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2018-10-10 23:00:12

    Translated the complete Boku No Hero Academia SMASH comic by Neda about Deku spilling ice cream on Bakugou’s shirt with a huge but funny misunderstanding, written in a 4-part comic with special appearances by Kirishima and Todoroki! Enjoy~

    EDIT: Each page is supposed to be read starting from the right column up to down, then continues on to the next column (on the left). Each panel is read right to left.

    Soma chokes on his own joke!

    In the last episode of Oreiya Season 3 the boys each say a few words about the great support they’ve received from fans, as well as thanking the wonderful seiyuu guests and staff. Soma makes the money hand sign as a reference to what they need to get another series 😂 Egu and Kou try to stop him but… 😂😂

    (NB: The hand gesture is considered kind of rude and that’s why they try to cover his hands up! XDDD)

    Eguchi Takuya no Oretachidatte M~otto Iyasaretai! #13 (2018.03.21)
    Host: Eguchi Takuya
    Assistant: Nishiyama Kotaro
    Narrator: Saito Soma

    ライブドアニュース‏ @livedoornews (2018.04.08) [x]
    【きゃわ】#斉藤壮馬「植物を育てるのがめっちゃ下手なんです」 「僕が育てられるのはルンバだけ。ルンバには定期的に餌をあげられるんです」。笑顔で話す斉藤さん、可愛すぎます…!

    [Kyute] #SaitoSoma: “I’m really bad at taking care of plants”, “The only thing I can take care of is a Rumba. I can give the Rumba its food at regular intervals”. The smile Saito-san has as he speaks is too cute…!