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24 year old bottom in Ohio looking for a man to make him a barefoot and pregnant housefag

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    My boyfriend is a major feeder, and recently I’ve let him stuff me every night with second and third dinner. He was so pleased as how quickly I seemed to be gaining weight the last two months, especially the harder fat around my abdomen. But after getting a bit suspicious, the doctor ran some tests confirmed it: food isn’t the only thing my BF has stuffed in me. It’s twins.


    He thinks that he’s too young to carry my son, but one look at his pussy has me convinced he’s more than ready. So what if we’re both still in college? It’s only a matter of time before one of my loads knocks him up. Once he’s pregnant, he’s going to have to drop out anyways to focus on gestation — and giving me twice daily sex. It sucks, really, that it only lasts nine months. But I have to admit the thing I’m most excited about is the every end, when I get to stand in front of him and watch his beautiful pussy be destroyed in the process of bringing me my gift. His reward for the hard work? Another pregnancy, as fast as physically possible.

    Imagine you manipulate a shy boy into coming home with you from the bar.

    Imagine you manipulate a shy boy into coming home with you from the bar. He’s unsure and doesn’t really want to but too submissive to say no outright. You convince him to come to your house and get him drunk enough to have sex with you. He asks you to wear a condom but you tell him that you won’t, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Too shy to ask you to stop, he lets you fuck his ass raw and ruthlessly all night long, as you repeatedly cum buckets inside of him. He meekly protests that he could get pregnant but you shut him up and keep fertilizing his boywomb. You send him off the next morning, and forget about him for a few months. Then, one day, you find him at the same bar, with a slight bump.

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    i don't rlly get into cis mpreg these days, but i think it'd be fun sometime to write a fake old-timey case study about a cis man diagnosed with "hysterical pregnancy."

    maybe when he's first brought in to see a psychiatrist, he admits that right before his symptoms started, he had a "dream" about being violated by a demon that said it wanted him to bear its children. a few weeks later, he's swollen up like he's five months along, and he swears he's really pregnant.

    obviously nobody believes him, and he's institutionalized. the case study chronicles the progression of his "illness" while he's in the asylum--his belly grows far bigger than would be expected for a normal pregnancy, and he develops a nice pair of milk-filled tits to match. none of their treatments help, and by the time he reaches nine months, he's nearly bedridden.

    when he goes into labor, the doctors ignore him. he keeps begging them to help, insisting that the babies are coming, but they just swat him away and roll their eyes. after HOURS of him moaning in pain, one of the doctors finally decides to "humor" him with an examination, and is totally shocked to find a massive demonic baby's head stretching his hole wide open. 😳😳😳

    You might be the only person on the planet who enjoys your rush-hour commute, and it’s because you’ve been watching this guy grow for months. This is the second time he’s noticed you looking. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you spend all day at work imagining what he’d look like without that jacket — does he have stretch marks? Has the pressure of all that weight flattened out his navel? What kind of faces would he make when you rubbed it, what colors would his skin flush? — which is what you’ve been doing the whole time, except now your fantasies involve dating and consent

    Hugely, Hopelessly, Extremely

    Coby was so tired of being so hugely, hopelessly, extremely pregnant. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but in his state you could understand his frustrations.

    Only eight months ago, Coby was the twinkiest twink to ever twink. Skinny as a rail, stomach flatter than his ass; just a beautiful 120 pound piece of lean meat that goes great with a salad (which was most of what he ate, anyway). That all changed after a night out with his boyfriend resulted in the two of them stumbling back to their apartment drunk with no thought of a condom in mind. Now he was here, sitting in that same bed, feeling too huge to move.

    At first, he liked being pregnant. Once he realized that he didn’t have a stomach bug, the idea of him and Tyson having a cute little accident baby filled his head with love and domesticity. Their apartment was small, but he would look at places this baby would fit in. A corner of their bedroom could fit a crib, their living room could fit a toy chest and playmat, their tiny dining nook could fit a high chair. But now, it feels like this baby doesn’t even fit in him.

    Ughh,” Coby grunt-sighed, rubbing his eight-month bump after the little slugger kicked him in the ribs. “Are you trying to break them?” He asked the kid.

    Tyson overheard his boyfriend from the bathroom as he brushed his teeth. He spat out into the sink and came in, putting his hands on Coby’s bump. “Hey babe, is this guy bothering you?” Tyson joked, causing Coby to roll his eyes.

