Stranger Things, Gotham, AHS//80s//

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    aries: bonfires, competitiveness, hand veins, loud laughs, messy hair, sneaking out at 2am, abandoned beaches, stray dogs, candle lights, body language, creaking floorboards, ouija boards, having no regrets, karaoke nights out

    taurus: house plants, oversized sweaters, soft hands, fuzzy socks, visiting big cities, snoozing your alarm clock, the colour yellow, vanilla scented candles, aloe vera, fruit smoothies, baking cookies, the mom friend, loves the ukulele

    gemini: femme fatale movies, in love with female villains, sharp eyeliner, quick-witted, does things out of spite, do no harm but take no shit, in love with dogs, probably cries during sad movies but won’t admit it, easily excited, ripped jeans

    cancer: mermaids, easily infatuated by love, smelling flowers, picnics in open fields, gets sad when thinking about the past, impressed easily, daydreaming in class, plucking fresh fruit, loves skirts and fashion, would die for their friends

    leo: confident in what they do, kill them with kindness, high ponytails, probably wants to visit paris once, not afraid to tell the truth, in love with cute animals, the one to lift others up, good at teamwork, the warm feeling of summer, dragons

    virgo: pastel markers, the smell of lavender, has an welcoming vibe around them, actually organized, scrunchies, neat notes, loves going to museums, probably into photography, neutral colours, handwritten letters, stardust

    libra: soft blankets, cuddling the ones you love, always standing up for your friends, hopeless romantic, can be very distant, can be a little dramatic, pretty hair, dresses nicely, tries to be popular on social media, optimistic, humorous

    scorpio: cottages in the woods, in love with greek mythology, vintage t-shirts, really emotional but doesn’t want anyone to know, determined, moonlight, pretty handwriting, into the retro aesthetic, rainy days, doesn’t judge people, cats

    sagittarius: always ready for an adventure, street smart, wants to travel the world someday, doesn’t easily trust people, alcohol, paintbrushes, can’t sit still, untied shoelaces, tangled up earphones, blasting music at midnight, eye-gazing

    capricorn: cold aura, coffee is what keeps them going, probably haven’t slept in two days, actually a big softie, high-waisted jeans, cute pet videos, small apartments, has too many notebooks, often goes to the library, writing essays

    aquarius: loves to paint and do any kind of art, wants to live at the seaside, knows a lot of random facts, shares food, messy notes, bullshits an entire essay, graffiti, has their own distinct style, wants to live their life like they want to

    pisces: old teddy bears, unsent love letters, mom-jeans, loves to sing, feels at home by the ocean, writes poetry, hard-workers, always up for deep conversations, probably did the stupid thing, open curtains, a soft breeze

    Types of people as my favorite Gay-coded Soft™ Things

    Moomins: Feathers, Lying down in a field underneath the shade of an old tree, The feeling of petting an animal’s fur, Making wishes on dandelions, Shapeless Clothing, Corduroy, Walking for so long your legs hurt a bit, Flower Gardens, The feeling of holding someone else in your arms, Gentle kisses on your cheeks, The way your face heats up when you get flustered

    Mr Frog and Toad: Old Bicycles with the wicker baskets on the front, Sitting out in the rain, The smell of wet grass, Homemade Herb Gardens, Waistcoats, Old-timey Striped Pants, Gorgeous Lamps, The feeling of lying down in a bed that’s much too big for you, That sleepiness in your eyes once you wake up, Thoughtful gifts given with care, Cabinets full of fancy cutlery and plates

    Lord of the Rings: Fields of red grasses and wildflowers, Making friends in unexpected places, Horses, Having hope even in the darkest times, Singing Sea Shanties and Folk Songs while being idiots with your friends, Family Heirlooms, Long Hair styled in Braids, Gold, Warm Dim Lighting, Misty Forests, Stone Statues, Elk Antlers, Poetry about your lover, Tenderness

    Hozier: Tweed, The way light looks underwater, Old traveling trunks, Vintage postcards and photographs, Returning home after a hard day’s work to the arms of your beloved, Old trees that have seen so many things in their time, Laying down in a pit of moss to ponder and decay, The kin of love that lingers on even after you’ve split, Deep melancholic wishes, Old beaten-up cars, Becoming wise by experience 

