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    Ladies I have another question for you....

    What’s one thing you wish guy did while he was going down ?


    Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water.


    I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches


    Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time


    Hold my thighs. Like grip them, just firm enough…


    Yasss that clit flicking shit is not the wave.


    What about sucking on the clit ? thetennesseehoneyy


    Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that gspot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die.


    Touch/grab my thighs, my ass, slowly touch down my spine, everywhere, somewhere. Tease me good before you go down & while you’re down there.


    Deadass with the thigh thing Kiss those inner thighs too Pretend you’re passionately kissing the kitty Not a cat drinking water Also don’t even do it if you a)don’t like doing it b)you’re going to do it for 2 seconds


    I couldn’t hit reblog fast enough.


    Don’t be to shy to open it up and really get the clit. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind


    slow down on the flickering thing, that rapid shit isnt pleasurable, slowly running your tongue back n forth tho? Yes. 

    thigh kissing is nice, ass grabbing, thigh gripping, a little passionate teasing takes you far and honestly gets her wetter by the minute 

    slow down, take your time at first, dont just dive in, enjoy your meal

    that rapid flicking thing doesnt do much for me (i cant speak for every girl) but slow runs across the clit are lovely, just focus on the clit, let your fingers do some work if you get tired or something 

    I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do shit 


    Notice how they’ve all basically said the same thing? I hope you men pay attention. Every woman is different but here are the basics to pleasing us.

    1. Stop the fucking flicking shit.

    2. Focus on the CLIT. Suck it, circle it. Engulf it. If she moans, keep doing that.

    3. But pls, do visit thighland. Inner thigh licking and kissing will set us on fire.

    4. What is this fingering shit? Massage the gspot or get out. We feel nothing with that little stabbing motion. Also, stop sticking your 2 inches of tongue in there. Come back up to the clit.

    5. LONG stokes with the tongue.

    6. Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison.

    7. Speaking of vibes, the reason you’re in our bed is because you can do 1 thing our wands and rabbits can’t do. And that’s grab us. Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body.

    8. If you can reach, grab a titty.

    9. Some women are self conscious about how they look/taste/smell down there. Or worry about taking too long to orgasm, so let her know you’re enjoying it. Moan, groan, sound like you’re eating a plate of ribs

    10. Do it til we cum or GTFO!


    Oh damn 😳😳💕💕


    Why aren’t things compiled and published like this more often??

    And more importantly, why aren’t we being told this stuff while down there? Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right….. feedback, ladies, when we’re there. Please?


    I don’t often post shit like this but all of this is important. Guys, you want the goods? Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. If you do it right you’ll enjoy the sheer fact that SHE’S enjoying it.


    Taking notes for when I feel like putting some natural facial hair growth serum on my face.


    Reblogging for awareness…


    Don’t be rubbin on the clit like you trying to shine a shoe, it’s very sensitive. To that end, no dry cat-tounges. Slob it down.


    If you think blowing on it or in it or anywhere near the pussy does anything for anyone, punch yourself in the face right now


    Great facts and mad humorous. Shoot I love what I do and always have a drenched beard. And little to drink but always good to learn new tricks if there where some.




    Well done ladies! 👏👏 yes work that clit. 💋👠


    Definitely suck on my clit. And start gently, you are neither a cat to flip it nor you are in the rush to catch the bus. And once you find out what I like, stop fucking changing the technique!!. Stick to the one that works, we can experiment some other time!!.


    Wonderful, Ladies! Be explicit, we want to make you happy, tell us how! :-)


    🙌🏻 this is gold!!! Solid gold!!!


    Sharing this because everyone should know!


    knowledge is power, sharing is caring, etc


    Wow. That is alot of valuable feedback right there!!


    Rule #1: Don’t do it like they do it in porn.

    Rule #2: Don’t do it like they do it in porn!!!

    Rule #3: That stupid tongue-way-out and flicking triple time? They do that in porn.

    Rule #4: They do that in porn because if they were licking pussy the right way you’d see a) two thighs and b) the back of a head.  In porn they want to see a) pussy and b) as little of the man as possible.

    Rule #5: Don’t do it like they do it in porn.

    Rule #6: Your tongue is not a cock.  Sometimes people in porn use their tongues like a cock.  But see rules #1-5.  Also the second and third sentences of this rule!

    Rule #7: Watch how she touches herself.  (What, you’ve watched how she touches herself, right? If not watch how pretty much _every_ woman touches herself when she’s legit getting off and not just doing what women do in porn.

    Rule #8: Lick her where she touches herself.  Because those are the good spots.

    Rule #9: Notice how much she’s fingering inside herself when she touches herself?  Yeah, me either usually.

    Rule #10: If she does touch herself inside, notice how deep her fingers go?  Gene Simmon’s tongue isn’t that long, or that strong.  See Rule #6.

    Rule #11: See her hipbones?  See the insides of her thighs almost up by her knees?  Unless she’s ticklish (in which case maybe spend more time kissing face to face and letting her get really warmed up, because…

    Side Rule #A: Ticklish almost always means not-horny-enough.

