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    Alex smiled into the camera until the red light turned off. His mind was still rushing trying to figure out if he forgot to say any lines. As he looked at the producer it seemed like his face was probably showing what was going through his mind.

    "You did good!", Noah, the producer, said."That should've been all."

    Alex sat back down between the other men who were invited for tests to lead a commercial.

    "We'll send you your personal commercial in about 2 weeks and then you'll hear for which one we've decided us.", Noah continued. "Thank you all for being here, it was a lot of fun with all of you."

    After a bit off small-talk, Alex had nothing more to do. An employee handed him his leather jacket and his suitcase.

    Alex left the building and walked through the city. He was far away from home just for this shoot. He was excited to explore the City until he'd get a call from his best friend Miles.

    Miles and Alex knew each other since kindergarten and did almost everything together until Miles moved away when they both were 20. It has been 7 years since then but they never lost contact to each other. From time to time Miles visited Alex at his home. Alex was happy to know that the video shoot would take place in the city Miles was living in. As soon as he git the job he had immediately called Miles, even though it was still months away. Miles was happy to hear that Alex wanted to visit him and that he could pick him up in the afternoon.

    Alex continued his sightseeing until his phone rang.

    "Alex here.", he answered it.

    "Hey man, its me.", Miles said over the phone. "I'm leaving work right now so I could pick you up."

    "Thats awesome man. Cant wait to see you."

    "Me too. Tell me, where are you right now so I can park somewhere close."

    "I'm close to the harbor."

    "Good. I'm on my way. I'll call you when I'm there."

    And with that Miles hang up. Alex continued to look around but not too far away from the harbor. He was happy to spend some time with his best friend again. The last time they saw each other in person was almost 6 months ago. Miles had visited him for a whole week and they got blackout drunk the first night. After that they had a lot of fun even though Alex thought that Miles looked like he was hiding something but he didnt care. If Miles didnt want to talk about it he didnt had to.

    After around 15 minutes Alex got a text message from Miles.

    I'm at a small parking lot that should be close to you. Between the old fishing warehouse and the museum should be a small and cramped alleyway that should get you too me.

    Alex looked around and found the alleyway Miles ment. It was a long and even curvey alleyway. He went in and continued pushing his suitcase in front of him.

    Suddenly Alex felt a little prick in his neck. He immediately turned around to find himself getting ambushed by two masked men. He was pushed against the wall while a rag was shoved into his face. The rag smelled sweet and thats when it dawned on Alex. They tried to knock him out with chloroform. He struggled even more to break free but his two attackers managed to keep him under control.

    Alex started to feel dizzy before losing control over his body and falling unconscious.

    He started to slowly wake up. He tried to stretch but immediately noticed that he had no real control over his limbs. Trying to look around didnt help at all as it was pitch black around him. He felt them but couldnt fully move them on his command. Slowly realizing in what situation he's in, Alex tried to shout for help but he only managed to produce a muffled sound. He noticed a ballgag in his mouth. Only now he realized that he was moving. He felt a vibration and with that Alex knew that he has to be in the trunk of a car. It felt fast so they had to be on a freeway. He felt the car slowing down before it came to an abrupt stop.

    He heard a car door open and close before Alex was suddenly blinded by the light entering the trunk. He looked up at his captor and stared at at mask.

    The man took out another syringe and placed it at Alex' neck. Alex tried to thrash around but he saw that he didnt move a muscle. The man injected the clear liquid into the neck before slapping Alex's ass. Alex tried to find out more about his surroundings. He saw tall trees behind the man and he could still hear the freeway but he also noticed that the sun started to disappear behind the trees. The man started to close the trunk as Alex looked down at himself. As if him not having control of his muscles wasnt enough, he was also tied up with thick ropes.

    He heard the man getting back into the car before they started moving again.

    It felt like hours before Alex noticed the car slowing down again before feeling a road change as if they were now driving on a dirt road. After around 25 minutes the car came to a stop again.

    Alex heard the man getting out of the car, slamming his door shut. After that Alex heard the footsteps receding. It didnt take long until he heard his captor coming back.

    The trunk opened and the man started to pull Alex out of the trunk. He let Alex fell onto a wheelbarrow. Alex was lying uncomfortable staring at the man. The man pushed the wheelbarrow away from the car. It didnt take long and the two entered a house. From what Alex could see it looked modern from the inside. The man left Alex again to return to the car. When he came back he had Alex's suitcase with him and left it at the couch. After that the man turned over the wheelbarrow, getting Alex to drop to the ground.

