MomDom Son
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2018-11-19 21:21:30

    Do you think Mommy enjoys punishing you?

    No Mommy

    Do you think Mommy’s proud of having a dirty boy like you as a son? Looking at pictures on the internet and pulling your little thing?

    No Mommy

    Go and fetch your Daddy’s old belt.

    Yes Mommy


    Your Mother is sick of catching you smelling her dirty panties and jerking off to MILF porn. Deep down she’s flattered, you are obviously in love with her, but she can’t allow you to continue this nasty habit. If smacking your bum doesn’t work she will progress to slapping your penis and balls, and if that doesn’t work she will buy you a chastity device and only allow you to cum from supervised prostate massages. There will be no wanking in Mommy’s house. Ever!




    I bet she makes him smell them after she’s worn them and then pulls down his trousers to see if his small penis is erect.

    If it’s not hard she calls him gay, bends him over her knees and fucks his prostate til he cums and then smacks his bum and slaps his face, and if he’s erect she calls him a pervert and makes him masturbate in front of her until he cums, then smacks his bum and slaps his face.