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2021-02-28 18:45:15

    Do you think we can make a connection with people happen? Or does it just happen with "your" people? I have friends I have very meaningful deep conversations with, yet, I feel like they are not "my" people? Do you know what I mean? Any thoughts? Thank you! Have a great day!

    The connection you have with people is deeper than your views, beliefs and goals you have. If you share the same views, beliefs and goals you can call these people “your people” but that is simply because they share things in common with you and you see yourself in them. But, a connection and a bond can occur with people who have vastly different views, beliefs and goal. You can just feel connected to them and it really doesn’t make sense, but this is beyond sense and nonsense. It is just there and undeniable, this connection is just simply there.

    This connection and the conversations that flow from it are more like a “vibe” you have with them, you just sense or just experience a deep connection and can have very deep and meaningful conversations with them. This is because you are both on the same vibe at that time. This can have little to do with what you have in common otherwise. It’s just you’re “vibing” with them and they are with you as well. And when you aren’t on the same “vibe” you might not even wanna talk to them. This is all deeper and can be more subtle than how your life on the whole is. You may be a vegan an get into a deep conversation with a hunter. You just could be on the same wavelength at that particular time and has nothing to do with beliefs, world views or life goals. And it could be short.

    We are all connected and your connection is the flow you feel within these conversations. That is your teacher. That is how you can experience this connection we all have. And in fact, deeply, there is no true difference between you and another. We are all just here. Try to sense that in all of this, yes we all have different backgrounds, views and beliefs, but here, now, we are all just here and deeply connected.

    To really answer your question, I will say this. You can have a deep, instant long lasting connection with someone and you can have intermittent connections with people based on shared situations and things that stir up the same vibe in you and them. These things occur naturally and are not something that is usually consciously done. My advice would be to set down your beliefs, your goals and your views and just be with the people you come in contact with, try to sense that they are just here, you are just here. Breathe and sense this and this connection will be felt within you more and more. Our connection to one another is simply hidden by our beliefs and views of the world. But it is all just here. Just alive and simply dancing within you. Sense that more and more and experience that more and more and you’ll feel more connection, even to people you don’t agree with or even like.

    I hope this answers your question and I hope this helps

    Much Love,