    The man pulled Alex to the couch and placed him on top of it. He cut the ropes that were tying Alex arms and legs together.

    Alex tried to move again, trying to hit the man in the face but he still wasnt able to. With that Alex started to grunt at the man.

    The man chuckled and started to pose Alex. He took his legs and placed them crossed on the couch table. He took his arms and crossed them behind Alex's head as if he was relaxing.

    The man looked down at Alex and seemed to be happy. He slowly raised his hands to his face to take off his mask. Alex stared in shock as he saw the face of the man. It was Miles, his best friend.

    Alex grunted again, screaming at Miles but the only thing Miles heard were miffled sounds.

    "Dont worry man.", Miles said with a chuckle. "No need to fear me."

    Miles ran his hand over Alex's cheek before removing the Ball from the gag. He plunged 3 of his fingers inside Alex's mouth almost getting Alex to throw up.

    "You dont know how happy I was when you called to tell me you could visit me. You dont know how happy I am to have you here now.", Miles continued.

    He pulled his fingers out of the mouth and left Alex.

    Alex could hear him knock on a door nearby.

    "Dont you want to meet our guest?", Miles shouted.

    After that he came back, just looking at Alex.

    Alex could hear hear steps until a creaky door opened. Shortly after a man was standing next to Miles.

    Alex mustered him and noticed that the man was of similar size as himself and he was only wearing baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweater.

    The face on the other hand was generic. Alex could swear that he had seen that face multiple times before but that could be just because of how generic it is.

    "Oh my god! He looks so much better than before.", the man said. "I love the relaxing pose."

    The voice sounded familiar to Alex but he couldnt fully say why.

    "He's all yours.", Miles said. "Take what you want. There is also other stuff in the case."

    "Oh no. I want what he wears.", the man said walking towards Alex.

    He sat down on Alex' lap and pulled his head towards him. He pushed his tongue into Alex's mouth and made out with him.

    Alex was devastated. He never wanted to hurt someone as much as right now. He wished to just bite off the mans tongue. How could someone do this with him. He tried to keep his tears in and succeeded. Over the next few minutes the man kept sucking at Alex's mouth. During that time Alex started to feel the mans dick getting hard as it pressed against his abs.

    The man pulled away from him.

    "He tastes amazing!", he said looking at Miles.

    He sat down next to Alex and pulled him onto his lap. Alex could hear the heavy breathing of the man. The man ran his hands over Alex's torso before going over the arms. He stopped to take the watch and bracelet off of Alex. He slipped them on himself in front of Alex's face.

    He raised Alex's arms and slowly pulled the leather jacket off of his body followed by his black shirt.

    Alex was now naked above the waist and he could only imagine how aroused the man was because of that. He could hear the mans heavy breathing get quicker as he squeezed Alex's biceps. The man sniffed Alex's armpit and let out a moan.

    Miles chuckled on the other side of the room.

    "You're really enjoying this, arent you?", he said.

    "This is like a dream come true for me.", the man answered sniffing Alex some more.

    When he was done with that the man pushed Alex off of his lap. He stood up, placed the shirt and jacked on the couch table and kneeled down at Alex's legs.

    He enjoyed pulling the black chelsea boots off of Alex. He sniffed them before placing them on the couch table. He unbuckled Alex's belt, unbuttoned the pants and opened the fly. Slowly but steady he pulled them off of the muscular legs. Alex saw in the mans eyes that he enjoyed this a lot. After he had pulled off the pants he removed the socks from the feet and moved towards Alex's briefs.

    He revealed Alex's half flaccid dick with a quick pull. He grabbed it and started playing with it in a nice rhythm. He leaned down, trying to take it in his mouth.

    "Thats enough!", Miles said to the man. "Take the clothes and get dressed."

    The man quickly pulled the briefs from the legs, grabbed the pants and shirt and left around the corner. Alex could hear how the door the man originally came through closed again.

    Miles leaned over Alex so that there were only a few inches between their faces. He let himself plummet onto Alex's lap. Alex was furious and tried to shout again.

    Miles started to smile.

    "Scream and I'll make sure to put this so deep inside you that you cant scream anymore.", Miles said.

    Alex looked down to see that Miles was holding a huge knife at his ribcage. His breathing quickened, scared by what Miles could do.

    Miles removed the gag from Alex and waited for him to say anything.

    "Whatever this is, it isnt funny Miles. Why did you paralyze me? And whats with the man who took my clothes?", Alex tried to sound calm.