    Rule #12: Back to Rule #11: Find time to kiss her everywhere between her hipbones and the insides of her thighs almost up to her knees.  Then start kissing her kitty.

    Rule #13: When she’s really wound up she’s very likely to be sensitive everywhere detailed in Rule #11.

    Rule #14: Long, soft strokes with the flat of your tongue.  From the bottom of her kitty along side her outer lips to the top.  Then on the other side.

    Rule #15: Which they rarely do in porn.  So do that.

    Rule #16: gently part her lips with your own lips and tongue and softly slip between her inner lips, tasting her as you go because she’s going to taste pretty good.

    Rule #17: Maybe slurp one of her inner lips between yours, one side at a time, fairly close to the top near her clit, and swirl your tongue on the inside – while gently tugging down just a little bit because that tugs down on her clit a little bit.

    Rule #18: Generally speaking don’t slide your tongue all the way under her hood because the tip of her clit is sensitive as hell and the top of your tongue is usually pretty rough.

    Rule #19: You know how you watched the way she touches herself?  Take a minute to think about that again.  Bonus points of you remember which side of her clit she favors because almost everyone is more sensitive on one side than the other.

    Side Rule #B: For some reason the average woman’s clit is more sensitive on the left side.

    Side Rule #C: But goddamn it the woman you are going down on is anything but average!  So  you her mileage may vary!

    Rule #20: Open your mouth over her clit hood – about as wide as you comfortably can (though watch those teeth) – and then apply gentle suction.

    Rule #21: Wetly swirl your tongue alongside the hood of her clit, up past the little fold that hides the tip.

    Rule #22: Occasionally slide your tongue back and forth across the top of her clit hood.

    Rule #23: If she’s really aroused you’ll start to feel a little “stem” growing underneath her hood.  That’s good.  Very, very good.

    Rule #24: This is a very good time to think carefully about what you’re going to do next.  Because when you feel that little stem (her clit’s erect) then you might be able to back off a little bit.  And go on a little kissing and licking tour from #12, above.  Which might help her keep sailing and also help her from …

    Rule #25: If you keep doing the same thing change it up a little, because she can go numb.  This will frustrate her at least as much as it will you.  

    Rule #25: If you feel her little stem under her clit hood rise, and if she grabs your head or (especially) if she squeaks “don’t stop” in a tiny little entirely non-porn way (because Rules all-of-the-above if she’s really getting off she’s not likely to sound much like anyone in porn) then…

    Rule #26: DON’T STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!  Because she’s going to come if you don’t stop.  And want to grit her teeth, cry, or possibly kill you if you do.

    Rule #27: When she’s done coming (she’ll let you know by releasing pressure on your head with her hands and/or possibly her thighs) go back to #11 and give her soft, gentle kisses there.  Because her inner lips and clit will almost certainly be pretty sensitive.

    Rule #28: Climb up along side her and hold and kiss her.  (If you’re not sure she’ll like her flavor – many women do but quite a few don’t at all – then subtly wipe your face on the sheets on your way up.

    Rule #29: I didn’t say anything about fucking her afterwards, did I?  No I didn not.  Sometimes she’ll want to after.  Sometimes she won’t.  Just like sometimes you’re up for it after she’s gone down on you and blown your socks across the room and other times you couldn’t get it up again for lifeboat room on the Titanic!  If not that’s ok.  You can jack off later, just like she rubs one out when you’ve capsized after coming.  But!

    Rule #30: She’ll remember.  And rock your fucking socks next time.  Because most guys won’t go down on her at all, and the ones that do think porn is an instruction manual.  And so she won’t forget you pulling that thorn out of her paw, and she’ll be a lioness next time.  Which might not be that long because many (but not all!) women recover and are ready for a nice round two before all that long at all.

    Rule #31: Rule #32, below, is the most important rule of all.

    In other words don’t be a robot.  She’s not a robot either.  Interact, make eye contact, respond to her like she’s very likely responding to you!  

    And finally, Rule #33: Don’t lick anyone’s pussy like they do it in porn!


    Goodness!  I thought I’d lost this post!  It’s the source of my maybe-cryptic “Rule 5″ tag: don’t do it like they do it in porn!

    Better late than never!


    I am really, really happy that you didn’t lose this post, positively perky one might say. All I can add to the plethora of juicy nuggets of insightful information, is uhm carry on… *secret smile*


    #26 and #27.

    If she’s moaning and grinding her hips against your face, for the love of all that’s holy…Don’t Stop!


    Always a reblog!


    Should be a reblog always!

    Be messy and don’t pay attention to being too “clean”, be dirty and be vocal! Show her that she is and will forever be your addiction and your drug and all you are concentrating!

    And, for God sake, bite it….make sure she knows you want her at your mercy and show so emotions! Show fire and passion! 🐺😈🤤


    Read the comments like for real if every guy did this we would want you to eat us out more dangggg


    Long post but it’s a hell of a PSA


    This is GOLD! 👅👅👅


    Some of y'all gotta learn how to make a woman really fall in love with you😏