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    Britain’s black power movement is at risk of being forgotten, say historians

    The Cambridge academic Robin Bunce said: “There is a fundamental danger of erasing the very notion of a struggle at all. I’ve been researching this for four and a half years and there have been so many occasions when people have said to me: ‘There was no black struggle in Britain. You’re thinking of South Africa or America.’“

    The narrative that feeds it is the one that Britain is the utopia of fair play. We have such a commitment to individual rights, we have such a commitment to common sense and decency that there is no systematic racism in Britain.”

    Bunce said it was not just politicians, but wider British society that would rather not dwell on the less palatable.

    Bringing this one back, while I’m reminded.

    hey kids following me seriously don’t smoke…i know the commercials are fucking annoying but that doesn’t make it worth it and quitting is hard, i haven’t had a cig in like six months and i still get bad cravings and think about smoking every other day

    that includes vaping, ESPECIALLY cheap vapes you buy online from like e-bay. If you’re going to vape then get a good-quality one from a reputable source otherwise it can hurt you really badly. But don’t start a nicotine addiction if you don’t already have one. It’s really, really not worth it. I’m not going to use scare tactics or bash you or talk down to you if you already smoke or vape but it’s just some friendly advice.

    People are reblogging this with tags like “why would you have a nicotine addiction, idiots, its boring/only for edgy points, smoke weed instead” and that just so utterly misses the point of my post…I didn’t start smoking for “edgy points”, I started because I grew up around a family that smokes, I was stressed as hell, and just that first cig made me feel better in the moment. 

    I get what you’re trying to say but you have to understand that there are kids who grow up on tobacco, there are kids who don’t know how else to cope, there are kids who think it’s a small way to rebel against someone who hasn’t treated them fairly. Most of these kids are in poverty or are seriously struggling. It’s not fair to label them as nothing but attention seeking morons.

    This falls into the category of “making kids feel like shit for smoking” which you shouldn’t do. It only breeds resentment and kids don’t deserve to feel that way. 

    Not only did the husband end up falling in love with the peacock (named Chief), they ended up getting a chicken as well!

    That ended more wholesome than I had feared and I’m glad

    exotic animals should not be pets 🙃

    Peacocks are domestic and extremely common ya city bitch

    when I lived in California as a teen there was gang of peacocks that beat the living shit out of my sisters cat

    Also if it’s being sold like that it’s more likely the animal cant go back into the wild and would need a person to take care of it. Birds that are rehabilitated mostly can never be wild again as they easily imprint on humans 🤷‍♀️

    @senil888 @greenleafsama it… It’s not wild OR exotic. They are domestic game fowl in the US, the same as turkeys and pheasants. They’re farm animals at this point. Like chickens, just with different care needs. They’re sold at farm auctions and game bird swap meets alongside all other kinds of domestic fowl, and most of them aren’t even that expensive, like you can get a plain blue like that for $50-100 around here, which is the same amount I paid I adopt my cat. They’ve been bred so domestically and for so long that there are literally hundreds of color/pattern mutation combos. Do you even know purple peafowl actually exist? Bronze? Opal? Silver pied? Even most of those won’t put you out by more than $200 if you’re just looking for a pet. People pay more for dogs. Rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs are considered “exotics” by vets, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t domesticated them.

    Chief was almost certainly being sold because someone hatched him on purpose from their pets. Chances are good that if these two have a “local” livestock auction, they live in some approximation of “the country” rather than the city, so I’m guessing they are perfectly capable of keeping both of these birds just fine. Whether they do or not I don’t know, but even if they don’t, it wouldn’t change the fact that plenty of people on farms do.

    Like me, for example. Here’s one of my purple kids looking for some attention. That’s their pen in the background. He was out free ranging with my chickens.


    One of my ladies begging for a treat:


    Here’s our pens:


    Here’s a baby I was babysitting for a friend down the road that has them. Two of my other neighbors have them too.


    Like. They’re galliformes, the same as chickens, the same as turkeys. They look fancy but I promise you, they’re not.

    People will say “I don’t dream of labor” like that is nice but I just want to shelve books and generate curricula for information access and youth literacy and just because I am opposed to the fact that labor is an obligation to survival under capitalism does not mean that I don’t aspire to labor for the benefit and maintenance of society. I dream of labor that is meaningful and life-giving to my community. I know capitalist alienation has convinced you that existence is ineffectual but it’s not a revolutionary belief. It’s an outgrowth of individualism.

    People will say they don't dream of labor and say they want to keep a garden

    Somebody: If you have trouble remembering things use sticky notes! set an alarm! Make a schedule on a whiteboard, it all works!

    My adhd brain: You don’t need to pay any more attention to that alarm or the sticky note anymore, it’s not new. It’s part of the environment and is just there because. There is nothing standout or noticeable about it so you don’t need to read it.


    I don’t usually share a whole lot but THIS IS INCREDIBLE 


    I’ve been using this for my APUSH notes and I absolutely LOVE it! Sure I get strange looks from my teacher when he looks over my shoulder at what I’m typing, but whatever works, works, right?


    I’m SO happy that this reached so many people oh my goodness

    It’s such an incredible project and I hope it has helped heaps of you amazing students to study <3 

    This is so cool 🦔

    Reblogging for later.

    It’s calle<>d Sans Forgeti<>ca! Designed by a team of researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, whose idea was to create a slightly more difficult reading experience, forcing the reader to absorb each word as they stare at it. [x]

    I know a lot of my followers on here are students, so: this seems cool and might help a few of you!