    “Yeah, he is, actually.” Coby furrowed his eyebrows together and looked down scoldingly at his bump. “Hey asshole, why don’t you come out here and fight me like a man?” Coby said.

    “Mmm, not yet babe.” Tyson kissed Coby’s freckled cheek. “Still got a month to go.”

    Uggghhhhhhhh.” Coby groaned even harder than before and flopped down backwards on the bed. “Are you serious?! Look at me, man, Im huge!” Coby huffed, partly in frustration and partly because the baby’s weight was pressing on his lungs. “Have to have gotten the dates wrong. There’s no way I’m only eight months pregnant.”

    “That’s not what the doctor said.” Tyson said. He put his arms out in front of him and came face-to-face horizontally with his very pregnant boyfriend and kissed him from his lips down to his belly button. It didn’t take a lot to get Coby aroused these days being so hormonal, the simple quick attention Tyson gave him already was making him hot. “Take care, babe, I’ve gotta go to work.”

    “C’mon,” Coby whined. “Don’t leave me like this.”

    Tyson got a teasing glint in his eye, he loved to leave his boyfriend begging. It was even more delicious to see him beg this huge and helpless. “Hey, someone’s gotta get the diaper money.”

    “Ugh. Bye, love.” Coby said. He lay still until he heard the door shut and he was on his own again.

    After a while of laying still and scrolling on his phone, the pressure from the baby was making his back hurt too much to stay still. Even the baby was protesting, kicking low over and over again. “Fine, fine, I’ll get up. Jeez.”

    It took some effort, but after some maneuvering Coby was up on his feet with a hand under his belly, supporting it. On his way to the bathroom to pee (he felt like he had to constantly at this point), he caught his figure in the full-length dressing mirror and stopped to look for a while. “Whoa…” It was almost unbelievable how big he was.

    When he first started showing, he loved it. A cute little bump appeared on his lithe body, stretching out his tight shirts and crop tops in a cute, suggestive way. He also loved wearing big sweaters and jackets (courtesy of Tyson’s closet) so he could hide it and touch it like it was just his own little secret. Tyson loved it too, god they had never had more sex. Everyone could see he was glowing. His curly dark hair was shinier, his tan freckled skin glowed, he felt the most beautiful he had ever felt in his life.

    As things kept changing, the excitement and curiosity growed too. When his breasts started filling in, it was fun and interesting. They were a new, sensitive body part that felt great for his touchy-feely boyfriend to fondle and suck, and they paired well with the cute little bump that was getting less little every day. Coby took his hands out from under his bump and reached up to squeeze them and judge their size. Now they overflowed from his hands, and sat high and perky and round on his chest. They were also sore and hot, now the mammary tissue swelling and expanding and filling out with colostrum. It felt good to massage them, even though Coby could feel the precursor fluid wet his shirt. Oh, maybe that’s why they were so sore: they were full. Maybe it’s time to break out that breast-pump he got at the baby shower.

    Around the time his breasts started coming in, the morning sickness went away and the new ravenous appetite came in. Looking back at all the Doordash Coby ordered, if he had saved that money they might have had a bit of a start on a college fund already. It felt so nice to eat again, and the baby loved the food. Cravings were constant and dire, and the former light eater found himself eating second lunch most days.

    All the new food found places to go. His ass filled out some, as did his thighs and arms, but most of all it went right to the baby. The little slugger was huge, Coby could feel it. The doctor told him he was looking at a 12 pounder, maybe bigger. No surprise, since Tyson was six foot four and three hundred pounds of muscle, but Coby didn’t know if his body could handle it. He already felt so done, and he still had weeks to go.

    Coby winced, the baby kicked harshly outwards again. He realized the weight on his lower back was beginning to ache already, so he removed his hands from his chest and clasped them supportively under his stomach. The shirt he was wearing, which was Tyson’s actually, used to be baggy, but now it fit tightly and left the bare bottom of his stomach exposed. And what a stomach it was. The small, cute bump it once was kept growing and growing, now as big round and heavy as a winning pumpkin at the county fair, and the weight of it began to pull it forward and down, putting Coby’s balance off.

    It felt hard to move around and stand at this point, both due to the weight and fatigue, but also from what his doctor said about his “stubborn hips.” Despite the weight gain and filling out, Coby’s hips had not budged at all. The doctor said this happened sometimes with men in their first pregnancies, but he should still be able to give birth, though Coby can’t imagine getting this kid’s basketball head out through his donut-sized pelvis. Not having wide hips made it hard on his body to spread out the weight of this baby, leaving Coby’s hands to do a lot of the heavy lifting (literally).

