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    Since her mom had her front to me, I could see Adrian's feet and his legs on one side, his head and shoulders on the other, and his white upturned bottom right over the maternal lap, being the highest part of him, and in the perfect position for what was about to happen to him. As soon as she got Adrian settled there that woman raised her powerful arm up in the air and then brought her meaty palm down hard. SLAPPP! In an instant her mom was spanking Adrian's bottom hard with her broad hard hand, and poor Adrian was hollering and crying just as soon. I never knew a spanking could go on so long! I got spankings too, sometimes, when I was very little, but they were quick, with me standing, and my mom never pulled down my pants. I was amazed as Adrian got his spanking, cause his mom just spanked and spanked and spanked, and she was smashing her big hand hard on Adrian's poor chubby bare bottom. I knew it hurt since I could hear him squealing, bawling, and pitifully pleading with his mom to 'stop, oh please stop...it hurts sooo bad' assuring her that he was going to obey her, always, and I watched him squirming around like he was being stung by a bunch of bees. His legs were going up and down like he was trying to swim away, and his head was flying around, just swishing his hair.

    Are you wondering why I'm standing in the corner of my living room with my bottom very bare and very, very red? My wife just spanked me, that's why, and man, does my butt hurts! So I'm here sobbing and rubbing my smoldered rear end for all I'm worth. My wife said I got to stand here to think about what I did wrong and right now, after that her awful hairbrush turned my buttocks into two overripe tomatoes, I'm absolutely in no mood to disobey her. At least for a while, say, till I'll be able to sit down again without wincing. Ok, now you probably are asking yourself if this has been an exceptional event or if it happens frequently in our home, and maybe even if Lisa, my wife, takes me on her lap just like a kid to tan my hide but good. Well, boys, let me tell you that even if it is not a daily occurrence my childish corrections are far from rare in my household. And for the procedure Lisa follow to punish my antics, yes, she put me over her womanly lap, and that, after she had undone my belt, opened my flap, and taken down by herself my pants along with my shorts. How shaming, isn't it? Of course, now the question that comes to your mind is, how come a middle-aged man is treated like a snotty brat, and besides by his wife? The short answer is that, as weird as it can sound, I practically asked for it. But if you like to have a more detailed account of the events that brought me to this corner with the blistered bottom I'm sporting right now, I have to tell you about a summer many years ago, when this all started.

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