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    sometimes i remember the age of zuko was banished and that means he was in charge of a ship full of sailors at age 13. i don’t know about you but if my ass in seventh grade tried to be any kind of commanding officer over sailors, it would NOT go well. in the middle of giving an order and your voice cracks so loud someone on the moon could hear it. god damn. 

    a boy with a default facial expression of looking like he’s about to cry from anger and he only comes up to your belly button decides to stomp up to you and say “GET BACK TO WORK!” wyd? 

    <>Zuko, having had his dialect shaped by sailors for months: where the FUCK is the avatar

    I get that being frozen for 100 years is a tough thing to go through but honestly Aang should have used it for comedy more

    <>Katara: wow so this is Omashu

    <>Aang: back in my day it was called weed city

    <>Sokka: I’m… pretty sure it wasn’t

    <>Aang: that’s what the fire nation wants you to think

    <>Bumi, the second they arrive: welcome to weed city

    <>Sokka: what the fuck

    Imagine them getting stuck in Ba Sing Se and Aang just being like, “I wonder if the sandal pit is still here.”

    And everyone’s like, “The what?”

    And he’s all, “The sandal pit. It’s where I buried all the sandals of people who were mean to me and my friends.”

    Cut to the gaang walking around town, and Aang’s muttering about it being around here somewhere, when suddenly Toph stops and says, “There’s a big pile of sandals about fifty feet below that cobbler’s house,” and Sokka loses his mind.

    This raises the question of whether Aang is telling the truth or if Toph and Bumi just happen to have the same sense of humor as him.

    May I offer a third option into the mix:

    It’s just sheer coincidence but it sends Aang hog fuckin’ wild

    in the fire nation:

    <>aang: i wonder if they still have the national fire burping competition?

    <>sokka: okay now that’s definitely fake

    after the war

    <>zuko: you guys can’t go home you’ll miss the national fire burping competition!

    <>sokka: you’re lying, you’re definitely lying

    <>iroh: i won seven years in a row, until those cowards banned me

    Bumi said it because it was an inside joke, Toph probably overheard him, and Zuko and Iroh are telling the truth