    "The drug I gave you inhibits the signals your body makes to move around. You should be able to move again freely in about 10 hours.", Miles said. "That man is my best friend Alex."

    Alex looked at him confused.

    "But I thought that I was your best friend, man.", Alex said.

    Miles got up from Alex's lap and started to stroke his dick.

    "Remember the last time I visited you?", Miles continued. "Why is it that I always visited you? You could've come to me too. It feels like our friendship was one-sided in that regard. Back to the topic. Remember the first night were you drank so much that you dont remember a single thing from it?"

    "Yeah, I know. We both were blackout drunk that evening."

    "No, you dont know. I wasnt blackout drunk that night, you were. I was just playing because of what happened."

    "What do you mean?"

    "You were so drunk that you let me enact a dream. You were so fucking horny and I offered relief."

    "Wait... no...", Alex shuddered as the first wave of pleasure from Miles giving him a handjob arrived.

    "Oh, yes. You let me suck you off first. You, the straight, manly hunk let his best friend suck him off. But that wasnt all."

    "God, no. Dont say..."

    "You fucked me hard.", Miles had the biggest grin. "It was pure bliss for the both of us. I had hoped that you would let me fuck you too but you still had your straight breeder mindset."

    "I dont know a single moment of that happening..."

    "Well, you were too drunk. You know,-", Miles went faster on Alex's dick. "-I'm craving your fat dick since then. But I know that you'd never let me suck you again."

    With that Miles took Alex's dick in his mouth. He used his tongue to play with it.

    It didnt take long and Alex started to moan uncontrollably. Miles went up and down on it, making sure to have at least the sensitive tip engulfed in his mouth.

    "Oh shit!", Alex said signaling that he's close to shooting his load.

    Miles spat out Alex's dick and made it flop against Alex's abs. The dick was throbbing hard and Miles saw how much Alex craved the release.

    "Please, man. Let me shoot my load. Please!", Alex moaned.

    Miles pulled out an item fron under the couch that Alex couldnt identify at first. Miles slipped it over Alex's dick and activated it. Alex could now see that it was a modified electric vibrator.

    Alex started to moan again and it only took seconds until his dick errupted. He shot string after string of warm cum. It felt like minutes for Alex until the pleasure receded. His balls were completely empty now. The fog of pleasure started to lift in his mind and he saw that the modified vibrator had collected his semen.

    Miles pulled it off and it made a plop sound as it detached.

    Alex heard the door open again and the man walked around the corner again.

    "How do I look?", the man asked.

    The man was wearing Alex's black shirt, pants and briefs.

    "You look good.", Miles said.

    Alex was surprised how perfect his clothes fit the man. They fit the man the same way they fit him.

    "You're still missing some clothes.", Miles said petting Alex's boots on the table.

    The man walked over to the boots. He took the socks out, placed his feet on Alex's abs and pulled them over his feet and muscular calves. After that he sniffed the boots before slipping into them while starring down at Alex.

    "They feel so good!", the man exclaimed. "And they are still moist."

    Alex saw the mans dick tent the jeans.

    "So there is still a big thing missing.", Miles said.

    "Oh my god. Are you serious?", the man sounded excited.

    "Yes. You're ready now.", Miles left the house through the front door.

    The man was still starring down at Alex, his nostrils were flaring of excitement. He grabbed his dick through his pants and massaged it. He let out a silent moan.

    Miles came back with two boxes. He placed them on the couch table and opened the smaller one.

    He took something out that looked for Alex like skin colored latex with hair. Then it hit him. Could it be that it is a mask thats supposed to look like him?

    Miles turned the object towards Alex and Alex could only stare in shock. It was an exact replica of his face. His hairline, his stubble and even the little wrinkles on his forehead were perfectly recreated.

    Miles showed it to the man who couldnt even contain his excitement anymore.

    "Come on. Please, put it on me!", he exclaimed.

    Miles lowered the mask again and placed it on the table.

    "First off we have to loosen your suit.", Miles said.

    He took a bowl with a liquid and dipped his fingers in it. He started to massage the neck of the man until Alex started to see a part of the skin lift up.

    "And done. We can seal the mask to the body now.", Miles said.

    "Wait!", Alex shouted.

    The man and Miles turned around to stare at him.

    "Why are you replacing me with a stranger?", Alex continued.

    "Yes, I'm replacing you because this guy here-", Miles said putting his hand on the mans shoulder. "This man would give me everything I want from your body while he enjoys your life as a gym and health influencer."

