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    Short Story: Office Shenanigans

    (This story is dedicated to @erinlinympho, someone whom I have come to call a friend over the years. This may be cheating, given my wealth of experience writing erotica. I hope you enjoy my story!)

    Original request at:https://erinlinympho.tumblr.com/post/172861853724/ive-got-a-fantasy-im-eager-to-scratch

    “… and here are the accounts that I have passed for this month, for your approval.” I handed her a stack of entries passed during the month, smiling nervously as my boss took it over lazily, and without even so much as glancing at it, she signed it and tossed the documents back at me.

    I stared at her face, a sculpted and well-defined jawline, dark red lipstick, matching with a low cut black romper that started between her breasts and ended above her knee. I could see the slight outline of her ample breasts, the bridge of her bra clearly visible to me. Would I look like this 5 to 10 years later?

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    Exam Relief After Prelims

    In sec 4 After prelims examinations was over everyone was super stressed for the results and for the national exams coming soon. i decided I wanted to blow off so tension and stress. So i had an idea

    "Denver, i have a fun and stress relieving idea for the guys , bring them to the dance studio in 15 mins" I whispered to my best friend.

    As the vice-captain of the dance cca I had access to the dance studio and i can use it as I please . While waiting for Denver to bring to guys in our group of friends which were about 4 people including him .I started stripping myself down to my underwear. I was wearing a black bra lacey bra and matching lacey panties. I kept my uniform in my kanken bag and took out some sex toys ,laid them on the floor for the guys to use on me and wore my fbts shorts and tight dri-fit shirt thats hugs my slim figure tightly showing my curves.

    While I was still waiting for Denver to bring the 3 other guys to the dance studio. I took a vibrator and slide my debts and panties to the side and used to vibrator on my pussy. I started to moan softly, i could feel my pussy getting wetter the longer I left the vibrator on my pussy. After a few minutes had passed, i heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it. Not to my surprise it was Denver and the 9 other guys .

    "What took you guys so long?, come in and let's have some fun"?. I said to them with a cheeky smile and wink as i new they could see my black panty through my white fbts as it got wet just now.

    When we all were inside. Me and Denver told the guys what was going to happen and the rules our of little playgroup. When everything was explained the boys created a circle and i sat in the middle, i then took the vibrator i used just now, slid my shorts and panties to the side. I inserted the vibrator slowly into my pussy and let it vibrate violently inisde me. The guys all had their cocks out rubbing to the scene of me, i could see all their cocks of differents sizes but Denver's cock was the one i went to first as it was the biggest amongst the guys.

    I crawled towards Denver, once I was infront of him. I stroked his cock and started to lick and suck on it. The others guys watched and moved closer. They started groping my body, boobs,ass and waist enjoying the touch of my body. They took turns spanking me while i serviced Denver's cock with my mouth. I moaned with Denver's cock in my mouth as the spanking was turning me on so much. The guy behind me A pulled my white fbts down revealing my black lacy panties soaked in my sweet juices. A then pressed his fingers on the area of my pussy,

    i moaned as Denver's dick went deeper down my throat. A then pulled my black panties down and started licking my wet virgin pussy. I let out muffled moans as Denver grabber my hair into a makeshift ponytail and started thrusting his cock roughly into my mouth, i gagged and choked on his cock my eyes started to water as he forced his cock down my throat, using it like a pussy. His cock started twitching and he shot all his warm load doen my throat as i swallowed every bit of his cum, he let go of my hair and took his cock out of my mouth, i looked at him and sticked my tongue out. I was still receiving pleasure from A eating my pussy but he wasn't very good at it so i couldn't cum to him.

    While I cleaned Denver's cock after he cummed and A still eating me out B n C were rubbing their cocks watching my getting defiled by the other 2. Then they both decided to come closer to me on my left and right, both of them grabbed my hands on each placed it on their cocks on ask me to give them a hand job and being a good girl i listened. So now I'm sitting on As face while he eats me out, im sucking on Denver's dick by bobbing my head back and forth and giving both B and C handjobs. My dri-fit top was the only piece of clothing I had left on my body. I was like a sex salve pleasuring her 4 masters hehe.

