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I'm a sissy from Spain. My Wife is my Owner. This blog is mainly focused in BDSM and humiliation.

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    Deep inside, Charles knew that he deserved this. Last year, his cousin offered him to spend his summer vacation at her house. And because he was pretty broke and couldn’t afford to go on vacation with his friends, he happily agreed. There were worse things that could happen to a horny (still) teenage boy than spending two months in a nice house near the beach with a lesbian couple, right? On top of the location, he knew that his cousin and her wife were pretty relaxed and wouldn’t get on his nerves like his parents would. Until he overdid it in his last week. They finally caught him raiding their alcohol supplies and had a huge fight. It didn’t exactly help that he was as drunk as a skunk. And it certainly didn’t help that he called them gay retards, and told them that all they needed to be a normal person again was to get “dicked down properly for once”.

    So it really came as a surprise to him when they invited him again the following year. When he arrived, Charles was already scared what his cousin had in store for him. But he never thought it would be as bad as it was. The amused couple and their scared guest hadn’t even left the airport when they started informing him about the punishments he’d have to endure during his two month stay. And boy, was he in for a ride. He couldn’t actually believe everything they told him, until the manly bits he was so proud of, vanished behind the padding of the girly diapers that would be his only underwear for his stay. Charles only really began to grasp the dimension of his actions last year when they took away his suitcase and showed him the pink dresses he’d wear this summer.


    But it wasn’t enough. Apparently, he still hadn’t gotten enough. Three days later, the couple was shocked to catch their guest humping his swollen diaper. So on day five, they put an end to that when their order came in the mail. From that moment on, his manhood would be trapped in a teeny tiny chastity cage with a catheter on the inside, in a shade of pink that fitted his diapers perfectly. The longer dresses in his wardrobe, which he had worn exclusively up until now, vanished along with his ability to hold back his pee. From now on, even unsuspecting strangers could tell that Charles wasn’t the typical sissy you’d occasionally see in the backcountries of florida. No, every idiot the three would encounter on their daily trips to various kinds of destinations, be it the shopping mall or the amusement park, could tell that this sissy was diapered.


    What the lesbian couple hadn’t planned for though, was that very slowly, he started to gain pleasure from his treatment. They noticed how they had to remind him less and less that he had to shave his body hair, but they were even more bewildered when Charles started to willingly use the perfumes and make-up they offered him. After they found some photos Charles took of himself on his phone, all they needed was to realize that one of the dildos in their collection was missing to figure out that their plan had backfired.


    Charles enjoyed this just as much as they did.

    They knew his answer before they even asked him whether he wanted this to be a yearly thing.

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    The wives had a bet. Bridget thought people would first notice their hubbies were, in fact, not women, but instead were men dressed up as ladies. But Sarah thought people would first notice the diapers the two pansies were forced to wear as they made their way across the plaza, holding hands like the good lesbian lovers they’d soon be. 20 whole bucks were riding on this bet.

    They followed the two powderpuffs closely, acting like they didn’t know them, so they could hear the comments and judge if the boys were first ID’d as trannies or diaper fags. Fun!

    Each emasculated mental midget waddled a bit as their thick Pampers altered their walks. At first no one seemed to notice the two, uh, ladies holding hands as they made their way through the popular tourist spot. But…oh oh. A group of six teen girls, gathered near a fountain. One of them spotted the twosome and noticed something different. And she said something to her friend who told the next girl and soon enough the original gal was shouting, “Nice Pampers, ladies!” So they noticed the diapers first! But then a second girl added, “Oh my god, they’re men! Oh my god. Two sissies in diapers!” Now the camera phones really came out as the men hustled along, never letting go of the other’s hand, per their instructions.

    Walking toward them, a man and a woman eyed them suspiciously and when they passed Bridget and Sarah heard the woman say, “JEsus Christ. That was two men. Are you fucking kidding? Pansies.” And her man said, “And holy shit, look at those pants! Fucking diapers. Oh my god. Nice diapers, faggots!”

    The men were crying now from the exposure and the taunts but kept walking. Sarah and Bridget meanwhile called it a draw. Some folks first noticed their men were men, some first noticed their thick diapers. But everyone knew they were humiliated sissy diaper faggots and that was the most important thing.

    Witch Way to Run? (NSFW 18+)

    ***DISCLAIMER*** The adults depicted in this story are over the age of 18. This story is purely fantasy.

    This story contains gender bender and forced regression. If that isn’t your thing, click away now.

    Glass shattered as he tumbled into the room. He winced as he felt it cut into his skin. Shouts from the nighttime street followed him. He scrambled back to his feet. He had to get away. He couldn’t let them catch him.

    He slammed through the door and pounded down a flight of stairs. He cursed as he upended a chair in the gloom. The room had no windows and was so dark he could barely see one foot in front of the other. He stumbled through the dark, uncaring of the shattering glass and broken furniture that followed in his wake. He couldn’t be trapped here, there had to be some kind of exit.

    “What are you doing in my house.”

    He yelped in surprise and fell to the floor.

    “I asked you a question.” The voice sounded like a woman. An extremely angry woman.

    His thoughts spun. He couldn’t think, everything was happening too fast.


    Five? Five what?


    She was counting down! What was she going to do to him? Should he run? Where would he run to?


    He sputtered, scrambling for words. Any words.


    “P-please,” he cried out. “You can’t let them find me!”

    The voice paused. “Who’s ‘them’?”

    “The men on the street. Please just don’t let them find me. I’ll do anything. Anything!”

    She was silent for a moment, considering. “Anything?”

    Someone began pounding on the door.

    “Anything, please!”

    He heard the door click open.

    Her voice was curt. “What do you want.”

