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2020-04-21 02:36:24

    How is it that you walk away from a giant, fiery explosion without a scratch, but right now you are bleeding? You were shot in the hand last week. You almost died when Malcolm shot you in the gut. I mean, I shot you. I shot you. And I felt horribly about that, by the way. But what is this? Is anything even real with you? Were you trying to manipulate me? Were you trying to make me feel bad? Is this all to make me care about you more? No.

    reasons to be happy:

    - kind-hearted people exist and the world is full of good things that aren’t broadcasted

    - dogs are always happy to see you

    - you can look at works of art for free - the sky, stars, sunsets, the moon, flowers, books, your lover/friends

    - you can make art and make someone a little happier whenever you want to

    - you are made from stardust, and magic exists if you look for it

    - good things and lovely feelings exist everywhere

    - there is no limit to restarting your life and creating new beginnings for yourself

    - you can learn anything you want and the world is out there for you to explore

    - you can travel to other universes and time-travel in the form of dreams, books, art, movies, music and your imagination