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2020-07-12 03:13:28

    Periodic reminder that Hans Asperger was a Nazi who was directly involved with the Holocaust by selecting children he felt were unworthy of life because of their disability and sending them off to be killed. Reminder that the vast majority of the disabled children who were murdered during the Holocaust were Jewish, Rroma, or otherwise non-white.

    Asperger’s diagnostic criteria were designed to protect Arian children from being exterminated at the expense of Jewish children, Rroma children, and children of color. Asperger’s syndrome continues to be a part of the institutionalized racism in psychiatry and special education with profound consequences for people of color.

    Besides, as a Jew, the fact that a remnant of the Holocaust is routinely used to describe my neurotype is horrifying and disgusting but as long as people insist on using it it’s not going to go anywhere.