    Studio Ghibli: Found Family, The feeling of cooking or baking for a loved one, Hard Work done quietly in a comfortable workspace, Finding comfort in mundane life, The wind blowing through your hair, Sitting outside with a quiet respect for nature, Loose clothing billowing in the wind a bit, The comfort of snuggling up in a blanket and nuzzling into your pillow, Saying goodnight to the moon, Befriending neighborhood animals

    Girl in Red: Bittersweet feelings, Nuzzling your face into someone’s chest as you cry, Steam rising off of your favorite warm drink, Your favorite cozy sweater, The feeling of being warm in your bed while the rest of your room is cold, Goofing off with your friends or lover, Not being afraid to act silly with the ones you love, Tender yearning, Bouquets of flowers given on your first date, Running an errand for your loved one, The feeling of someone combing their fingers through your hair

    Where To Find Me If I’ve Disappeared:

    -Sitting under a tree, reading a book

    -Basking in moonlight


    -Wandering in a forest

    -Sitting by an ocean/jumping in the ocean

    -Looking up in the sky

    -Getting lost in thought/daydreaming, anywhere

    -Writing poems in the rain

    -Jumping in puddles in the rain

    -Writing during a storm

    -Crying, anywhere

    -Being captured by aliens

    -Being locked up in my room, watching anime

    -Spending time with any animal to exsist. Ever.

    -Sketching at a coffee shop

    -Spending time with the best people in the world, AKA my friends


    Aries Moon

    Intense emotions. Very impulsive. Warrior Spirit. Warrior Heart. Young, naive & optimistic at heart. Quick to anger. Quick to act. Quick to act on anger. Deeply sensitive but also deeply proud. Deeply brave. Moody. Intense. Defense mode is offense mode. Fights the world when hurt or angry. Instinctively rebellious. Instinctively fights. Influenced by subconscious anger. Inner child is strong in their personality. Young, playful & excitable. Youthful when in their comfort zone. Playful in love. Comes alive at night. Instinctively competitive. Inner child is a rebellious little warrior. Excited about starting new things. Is most deeply themselves when starting new things. Afraid of being forced to do anything. Afraid of being seen as weak. Untameable.

    Aries actively chases experiences that make them feel alive. They understand that joy and life comes to you through action. When you are sitting around at home you are not living life to the fullest. Aries does not want to get old and look back on their life with regret. They want to know they lead the most exciting life they could possibly have had.

    atz: late-nights activities

    hongjoong: bar-hopping hand in hand, dancing by the vintage jukebox, tipsy giggles, goofy stumbling on the empty street, window shopping at tattoo parlors and saving designs for the future, eating at all-night diners with buzzing neon signs, dancing freely in the lifeless streets until your eyes grow heavy.

    seonghwa: dining outdoors with a cold busy nightlife, throwing coins into a fountain hoping your wishes would come true, the prettiest of prettiest smiles, intimate photos captured in the dark with a tint of light, hand kisses, extra warmth with the tight hugs, buying cheap rings in a store still open.

    yunho: driving the shopping trolley like it was a fast and furious movie, picking off random things from the shelves, little dance movements with your sweater paws to the quiet supermarket music, empty aisles were perfect for a little shopping cart race, loud giggles, the possible accident of dropping an egg carton. 

    yeosang: a bit of a midnight snack, so much mess for a box of cupcakes, cooking under just the flashlight of your phone, soft giggles and confused laughter, reading directions over and over again because something always looked wrong, cooked but not so cooked cupcakes, icing everywhere but on the cupcakes itself.

    san: karaoke in the car, a foot up on the dashboard, a shot of serotonin every time you drive past a bright lamplight, the most hype songs you could find, singing loudly but not too loudly, hand out the window, hand caressing your thigh and thumb rubbing back and forth gently, soft loving gazes when you reach a red light.

    mingi: getting lost in the city, tired legs, neon lights and flickering signs, sprees at vintage shops, blurry closeup photos, low voices, lazy smiles, sneaky kisses, blowing hot air into your cupped hands, puffy jackets to shield you from the night’s chills, giving up and finding a cheap motel to crash in because there were no buses running.

    wooyoung: all black loose clothes, no makeup, slurping cup ramen by a pier as you watch the water twinkle like the stars, back hugs and cheek against cheek, bucket hats to rid you of the embarrassment of messy hair, swinging a plastic bag full of food you bought at a 24hr convenience, listening to the swish-swash of the water crashing onto a pier’s pillar.

    jongho: oversized hoodies, neck kisses, lots and lots of neck kisses, polaroids, climbing a wide tree in the middle of the park and succeeding, deep conversations on the swings, sliding down the slide only to be met with a surprise kiss, wholesome grins, trying your hardest to stay awake while resting on the park bench.