    Not being able to ignore the need to piss anymore, Coby made it to the bathroom and went. It was a relief, but one he knew wouldn’t last long. It felt like his bladder shrunk to one third its size. But it felt like his stomach grew three times in size, because after he washed his hands it growled so loud it seemed to startle the baby into kicking it as hard as his little feet could.

    Oof. Okay, I get it, you need breakfast. What do you want?” Coby asked the kid as he waddled over to the dresser to find something to wear. The baby kicked again and headbutted Coby’s pelvis as hard as he could. “Avocado toast? Sounds great.” Coby huffed.

    Getting dressed was an ordeal at this point. First, Coby had to strip off the colostrum-soaked tee and sweatpants to dump in the hamper, then go rooting around for his undergarments and something that could fit his body at this point. Being this heavy, he invested in a supportive belly band that helped marginally with the heft, though his hands were still of more support. The next underlayer he needed to put on was an absorbent nursing bra, lest he milk through his shirt in public again and die of humiliation without Tyson there to lend him his jacket. With those out of the way, he broke out a pair of maternity jeans that he knew fit, and then went on the monumental task of finding something that could fully cover his stomach.

    When he entered the third trimester, he bought some shirts that he thought he could wear at nine months, but he had already outgrown them at seven. Since then, it felt like he outgrew a new one every week, and stopped wasting money on his own clothes when he had a boyfriend’s closet to raid. Tyson would complain about it, but Coby knew Tyson loved to see him wearing his clothes. He could see Tyson’s eyes follow him and roll down the curve of his bump and how it stretched out his shirts, and Coby liked the smell of Tyson on his body. Win-win.

    Looking through Tyson’s closet, he came across three options. A cutoff sleeve tank that would no doubt cling to him so tight that people across the street would be able to see his popped belly-button, a hideously 80s grandpa sweater that would likely just make him look even more huge, and a sleek black turtleneck that should fit well enough.

    “This one will do. Think you look good in black?” Coby stroked his stomach to ease the restless baby before pulling the shirt on. He looked in the mirror to fasten in his one earring before he left, he looked good. Even this pregnant, he liked to dress well. The black turtleneck was elegant, hugging his body and showing off his bump without being exposed. This outfit would be perfect with his boots, but those didn’t fit his swollen feet anymore. His slip-on Converse would have to do.

    It was going to be a simple trip. He just needed to walk two blocks to the café for breakfast, a café he used to work at before having to quit because he couldn’t be on his feet all day anymore. The crisp October felt nice, since his hormones made him so warm these days. It was a nice walk for the first block, fresh air and stretching his legs felt nice after being cooped up in that shoebox apartment. The second block was when his back started to hurt again and the weight of his baby pulled down hard on him. He took a minute to lean against a building to catch a second of rest, holding his bump up with his hands and breathing deeply. He got a sympathetic look from passersby pushing a stroller, he gave her a smile in return.

    Eventually, he made it to the café, happy he wouldn’t be standing for much longer.

    “Coby! Good to see you, man.” His ex coworker, Morgan, greeted him. Morgan had worked with Coby for two years here, they were his friend, but he hasn’t been able to see them much since he had to quit. The place wasn’t busy, so Morgan hopped out from behind the counter to give Coby a big hug. “It’s been a while since you’ve brought your ugly mug around here.” They teased.

    Coby hugged his friend, which was more difficult than it looked with this medicine ball strapped to his stomach. “I missed you too.”

    The two pulled apart and Morgan looked their friend up and down. “Damn, dude, you’re huge!”

    Coby rolled his eyes, “You don’t have to tell me, I almost called in the Coast Guard for an extraction team on the way here.” He looked down and took both hands to stroke over his huge middle. “I look enough like a beached whale I think they’d believe it.”

    “I don’t think the Coast Guard removes beached whales, dude.” Morgan said.

    Coby just shrugged, he didn’t know either.

    Morgan turned around. “Hey, Ollie!” They said to the new guy behind the counter. “I’m taking my fifteen minutes. Can you bring us a small coffee and-” They looked over to Coby to finish the order.

    “Avocado toast and green tea, please.”

    “Still eating green?”

    “You know it.” Coby chuckled. “Hey can we sit down? My feet are killing me.”

    “Shit, man, you don’t have to ask me.” Morgan pulled out seats for the both of them at the high counter and took off their hat. “So how’ve you been, dude?”

