[Coat] Babylon 66 - Scandalous Harrasment

    Year: 2019

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  • • 1st scene: After PE Kaito feels a bit under the weather and drops by the school nurse, Ryusei, to be gently taken care of. Haruto stays back in the locker rooms. He’s always had a hidden crush on Kaito so he uses this opportunity to grab a snif at Kaito’s school uniform that was left behind. There’s more plot and Ryusei and Haruto both end up attacking Kaito in the classroom
    2nd scene: Convenience store worker Aoi, takes a nap on the clock resulting in a bastard shoplifting a beverage. Another co-worker, Shinpei, hears of this and meets in at a work to have a talk with Aoi. He takes him down an aisle where they decide on getting a little snack. The store manager, Takuya, drops by the store and witnesses a shocking sight. He calls both of them in for a meeting in a bar where another immoral situation unfolds
    3rd scene: … Sex at a movie theater with Musashi
    , Yuki and Takuma