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    Truth About “g0y"


    Ladies, before you dismiss this as a guy’s only blog, stick with it. You’ll find it interesting. You won’t find all of this on the g0ys.org website. This was learned by observing from the inside.

    First, some background about myself. I am a homosexual man. I have...


    Have anyone seen it to always be true that an effeminate GAY person is always an expert to comment and GOSSIP about matters for other people and that do not need for their opinions? Why mut you all put your nose into peoples affairs that respond to matters of their lives and not yours? Matters that could be encouragement to people, you sneak around and sow discord and discouragement because you are misserable. These people are trying to get and have a life and you being miserable need to do the same. For what may help you might not help me and vice versa. Do be the person to sow discord of discouragement, PLEASE....