Interesting. Women are never content with what they have.

Mom’s two sisters were blessed with big double D boobs. Guys were always staring at them, catcalling them, asking them to dates, fucking them in high school, at the college, at the parties… They were getting so much dick they were complaining about men always objectifying them.

And then there was my mom. She in turn had smaller tits and those beautiful eyes. Everybody complimented her on the eyes but she got fucked maybe once, maybe twice a month if she is lucky. Mom wanted to be a sex magnet. To be lusted after. To be a slut for guys.

Here she is again. Wearing a seethrough top for me. I seem to be the one who can’t get enough of her tits even if they are smaller. Mom loves the attention I give her, she lets me fuck her and does not mind being a slut for me. But there is a sadness on her face. She wants to have those big natural knockers and be a slut for everyone just like her sisters are.

This could make an interesting topic in psychology dissertation.