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    Trying to decipher why I liked the Swedes so much and I honestly think that the umbrella academy took what could've been tropey cold heartless assassins and made them human. I think the show really drove into begin with that these characters werent particularly human, they showed no real pain nor emotion. Yet when one died, and you heard the previously emotionless and non-verbal brother scream out in pain of heartbreak and then saw the hurt in the others eyes when he was forced to kill the other, It really drove home how human they actually were. I think the best part was the show didn't set up any notion of redeeming qualities like they did with Hazel in these assasins, but unlike with many other shows these non-redeemable villain type characters were shown to have heart not for the rest of humanity but for each other. I think it honestly really parrellels five, they were assassins, they were simply doing their job and like five the only thing that grounded them to humanity was their family. The only reason they were seen as far more of a villain than five was because of manipulation by the handler and the fact they actively opposed the Hargreeves. I think it's really cool that the show actually was able to show their side of the story and make them somewhat sympathetic (I mean not totally because I loved my jello guy more) without having to provide any redemption or even have them interact with the main characters.


    Giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets. Insects will eat the burrowing tarantulas’ eggs - so the spiders protect the frogs from predators, and in return the frogs eat the insects. Source


    This has blown my mind for years. It’s so unreal. It’s almost the same exact reason humans and cats started living together.

    Tiny frogs are tarantula housecats. A science fact seldom gets to sound that much like meaningless word salad.


    This is legit, guys. And I’m excited about it.


    Someone needs to draw a tarantula person with a tiny pet housefrog now. Please let this be a thing.


    How is this?


    This entire post is magic.  And that is so cool how the Tarantula will protect the frog.  :3

    Bow isn't given the credit he deserves.

    Yes, the female She-Ra cast is incredibly inspirational for young girls all around (God I would kill for She-Ra to have happened when I was young), but Bow is so incredibly important for young boys as well.

    Because he shows its okay to show and voice out your emotions, empathy is a strength that he carries wholeheartedly and that communication is the key to a good friendship.

    So many shows lack a male character like that and honestly, it just makes me happy that boys nowadays get a positive role model in Bow like that.

    The fandom often jokes about Adora's very... limited clothes since she never really undergoes a major wardrobe change in comparison to other characters.

    Noelle stated on Twitter that Adora didn't feel comfortable with herself because she didn't feel like she had a purpose (after someone asked why her clothes were different in the future vision) and She-Ra was her purpose.

    Could that be why she never majorly changed her clothes from her Horde days? Because she was clinging onto the identity that gave her a purpose for so many years, maybe even clinging onto Catra as her purpose.

    Maybe she couldn't let go and was only able to change with her purpose, the one that makes her comfortable by her side.


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    Me: Ah. Vacation. Finally I have time to focus on my story ideas that I've been working on.

    My brain: Ahaha gotcha girl. Imma give you 20 new ideas and concepts, related or unrelated every 10 minutes. You can either abandon old ideas, merge them or just have more concepts.

    Me: B-But I got a ton of great ideas already, please I wanna focus on one thing, that's hard enough already I can't do 5 things at the same time like I usually do-

    My brain: Tough luck. Now have fun.

    Given the fact my entire day has been just been me dying about the Akatsuki yet again, I figured it's chill if I do some headcanons on the Hidden Hug Style of my two favourite duos. Requests are open! Please feel free to send some in!




    Itachi’s the least likely to hug out of everyone. That’s never been how he’s shown his affection- and honestly the odds are really not in your favour if you’re itching for anything like that from him.

    The closest equivalent to a real embrace here lays in small gestures and very subtle kindness.

    Hands brushing in passing, hard-earned and short-lived smiles; a rare heart to heart conversation, or a very powerful friend on the field when trouble finds you with him nearby- if you haveearned that level of intimacy from the Uchiha.

    In all honesty there’s no time or reason to indulge in this kind of comraderie or flirtation as far as Itachi’s concerned. There was a time in his life where the room for that indulgence existed, but that time passed hard when he left the village.

    His love and friendship is something so special, and so often unrewarding to eventry earning that you would really require a ton of integrity and fountains of patience to earn. The right to see him lower his guard around you is beyond sacred, and it’s very easy to lose that with even the slightest missteps. There is far too much on the line for him to risk something for the sake of a friend. His life is his village, his purpose is his brother. No person will ever be more important than either of those in his heart.

    If you can work to befriend the man that lives to die, you can feel blessed that a man suffering so profoundly let you be his friend and comrade. No hug can ever trump that.




    Kisame loves theidea of affection. Life is combat, and combat is his lot in life. He’s unbelievably powerful, and to almost any common person he’s terrifying to look at. Affection is so romanticized and unachievable to him that any gestures like that tend to get misconstrued or deeply scrtuinized. What are your ulterior motives? What kind of cruel joke are you trying to pull by giving him something so meaningful and fantasized?

    Communication, trust, and honesty arekey. Even when you have those, he’ll still probably second guess why you want to give him such intimacy. It takes a long time for him to get comfortable enough to reciprocate a hug, because he really needs to believe you aren’t just out here to make him a huge joke or conquest.