    “I’ve been fine. I feel like an explosive slowly going off, but it’s been fine.” Getting up on the high chair was more difficult than it had any right to be, but once he was up he huffed in frustration and relief. At least he was off his feet, but now his belly was pushing up against the counter and spreading his thighs apart, and his son was kicking again. “Little bastard is throwing a fit now because he can smell the muffins and is mad I didn’t order them too.” Coby ran a hand over the ribbed fabric of the turtleneck again to try to soothe the baby.

    “Ollie! Bring a strawberry muffin too!” Morgan called back. “You still craving strawberries?”

    “I am now that you mentioned them.” Coby chuckled. Strawberries were a staple craving earlier in the pregnancy. Wordlessly, Coby picked up Morgan’s hand and pressed it to where the baby was kicking. “See? This is what I have to put up with. Tantrums and he’s not even born yet.”

    Morgan chuckled and felt the strong kicks. “Damn, you’ve got a little bruiser on your hands.”

    “Ugh, don’t get me started on the bruises.” Coby rolled his eyes and took Morgan’s hand off. “So what’s been going on with you?” Coby asked.

    “Eh, nothing much. Regina wants to go to Six Flags this weekend.” Morgan mentioned their girlfriend. “Has Tyson built the crib yet?” The crib was a baby-shower gift Morgan and a few other friends pitched in for.

    “Six flags? Sounds fun.” Coby shrugged. At this time, Ollie came out with half of their order and placed it down before coming back. Coby started unwrapping his muffin and spoke before getting his mouth full. “Not yet, still procrastinating.” Coby said. He wasn’t too frustrated with his boyfriend since he has been working for the both of them, but the box was taking up a lot of space and Coby would feel much better having it done.

    “I could come over and help if you need, man.” Morgan said, sipping their black coffee. They’re a barista but prefer it straight black.

    “Nah,” Coby spoke with his mouth full. “Tyson wants to do it, said it’s like a ‘fatherhood right of passage’ or whatever.” Coby shrugged, but secretly his heart warmed knowing his boyfriend was so excited to be a dad.

    “You two are so cute it’s stupid.” Morgan said, nudging Coby in the arm with their elbow.

    “Shut up.” Coby rolled his eyes.

    Soon, Ollie came back with Coby’s toast and tea. “Hi,.” Ollie greeted Coby.

    “Hi, Ollie. How are you liking my job?” Coby joked. When he turned in his four week notice he was six months pregnant, which was enough time to train the new hire that replaced him.

    “I’m liking it just fine.” Ollie smiled, his eyes went down to Coby’s bump for a second but came back up before his staring became impolite. “Morgan, we’ve got the brunch rush soon, could you clean the espresso machine and prep?”

    “Okay, just a minute.” Morgan said. “Hey man, gotta go. Can’t believe they’re making me work at my job. Enjoy your toast on the house.”

    “Thanks, Morgan.” Coby said.

    “And message me if you need anything! I do not want the next time I see you to be when you're pushing out that thing at the hospital.” Morgan put their work hat back on.

    “Got it.” Coby gave a thumbs up.

    He finished his breakfast at a leisurely pace, then decided to walk around the area a little while longer. The part of the city he lived in was getting more and more bougie as time went on, which he guessed was partially his fault for being a young gay hipster moving here and working in the gentrified stores, but it did mean there were some cute shops for him to look at (but couldn’t afford to buy from, obviously).

    Around the block, he found a cute new baby store. Well, there should be something he could look at and get hormonal and cry over in there. He entered the store and started looking around. Cute stuffed animals, cute blankets, cute cribs, and other cute things with not-so-cute price tags.

    The food seemed to have calmed his son down, because the baby stopped kicking as hard and seemed to be falling asleep to the gentle strokes Coby gave his stomach. Soon enough, a sales associate appeared at Coby’s side to talk about products he pretended to be interested in.

    “When’s your due date? Is it next week?” She asked, causing Coby to laugh.

    “No, I wish. I’m not due for another five weeks, actually.”

    “Oh!” Her eyebrows raised. “We actually have a really adorable crib for twins, would you like to see?”

    Coby laughed again. “Not twins. Just one big ass baby."

    “Oh-” She blushed profusely in embarrassment. “I’m so sorry for assuming-”

    “It’s alright.” Coby said, “You're not the first person to think it’s twins. Hell, I even got ‘triplets’ once.”

    The shop attendant laughed nervously again, then tried to segue into a different sales pitch for some other items.

