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    💖Happy White Wednesday my handsome friend @southerngent67 ~ A white tank & jeans today ~ I’ll call it my mom on the go outfit! Half day of school & the girls have me running around🤪…. Have a truly wonderful evening 💋

    Much Love ❤️ https://LoveStuff345.tumblr.com

    Happy White Wednesday to you too my beautiful friend @lovestuff345 . Call it what you will my friend. You’re a beauty in anything you wear🔥🔥🔥🔥. Down here in the south we have a saying. “You would look good in a toe sack.” And girl your inner beauty would still shine brightly😍😍😍. Thank you my beautiful friend for being here today.


    @southerngent67 💋As always, I can never thank you enough for your truly kind words, support, & hosting. ❤️Inner beauty is the true beauty ~ I cannot agree with you more ~ So, thank you for taking the time to look past my temporary outer shell ~ to take a look inside & truly see me for me. You, my friend, are such an amazing man. Thank you for being you!

    All my social media for when this ship sinks. 🚢😭


    Some very hot moments for both husband and wife especially the first few times. All the playful talk before hand. Watching her get ready. Hubby’s support and participation in agreeing to deliver his wife. The drive over both knowing what’s about to happen. The look into each other’s eyes and the last kiss. Hubby watching is wife walking up to the door. Her lover greeting her. Hubby watching as his wife disappears and the door closes. The acceptance of having no control over anything. Mmmmmm so sweet. FWL


    Love this for my wife


    I want this…


    As women in today’s society where everyone has an opinion on what we should wear, how we should act, what we should eat, and what we should think, we as women need to support one another. If we as women can not be supportive of one other than others will just continue to keep doing the things they do. Let’s empower each other to fight for the injustices in our society concerning women and as we work together to do this we can than ban our energy together and work on making change happen in society.