    Signs as aesthetic feelings

    Aries: the swarm of butterflies in your stomach before you do something that could change your life forever, the warm burn in your throat after three shots of vodka, hot rage of uncontrollable anger rising to your head

    Taurus: a smell that awakens a long forgotten cherishes childhood memory, coming home from an amusement park with rosy cheeks and blisters on your toes, taking pictures in a photo booth with your favorite people

    Gemini: tired smiles and glistening eyes of friends reuniting, the moment when something you’ve dreamed actually happens in real life, receiving a long needed text from a loved one

    Cancer: the leap in your heart when you see your favorite person, the stinging of sour tears running down your face, the warmth of a hug you get from that one person™

    Leo: uncontrollable satisfaction after proving somebody wrong, the warm fuzzy glow of making someone who was sad smile, flirting with your crush and realizing they are flirting back

    Virgo: the ache that stings your wrist after writing for too long, nervous jitters right before you have to present, having an idol of yours express their gratitude to you

    Libra: the dizzy buzz of city noise, sore feet and throbbing legs after hours of dancing, secret glances across the room that only you can understand

    Scorpio: the overwhelming guilt of secret kisses given in the dark, the pain in your palms and in your teeth from holding back pent up anger, seeing everybody’s head turn as you walk into the room

    Sagittarius: the unstable realization that other people are living complex lives and you’ll never get to experience the lives they lead, a breath of fresh air after being cooped up inside for hours, the calmness that consumes you when looking at the stars

    Capricorn: eyes that weigh down like boulders after an all nighter, looking through a scrapbooks of old times you’ve forgotten, finally starting a project you’ve been putting off

    Aquarius: the excited hum of crowded train stations, the stillness of a theater before the performance begins, the melancholy ache of knowing your favorite people are fictional

    Pisces: getting lost in thought as you stare at raindrops smashing across the window, falling asleep in the shade of a tree, the bittersweetness of leaving people behind


    As a hopeless romantic i love romance for the sake of romance. I love love, i love literature about love. I love reading about and watching people falling in love and my heart feels so full. I can only dream of having someone someday to be unapologeticly romantic to, read them poetry or love letters of authors to their muses from the past. I want vulnerability and intimacy. Not the sexual kind. I want to fill their heart with joy.


    dark eyes, coy smiles, knowing looks, drumming manicured nails on a desk, heels clicking down an empty hallway, bared necks, biting your bottom lip, head held high, wild hair, false pride, clenched fists, witty one-liners, throwing the first punch, bared teeth, being the last to break eye contact, harsh laughter, hollow threats, bloody lips, bruised knuckles, walking alone in the rain while laughing, thunder and lightning filling the sky, cold water, burning alcohol, half-finished cigarettes, sharp teeth and sharper wit, morbid fascination, calculated looks, playing innocent, curled toes, arched backs,  breaking a guy’s nose when he goes too far, worn out boots, black ink, cursive scrawl, shattered mirrors, bitter winters, broken glass, flirty banter, stinging insults, silk sheets, fogged windows, black coffee, drinking things too strong, holding back a grimace, cocky attitudes, dark lipstick, the engine of a motorcycle coming to life, neon lights, crowded clubs, wanting to be anywhere else, having a reputation for a reason, shoving someone up against the wall and pulling them up by their collar when they get on your nerves, pulling yourself away slowly, playing with someone’s tie just to get underneath their skin, calculated risks, doing something stupid just because you can, letting your curiosity go too far, a voice like velvet, soothing and dark, flickering lights, leather jackets, mocking looks, hiked up skirts, making the first move in a chess game, cruel laughter, pounding headaches, checkmate, sore muscles, a cheshire grin


    bad girl aesthetic