    B n C decided to tear off my dri-fit shirt as it was obstructing them of seeing my luscious B cup breast. They tore it and threw it on the floor, now the only thing left before I was fully nude infront of 4 of my friends was my black lacy bra . Both of them squeezed and played with my left and right boob and kneaded as if it was soft and fluffy dough ."wow, zaxelia your boobs so nice to squeeze and so soft and perky, your pretty and have a great body too, we r lucky we are your friends and get to this with you" B said to me while i was still sucking on Denver's cock and giving both B n C handjobs

    A who's face I was sitting on , he took a vibrating dildo, turned it to max and forced the whole length of the dildo in my ass. I screamed in pain but Denver silenced my screams but putting a ring gag with nipple clamps on my mouth. B n C took 1 clamp each and clamp each of my nipples. I jerk their cock faster and faster , my grip tighten on their cocks. Denver then grabbed my head and shoved his cock into the ring and fuck my throat hard,fast and rough. My saliva started to drool out of my mouth onto my breast. I coughed and gag on his cock, my eyes were watering so much.

    "Ahhh, im cumming", 3 of them said in sync.

    Denver took out his cock and released his hot load all over my face of ecstasy and on my got breasts. B and C shot their loads on my hair and my body. I didn't realise that A was jerking off while eating me out, he too cummed and manage to shoot it on my back. I was panting so much but was happy I was covered in cum. Denver removed to ring gag but left the nipple clamps on. I felt myslef inching closer to squirting on As face, the vibration from both dildos in my pussy and was was too much. The extra stimulation from his tounge pushed me to finally squirt on his face as i let out the loudest moan and fell forward on the ground from the sheer pleasure.

    "Hey guys, grab the long table, we can put her on it, and we can use her face, hands and eat her pussy without tiring her", Denver said to the other guys.

    Denver checked on me to see if I was okay . Then he carried me onto the table. Laying me on my back with my head on the edge of the table. A came and shoved his cock into my mouth without warning which caused to choke on his dick and he pushed deep into my throat, he fucked my throat like he was fucking my pussy. While B was using my boobs to give himself a boob job, he sandwiched his cock in between my boobs, he moved his cock up n down. Feeling my soft flesh against his hot rod, he reached his end and cummed on my boobs and face.

    C who was at my pussy was alternating between fingering my pussy and licking my juices from my pussy. He sticked to fingering my pussy while he was jerking himself. I was moaning with As cock in my mouth. I felt pussy gave in and I squirted and my juices splashed to the floor. C aim his cock at my pussy and jerk vigorously and his shot his warm load all over my legs and pussy.

    Denver who got dressed, waved goodbye at us and left first as he had to meet his gf.

    A who was still fucking my mouth with his cock was twitching so much as he reached his wits end and finally filled my mouth with his cum. I tried my best to swallow all I could but some spilled out onto my face. A use my hair to wipe his cock.

    A too went to get dressed and left too Meet his gf.

    I was left alone with B n C. B went to my pussy while C wanted to try my blow job. Cs couldnt last to long and cummed in my mouth after a few mins. B was still playing with my pussy when he saw C when to his clothes to get dressed. He quickly came to my mouth and shoved his cock inside my mouth and vigorously thrusted in and out. His cock was long and kept going deep down my throat.

    "Ahhh zaxelia, it's so good , im cumming soon" he said to me

    After a while he cock twitched and he pulled out and covered my face in his hot load. He dried his cock with my body n wiped it all over. B then also went to put on his clothes. He and C left waved goodbye at me and left. I was left all alone covered in cum with the vibrators still in me . I was so tired I decided to take a nap and closed my eyes.....


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