    The man on the other side was taken by surprise. “I-, uh did you see a guy come through here?”

    He felt sweat dripping down his forehead, stinging the lacerations made by the glass. His gambling addiction had finally caught up with him. He was sure he wasn’t going to make it through the night.

    “You mean that jerk who busted my upstairs window? He ran that way.”

    “Thanks ma’am, have a nice night,” the man said.

    “Let me know if you catch that idiot. He owes me.”

    The man’s chuckle faded as he dashed back onto the street.

    He breathed a sigh of pure relief. He was going to live! “Thank yo-“ he was cut off as his world erupted in light. Blinking back tears, he rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden change in brightness. A few seconds later, he could see a woman standing across the hall. It was clear she’d just woken up, with disheveled hair and circles under her eyes. It was also clear she was one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever seen. Long silky black hair spilled over her shoulders. She was clad in a simple T shirt that hugged the curves of her breasts. The shirt hem ended at her upper thigh, doing nothing to conceal her long, toned legs. He gulped.

    She was holding a long, wooden pole in one hand. With a smooth movement, she leveled it right at him. “You said you’d do anything.” Sparkling purple mist erupted from the head of the staff, billowing across the room to engulf him.

    He sputtered as it swirled about him. The substance felt hot, almost alive even. It smelled of berries and spices as he breathed it in. He felt his own body grow hot in response and he staggered. Flares and sparks erupted before his eyes. The room began to spin. He blacked out.

    “Hey…” the voice was far away, fuzzy. “Hey,” it repeated, clearer. He groaned and opened his eyes. The woman was standing over him now… It took a moment to register. She wasn’t wearing any panties! He gawped open mouthed for a few seconds before shooting straight up. He looked away, blushing madly. He felt blood rush to his groin.

    Something was wrong. While he was certainly aroused, he wasn’t feeling any of the familiar pressure from a certain important piece of his anatomy. He glanced down. He gasped in shock. He was completely nude! More importantly though, his penis was gone! In its place was now a shaven, petite mound, similar to the one he’d just seen under the woman’s shirt! Not only that, it looked like his entire lower body had changed. His long, hairy legs were now slender and completely bare. He wiggled his toes to experiment, staring as his new body obeyed the command.

    “Hey, sweetie. It’s time to pad up your booty. I don’t want you making even more of a mess in my home.” The woman took hold of his shoulder and pushed him to the floor.

    He tried to fight back but she was too strong for him. It was like all strength had been completely bled from his body as he feebly protested. “Wha? Whas happn?” Even his voice had changed! He sounded like a girl! Wait… hold on. He could have sworn he’d said that right. “Who you? Where pee pee?” Who are you? Where’s my dick? He yelled internally.

    “Shh. It’s ok, darling. The bad men are gone. Mommy is here to take care of you.” She pulled off her shirt, exposing the supple skin of her breasts. She gently lifted his head to her nipple. “Drink up, baby. You said you’d do anything for me. Be Mommy’s good girl.”

    He found himself fighting internally as his lips opened instinctually and he began to suck. Milk began to trickle into his mouth, gradually becoming a steady stream. It was soothing and sweet. No! What’s happening. Stop drinking idiot! He burbled happily as gulped down more and more. His arousal returned with a vengeance as he drank, causing his new princess parts to tingle. He whimpered into her breast as the feeling grew. He could feel breasts of his own now. His nipples were hard, and he feebly reached up to pinch them.

    “Awww. Mommy’s little baby is a dirty girl.” He felt her reach between his legs and pull something soft and fluffy between them.

    It was a diaper, and one big enough to fit snugly around the body of the twenty something woman he found himself inhabiting. He moaned pitifully around her nipple as she taped it shut, sealing his shivering pussy behind the thick layers of absorbent padding.

    She started rubbing the padding into his crotch, causing him to squeal in delight. It felt so good. The milk dribbling into his mouth, the way it filled his tummy, the spicy musk of the woman feeding him. It was all so wonderful. She wasn’t sure why she’d been worried a few minutes ago. Mommy loved her. She was very pretty and made her feel so wonderful. She began to grind against her Mommy’s hand, burbling happily.

    “Good girl. Let it all out in your diapy for me.”

    The woman grinned as she girl in her arms shuddered, eyes closing shut against the ecstasy wracking her form. She felt her hand grow warm. The diaper swelled as her little girl released everything into it. She continued to rub gently as the girl’s head lolled back. A thin stream of milk dripped down the side of her smiling lips.

    The woman stood, lifting her new pet between her arms. She patted her back, eliciting a tiny burp. Yes, she was going to have a lot of fun with this one. After all, what was a witch without a cute little kitten to toodle around the house?


    always wondered what she’s trying to say :)


    She was the worst slave of the month. Breaking glasses. Leaving guests unsatisfied. And worst of all begging to cum.

    So she would be “bobble head” for this month. Her hearing and sight messed with. Her body free to be whipped, tied and tormented in any manner of ways. Typically the girl who was “bobble head” was relieved of chores on practical grounds. Her use came in as a rag doll. Able to be fucked, beaten or mentally tormented for fun.

    She knew she would only be released once every few days for food and water to be stuffed into her mouth whilst tied down and in a pitch black room.

    She would have no other indication of time passing and even then the feedings were randomised. This was the real torment. Left alone with only her thoughts and whatever use or pain she was experiencing.

    She only hoped she would be out soon. As she stared into the eyes of the girl that had just had the mask removed she quivered.

    “Bobble head” was always assumed to be the worst slave of the month. So unless another girl proved particularly bad, her time in this punishment was entirely unknown.

    She did not recognise the girl she across from her. She realised ever since she came here. There had only been one “bobble head”. And now that was her. The mask closed.