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    What wouldn’t you give for this?


    Miss Helen, Nigel’s Mistress, delivered him this morning to the professional disciplinarian to be dealt with, while Helen herself is being pampered in the convivial surroundings at the hairdressing salon she patronises. We can tell from the state of Nigel’s arse even before the first stroke of this punishment, that he is no stranger to the cane. He has already felt its sting and burn in the recent past, presumably at the hands of Miss Helen. So why does she send him here as well?

    The reason is not so hard to find and can be glimpsed at in this short video. What Miss Helen, herself an accomplished practitioner with the cane, is paying for is the spartan, no-frills thrashing without emotional involvement that only a professional can provide. When Miss Helen punishes Nigel, her undoubted skill with the rattan rod is inevitably interwoven with her feelings of affection for him, tinged with exasperation at his antics. There is also the problem of desire. When she has beaten him, she is quite Iikely to be overcome with an urgent need for his tongue between her thighs.

    The professional is untouched by any of this and will simply deliver, for a fee, the sound thrashing this rather badly behaved boy deserves, in a plain, clinical setting, where neither affection nor anger, nor desire, will get in the way. When Miss Helen, glowing with health and wellbeing from the cosseting she has been treated to this morning, arrives to collect him, a well-beaten boy, nose to the wall, with his trousers and underpants around his ankles and his reddened, striped bare bottom on display, will be waiting for her. In a nice additional gesture, the disciplinarian will flick her finger, the signal for him to fall on his knees and offer a heartfelt, tearful, apology for his disgraceful behaviour earlier in the week. And for several days afterwards, he will be exceptionally helpful and obedient.