    When he finally rewards you with that embrace though, it feels like pure safety and hope. His entire body engulfs you in a uniquely, contently, sheltering hug. You’re providing something he’s always wanted but never had- and if it’s possible for a hug to embody that, his does.

    Kisame’s body heat is almost overwhelming; you can feel his strength in the way his biceps act as a vice around you. You can feel his heart, which flutters slightly faster surrounded in the uneasy joy he relishes in for the opportunity to trust and be trusted.

    Once you break that dam, affection is a very private commonplace if you allow it to be. Crushing bearhugs, embraces that sweep you off your feet, swinging hugs that make you feel like you’re flying– there’s so many different hugs, and so little time to experience them all.

    If you want it to be plantonic, you need to communicate that. If you want something more, you need to be the one to break the ice and let that tentative sunshine in. Open the gates to long nights spent curled up in the safety of his heart, surrounded in the fierce devotion and loyalty that comes with having earned and reciprocated Kisame Hoshigaki’s trust.

    The hugs are nice, but you learn quickly that the real reward is what you earned with the lonesome Monster of the Hidden Mist.




    Hidan is the most casual hugger out of the group. No strings attached, swallowed self doubt or messy history that makes affection difficult for him. As far as these hugs go, they’re as easy as breathing for him. That doesn’t mean, however, that Hidan just opens his arms for anyone. There’s different hugs for different people and occasions.

    Some follow the drunken high of a fight hard-won; others are just casual nothings to satisfy the itch and quench the desire for a little human contact. One-armed side hugs are probably his most common maneuver.

    The real prize winners are the sudden lunges that trap your arms and make your ribs ache from the pure glee he just can’t keep balled up inside himself. It’s full of ugly, barking laughter and victorious shit-talk. If you aren’t thrown to the ground from the sheer force of it, Hidan has absolutely ripped you off your feet and taken you for the ride because he’s just too excited and in the moment to bother controlling himself.

    If you’re someone he’s more intimate with, you do get to see Hidan more toned down and mellow. Intimacy isn’t something he’s well versed in necessarily, but it absolutely comes natural to him. He tends to follow his feelings at any given moment, and behind closed doors he can be a real treat.

    A lot of his desire in private lingers in the territory of non-sexual affection. He loves relaxing with his head in your lap and his arms hugging your midsection. As long as he can touch you he’s a pretty happy guy. He’s warm, and he provides a very comforting pressure in your lap.

    He’ll speak his mind, ideally you indulge him with a fair response- and in return he’ll hear you out when you talk about whatever’s on your mind while he cozies in. It’s less of a quick embrace when he trusts you with moments like this- it’s really more of an event. If you play with his hair or massage his scalp he’s putty in your hands.

    It may not be a long, strenuous road to earn the respect required for the Jashin devotee to give the gift of basic affection, but it’s still something to count your blessings for. The fact that you’re spared of the primal devastation that Hidan is capable of unleashing is a momentous achievment.




    Both touch-starved and repulsed; in his near century of life, Kakuzu’s fall from grace and subsequent defection was the killing blow to any living desire he ever had for even platonic contact.

    It isn’t likely that Kakuzu is anyone’s first choice these days. It is even more deeply unlikely in the first place that he would indulge anyone with affection he just doesn’t desire himself. If you somehow caught him in a vulnerable enough place to experience that distant, numbing desire just to be touched, that hug is completely for his own benefit. You may get to partake in it, but it has nothing to do with your gratification or feelings.

    The silence would be deafening when he makes his approach. The air almost awkward- like you shouldn’t be witnessing this moment despite your loose involvement.

    Those inhuman eyes are sharp, but faraway through the apparent ceremony of the occasion. Kakuzu’s body is cold to the touch, and you can feel the stress rolling off of him in waves when those strong arms finally engulf you. Fingers twist into your clothes and hair, holding your ear above his heart- the one thing left alive that vigils his humanity. It’s borderline painful- almost a physical manifestation of feelings and experiences long abandoned.

    Unless you’re truly in the moment, you could almost miss the bridge of his nose just barely nestling into the crown of your head- and the way his eyes fall shut when he lets himself just be. The embrace is long, and so deeply intimate and private. The only way to set the stage for this level of vulnerability to a man so scorned and jaded is absolute privacy and respect.

    It’s desperate. It’s selfish. It’s the one thing he rarely lets himself have- because it’s just another old wound he doesn’t like ripping open. If you knew him- really knew him, you would know it was always hard for him to allow this kind of stupid vulnerability. There may have been a time when it was easy, when he was young and loyal and stupidly confident as Takigakure’s pride- the shinobi destined to destroy the first Hokage. That time came and went before you ever existed.

    It’s a treat to you, if you can bear the discomfort. It’s a throwback to days long forgotten for him. You don’t get bragging rights for doing it, and to any prying eyes it either never happened- or you were meaningless to Kakuzu. Ideally you know better than that. Understand that you rolled the dice and won the deck when he chose to include you in the scars and mess of his seldom vulnerability.