    Despite his best efforts, Coby ended up coming home with a baby onesie that said “made with love” in some loopy flowery script because it almost made him cry. He balanced it out by also getting a baby-parent t-shirt shirt set that said “I make awesome babies” and “Proof” on them so that Tyson wouldn’t think he had gone too soft.

    After making a second needlessly difficult walk home, Coby immediately replaced his jeans with sweatpants and made himself lunch before taking a nap, of which he was woken up from when Tyson got home from work.

    “Hey, love.” Coby got up and greeted him with a kiss at the door.

    Tyson leaned down to kiss him and touch his bump with both hands, greeting their son too. Once they pulled apart, he looked Coby up and down before asking: “Is that my turtleneck?”

    “Sure is.” Coby said. “I want ravioli for dinner.”

    “There’s a bag of ravioli in the freezer.” Tyson said, taking off his coat. He bought it for his boyfriend last week, knowing he would want it at some point.

    “I love you.” Coby deadpanned, making a beeline to their freezer.

    “I know.”

    The two made dinner together of ravioli and salad. And ice cream for Coby, because suddenly the combination of cheese, tomato sauce, Caesar salad dressing, and strawberry ice cream was the most delicious combination of flavors ever and had the nourishing powers of literal ambrosia.

    They winded down a bit, bringing some TV together and cuddling. Coby was laying down on the couch with Tyson holding him from behind, feeling their son do somersaults and kissing Coby’s hair and cheeks.

    “Can we build the crib now?” Coby asked, staring at the box leaned against their wall.

    Aww,” Tyson said, “But we’re so comfortable right now.”

    “Hey, maybe you are, but having a bowling ball with feet play inside me isn’t that comfortable.” Coby said. “Come on, we don't want to put it off until we bring him home.”

    It seems pulling on the heartstrings worked, because Tyson got up with a drawn out “alright” and picked up the box, taking it to their room. Coby followed, and read over the instructions for Tyson as his boyfriend built the thing. Soon enough, it was done, and now they had a place to put their baby and the blankets and soft toys they’ve collected for him already.

    “There,” Coby said, finally pleased with the order of the stuffed animals. He backed up, right into Tyson’s arms, and the two looked over it with content and happy smiles.

    “Looks like we just need the baby now.”

    “I’m working on it, okay?” Coby turned around and laced his arms over Tyson’s neck, standing on his tippy-toes. The two kissed, and when it lasted longer than either intended it too, they kissed again. Tyson backed up onto the bed, pulling his boyfriend firmly onto his lap. His pregnant belly pressed into his own flat abs, causing him to be more aroused than he thought it would.

    Tyson slid his hands up under the stolen turtleneck, feeling up Coby’s new, ample body. Coby gasped when he felt his boyfriend unhook his bra and move his hands to play with his newly sensitized nipples.

    Please-” Coby begged, but he wasn’t sure what for.

    “Be patient,” Tyson said, he used his nose to move the turtleneck down so he could kiss his boyfriend’s soft neck. “‘I’m working on it, okay?’” He used his own words back at him, but his promise was to be fulfilled much sooner.

    He picked his boyfriend up and turned him around, setting him down on the bed. He stripped the turtleneck off of him with much greater ease than it took for Coby to put on. Coby then let the open bra slip off his shoulders, which Tyson took as an invitation to cup Coby’s breasts and press his face into them.

    Coby hummed, enjoying as Tyson’s tongue and fingers found their ways to play with and suck off his nipples, forcing his breasts to surrender the sweet, sticky colostrum it had backed up. He knew it was sweet, because Tyson came up to kiss him after he was done, before pushing him down flat on the bed so he could strip Coby down to nothing and take off his own clothes as well.

    Tyson-” Coby whined at being left by himself, and Tyson looked down to see his boyfriend in the most arousing state. Face blushing hot pink and panting, ravished breasts pink and leaking, cock hard and pressing up against the huge, gravid belly that pinned him down and held the baby Tyson put in him. Coby was his, all his, and he was all Coby’s.

    Tyson came back down, and kissed Coby again while grasping the pregnant man’s cock in his hands. Pre-cum dripped from it as Tyson rubbed the head in circular motions. He left Coby moaning and whining with need before stopping. This time, to flip his boyfriend over on his hands and knees. This had become the most comfortable way to have sex since Coby had gotten this big, and it also gave Tyson a great view of his swinging tits and huge belly brushing against the bed in their mirror.

    “You want it?” Tyson asked, spreading lube over his own cock and massaging it onto Coby’s hole.

