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2023-02-07 07:55:54

    I don't normally ask y'all for anything, but we have a situation:

    My cousin's appendix ruptured on the way to a trade convention, and left him with sepsis. His insurance won't cover him where he is.

    He's a father of two with another on the way, and he was going to the convention to learn the skills needed to take over my uncle's repair biz, so they obviously don't have the money to cover this.

    My other cousin started a GoFundMe for him HERE. Even if you just kick in a dollar, every little bit helps.


    We're halfway to the goal! Thank all of you who've donated so far SOOO MUCH!

    He is still in recovery with limited mobility, and his abdomen still hurts after the surgery, but at least they made it to a hospital before the situation could have been MUCH, MUCH worse.