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    "homosexuality is unnatural! there's only two genders! it's a sin-"

    I'm sorry, have you seen NATURE???

    and there's so many more species than this that exhibit homosexuality, varying genders, etc. SO! MANY!

    it's very much a natural thing. it always has been. unfortunately, while homosexuality is found in many species, homophobia is only found in one

    ALSO THE ARTIST IS HUMON, FIND THEM AT HUMONCOMICS.COM!! was so sure I had included that but apparently I forgot, so sorry!


    Dangers of working on a set.

    That’s what I said.


    Okay but you forgot the best part! During the scene where Aragorn, Gandalf and the other Main CharaktersTM ride ahead to go shout at the gate (and talk to the mouth of sauron in the extended edition) they were very firmly told only to ride up  ahead “this far” because that area was cleared and beyond that it wasn’t.

    But. Viggo Mortensen is absolutely mad and lead them just…. a bit farther than that. Everyone else was very scared they might blow up any second. Viggo said it “added a little extra tension”.


    Viggo was just Like That™ for the whole trilogy, taking method acting to extreme levels:

  • he would spend multiple days walking overland to locations in full pack, sword, & armour when everyone else was travelling in trucks
  • refused to use any prop swords that weren’t actual steel
  • basically lived in the forest in-costume, sleeping rough under the sky, even fishing & foraging for his food when possible
  • often spent hours in the barn just bonding with the horses. He adopted the horse he rode, Uranus, after filming ended
  • repaired all his own gear by hand, which was often since he never took it off
  • had a tooth knocked out during filming but had the crew simply glue it back in place so they could keep filming
  • the instructor who taught everyone swordplay said Viggo was the best swordsman he had ever trained
  • carried his sword literally everywhere & practiced non-stop, resulting in the cops being called when locals reported “a wild man swinging a sword around his head" outside a gym in Wellington
  • an orc actor fucked up & accidentally threw a dagger directly into Viggo’s face, but Viggo just deflected it with his sword. They kept that shot
  • infamously broke 3 toes kicking that helmet but stayed in-character & sold his very real scream as part of the scene. They also kept that shot
  • Viggo insists on doing his own stunts; in The Two Towers where Aragorn is unconscious & floating down the river, the strong current pulled him underwater for so long that a rescue team had to go in to save him. Viggo survived by grabbing a boulder on the riverbed and pulling himself to the surface
  • It’s probably more accurate to say that Aragorn played Viggo Mortensen in the off season, so I’m 100% unsurprised to hear he put a whole crowd of fellow actors in genuine mortal peril for a 12% increase in authenticity