    Yes-” Coby moaned out. Ever since getting pregnant, it felt like all his sexual impulses and needs were enhanced, and like every nerve ending was reborn.

    “Can you ask for it?” Tyson teased, now three fingers in and playing with Coby’s elastic entrance.

    Please,” Coby panted, “please fuck me.”

    Tyson didn’t give any other warning before pressing himself into Coby. Coby let out an exaggerated moan at the feeling, then smaller and louder ones with each thrust Tyson put forth. Tyson always knew how to work him perfectly, even when his body changed. He stuck his G spot every third thrust, keeping the pleasure going as long as it could with Coby being more sensitive than he used to.

    Stop- stop-” Coby moaned out. Tyson did, confused, but still yielding.

    “What’s wrong? You okay?” Tyson asked, it was clear he was concerned.

    “I wanna ride you.” Coby said, which fanned the fire of excitement in the body of them.

    “Okay,” Tyson said. He pulled out and rested himself on the head of the bed, and watched as his very pregnant boyfriend crawled over and lifted himself up onto his cock.

    This was a good angle too, both could admit. Coby liked seeing Tyson’s face, and Tyson liked seeing Coby’s breasts bounce in his face and feeling Coby’s stomach rock back and forth into his. His hands had lots of places to touch now. The dramatically arched curve of Coby’s back, the small, stubborn hips straddling him, the thickened thighs warm and soft on top of his, the swollen, perky breasts bouncing and begging for attention, the curly hair on Coby’s head bouncing much the same. But most of all, he liked holding onto the belly attached to Coby’s front. He light the weight of it, the heft, the roundness, and the fact he put it there.

    He liked this position, because like this he could feel how heavy he made his poor boyfriend. The lithe, skinny guy he used to be able to toss around the bed was now large and burdened by the big baby he put in him, and that was hotter than anything else.

    Coby grabbed onto Tyson’s dreadlocks and shouted his pleasure loud enough for the neighbors to hear, Tyson was loud just the same. Soon, Coby spent himself all across both of their stomachs. Tyson picked him up and laid him down, then continued until he came inside Coby minutes later. Coby moaned one last time in pleasure, he loved the feeling of Tyson’s warmth spilling inside him and pouring around. That’s probably how they ended up in this situation in the first place.

    Fuck.” Coby said, his eyes were half closed and dazed. He was staring at the ceiling in bliss, until he found Tyson’s eyes. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.” Tyson pulled himself over and leaned down to kiss him. He reached over into the hamper for the towel he used to shower this morning, and cleaned himself off before cleaning Coby. That was another thing he liked about Coby in this state: he could take care of him, Coby needed him too.

    He pulled the sheets away and lay Coby down in them with a towel underneath, before sliding in bed beside him so they were facing each other. Tyson stoked Coby’s bare stomach, he could feel their son kicking up a storm, but Coby wasn’t complaining about it, he was just playing with the ends of Tyson’s long dreads.

    Maybe Coby liked being so hugely, hopelessly, extremely pregnant.


    hey, alto here, back at it again with a fluffy piece abt two ppl who like each other having a baby and enjoying it. it's my kink, is that so wrong? enjoy the escapism.

    i have a few other pieces in the works (prince of purr 2, a piece abt a runaway princess and her guard, guy hiding his pregnancy with a corset in a fake regency-era a la Bridgeton, story abt a rockstar hiding his pregnancy from his bandmates and the world until going into labor on state but everyone things he just OD'd, etc..) but instead I got in a Mood and cracked this out in like three hours with no planning just vibes. i might write abt coby and tyson in the future, maybe a piece abt earlier in the pregnancy, or coby giving birth to their huge ass baby and then newborn fluff, but no promises.

    lmk which one interests y'all the most. i'm also looking for a writing buddy to work on these together if anyone is interested ^^

    note to mod, if allowed please put my email here: maiesio.alto@gmail.com


    This pig has been mindlessly eating for 15 months and ballooned 60lbs in the process... That round, pregnant, beach ball of a gut is going to continue to inflate by the look on that proud fat face on the right. Can’t wait, pig bitch! Keep growing @satr588 !


    Update on this fucking pig: He clearly can’t get his porky (rounder) face out of his trough. Now he’s eating so much, so fast, that his friends and family are starting to point out that he’s getting fatter again. He’s so fat that his swollen tits are actually resting on that soft blubber ball of a belly! I can’t wait to watch this doughboy expand even more uncontrollably in the future