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    hedonism is good actually rich people just suck at it


    i think not only do we have a moral obligation to preserve human life but also a moral obligation to maximize the pleasure of others and ourselves (provided it doesn’t hurt anyone)


    people don’t just deserve to eat food, they deserve to eat good food that tastes good without worrying about nutritional content

    people don’t just deserve clothes, they deserve nice clothes that are well made and fit their personal style

    people don’t just deserve the bare minimum, they dont just deserve to be alive, they deserve to live and have nice things for no other reason than making that particular person happy



    New podcast from 2021 Iditarod rookie, Will Troshynski! So far the introductory episode is up but the majority of upcoming episodes were recorded during the Iditarod itself!

    You can find the first episode on Apple/iTunes or on the ATAO Kennel website https://ataokennel.com/onward-and-other-directions/