Moosings from the pasture...

Used to be a cow, now am more and more just a dum doll. The more doll sinks the more good it feels. 

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2020-10-30 10:54:47

    October is breast cancer awareness month and in respect to that, like in years previous, I turn my content into pink to remind anyone I can reach that we need to save the boobies!  All joking aside, this month is personal to me because I lost my mother and a lifelong friend to this, and it has torn me up inside and out, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is never too late ladies, get checked and kick cancer in its ass if you find it.  You are NEVER alone in this fight as long as I am breathing. So, as your friend, as your partner, I ask you, have you and your loved ones been checked yet this year?

    Request from @ab1nsur

    Becky was a nerdy scientist that worked for a company that made medicine. She was also a big feminist and was disgusted by all the girls that chose to look fake and act like ditzy bimbos. She wanted to create a serum that would reverse their body and thought and make them smart and more self reliant.

    While working on it one day she accidentally slipped and spilled it all on herself. Irritated she went to the washroom to clean up. But little did she know that her co-worker Brian had done something to it.

    In the washroom she watched as the liquid was absorbed by her body and it immediately began to morph. She lost her slim form and became curvy. Her average boobs had blown up and become big, bouncy and soft. Her hips had spread out and her ass too became plump and jiggling. As her hair bleached and fave began to change, all her intelligence vanished. Her knowledge of science vanished and she only remembered anything and everything about sex. Her feminist personality changed as well and right as her changes were complete she had become nothing short of a dumb ditzy bimbo.

    "Like what happened?" Bessie asked right as Brian entered.

    "You came in here to suck me off remember? So no one caught us"

    "Oh right!"

    Becky knelt in front of Brian and unzipped his pants. Slowly she began to stroke his semi erect dick till it was perfectly up and began sucking on it with her plump lips wrapped around it. Her hands played with his balls and she moaned like a slut. After Brian had cum in her mouth and she swallowed it like it was nothing, Brian bent her over the sink and fucked her raw. Bessie loved every moment of it. After that Brian left a piece if clothing for her and walked out. She put it on and admired her reflection. She was so hawt and sexy. She would get so much dick she just knew it.