasure. He grabbed her butt cheeks and groped them as he was thrusting in and out of her. He then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and he grunted as he said, “Say you like my dick better than your boyfriend’s dick.”

    “You’re better. I love your dick more than James. Please don’t stop.” Kelly said as Jerome was pounding her tight pussy.

    “That’s right. I’m going to fuck you every time we go out drinking.” Jerome said as he was mercilessly pounding her pussy.

    “Yes oh god yes. Fuck me harder please. I’m going to cum.” Kelly moaned in pleasure.

    Jerome then decided to grab her tits and she reacted pleasurably. As he was pounding her pussy and grabbing her tits, he was almost at his max and he didn’t want to stop. But his climax came soon then expected and he gave her one last thrust before he pulled out, turned her around and forced her to kneel down and he exploded his cum all over her face and chest.

    “Fuck, I’ve been dreaming of this for so long.” Jerome said after he drenched Kelly in his cum and ruining her make up.

    “Dreams do come true.” Kelly said, winking at him and sucking his dick off.

    At that moment, the grab arrived and Kelly quickly gave him a kiss goodbye and ran off to her grab, leaving Jerome there with his cock hanging out, still hard from the quickie.

    The end!

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