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    She asked him to pull out, but as she felt each rope of cum fill her pussy up and her cervix hungry accepting the sperm she remember that something very important: deep down she is a woman and women are made to breed by alpha man.

    “Thanks for not pulling out, son! If you hadn’t forced me down and held me in place I wouldn’t have enjoyed such a fulfilling insemination! Mommy know my place now—can we try again when I’m ovulating?”

    "Of course mom. You should kick dad out of your room so we can fuck everytime even when your womb is not ovulating. She seem thirsty for my hot milk."


    After a night's exhaustive knocking session I woke up. Beside me was lying my newly wedded wife and also my mother, "Bharti" who was still asleep. She never looked this prettier and smelled my cum which was dripping through her every hole. Her body was still warm ,ass swollen from my tireless trust while fucking. She was getting it everyday from now. God this is heaven.

    Roman nose, voluptuous body, beautiful hair is all I wanted to have in my wife. Guess what, I saw all this in my mother. I wasted no time in starting a new life with her in new country. Today she roams flaunting her cunt open in my house with a smile making food,tea and taking care of me. Each passing day her ass is getting bulkier from constantly hitting my cock. She is my mom, whore and life.

    I married my mom who is ethnically Indian, cultured , traditional milf who wearing a low neck blouse for the ceremony. Her nose ring, jewellery, and the seductive clevage made of fresh juicy boobs made me Ozzy.

    I brought her to our new home after the ceremony was done. I couldn't help but undress her and consummate our marriage. I grab her and pushed my throbbing jack into her.

    Since it was her first time being subjected to her husband son's love in bed she was shy and covered her nipples when I left her holes drilled with my manhood.

    Since we came to my grandmother's home. Mom was worried about me constantly fucking her. She was afraid that her parents would caught her getting her ass pounded just by looking at her. Mom's body was changing since we both moved in together and grandparents must think there's no reason to it. Her ass was growing day by day as I pounded her in her parents house too.

    She was worried about this checking her ass daily in mirror. But she knew I am not going to stop loving her meat as she is my wife now

    My mom Bharti was a conservative and money conscious woman from beginning. So when I decided to wed her in a private ceremony among few guest, her friends and my friends. I didn't buy to many things for her. Just a lingerie and a ring. Mom looks so gorgeous in that nail paint. Her hand on her cunt and symbol of her submission to me, my ring. Looks so tempting.

    I sniff sniff sniff and burry my face in the place I came from. ...

    My mother and I loved our new home right on the beach. Life was finally perfect. In only a couple of weeks my mother was due to give birth to my triplets so we could finally have the family we’d always dreamed of. We planned on many more pregnancies but if she’s capable of producing multiples so well then we may be in store for one massive family together!