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2021-01-25 04:47:14

    It is harmless and delightful, sound is required for full enjoyment but is not autoplay. There is no jump scare, it is not a Rickroll, stickbug, or other meme. I don't wish to describe more than that for people who want to be surprised so I will put what it actually is in tags.


    Okay, you know what? Don't fucking do this. Especially not here. People with anxiety get enough shit like this that ends up being awful and triggers panic attacks. Yes, all you "don't click then" assholes can suck it. Curiosity is a human trait and we all have been trained from birth on the "fear of missing out" principal by advertising, schools, internet, etc. We are COMPELLED to click.

    So while this IS a safe link, DON'T FUCKING DO THIS.

    So, for the people who prefer to not have their fight or flight kick in, here is what it is:


    ^ I get your point 100% but rlly just want to clarify that I never imagined this post to blow up and also it wasnt my intention to play with people like this :( I rlly just wanted everyone to have a nice surprise. Unfortunately, people on the internet are so mean they have done rlly bad shit to play with our trust issues but I wish it wasnt the case bc I rlly just posted this to cheer up someone’s day. Totally my mistake I should’ve worded it another way :(