    "And I'm no stranger to both of you.", the man chuckled.

    Alex raised an eyebrow as he tried to remember that face.

    "He was an intern for you.", Miles finally revealed. "He worked for you while I visited you the last time and I could immediately see the jealousy in his eyes when he looked at you."

    Alex's mind was racing.

    "Lukas, right? And you were one of the employees at the shoot today. You gave me my jacket.", Alex added.

    "Yes. I was observing you while you waited for Miles.", Lukas said triumphant. He scrambled through a bag lying beneath the couch table. He took out a smartphone and showed it to Alex.

    On the screen was a picture of Alex that was taken right after his call with Miles. Lukas chuckled, grabbed his dick once more and put the phone back into the bag.

    With that Miles started to slip the mask over Lukas's face.

    Alex looked in horror as the mask distorted his face before it slipped into place. In front of him were now standing his supposedly best friend and an exact copy of him.

    Miles dipped his fingers into the liquid again before massaging the seam were the mask ended into the body. The seam disappeared everywhere he pushed. Miles took another part out of the box and gave it to Lukas.

    During the handover Alex could see that it was a denture. Lukas put it into his mouth and moved his jaw from side to side.

    "How do I sound?", he asked sending a chill down Alex's spine. It was his own voice coming out of Lukas.

    Miles jumped at Lukas, forcing his tongue down his throat. Lukas returns the kiss and they both lean into each other. The two passionately made out, moving their hands over the others body. Miles squeezed Lukas's butt before moving his hands beneath the shirt. Lukas grinded his crotch against Miles's and Miles returned the favor before pulling away.

    Lukas moved in front of Miles and leaned down onto the couch table, facing directly at Alex. Miles opened Lukas's pants and pulled them down together with the briefs. He unzipped his own fly and pulled out his dick.

    He immediately pushed it into Lukas's butthole.

    Lukas groaned in pain before the two started to moan in pleasure. Both stared at Alex who had to watch his friend breeding someone looking like himself.

    "You know...", Miles started to say, only pausing to let out small moans of pleasure. "I... always wanted... this... to happen. But you... always had... this straight... breeder mindset... not even noticing... my feelings... towards you. Lukas here... is now... like an... upgraded you.... So much better. He... lets me breed him... and he'll... fuck me too."

    Miles finished inside Lukas and both let out a final, loud moan. Miles stuffed his dick back inside the pants and Lukas pulled up his pants.

    Miles took the second box he brought inside and opened it.

    "Do you want to do the honor, 'Alex'?", Miles asked Lukas.

    "Yes, of course.", Lukas answered with a big grin.

    He took a big skinsuit out of the box and turned towards Alex.

    He widened the suits neck and slowly inserted Alex's legs inside the suit.

    "Wait! What are you doing to me?", Alex shouted. Miles signaled Lukas to stop putting it on.

    "Have you asked yourself how 'Alex' here looks so good in his clothes? He wears a suit just like the one he puts on you. Only that his is a replica of your body which I've created after the last time I've visited you. After you fell asleep I took A LOT of samples. Sperm, fingernails, saliva, hair, I cant name it all, and used it to create a perfect bodysuit of you. And I mean perfect when I say it. Every last detail, every pore, every scar, every hair is at the same place as it is on you. And the good thing is. The suits muscles cant regress past the state it was created in. That means that 'Alex' here will always be this muscular or even more if he continues to work out. They even age at like a quarter of our speed. And if we wear a suit we dont age inside it, our body doesnt change inside it."

    Miles pointed at Alex's muscles. "You'll stay this muscular and young as long as you wear the suit. You can continue putting it on now."

    Lukas continued to push Alex further inside the suit. He aligned Alex's legs inside the legs of the suit and it was immediately visible that the mass inside the legs changed. The legs were filled out perfectly. Alex could now at the sight of the legs imagine what type of body he would have. He would be an obese man when Lukas was finished. Lukas now already managed to pull the suit over Alex's abs as he took Alex's arms to stuff them inside the suitarms. He aligned them before pulling the neck of the suit up over Alex's shoulders. The baggy suit immediately started to fill itself up until it looked like a real body.

    Miles and Lukas chuckled as the sight of Alex's handsome face on top of an obese body looked to funny.

    Lukas took the head mask out of the box and started to pull it over Alex's head.

    "Please, dont! I beg you!", Alex plead.

    But Lukas continued to pull it in place.

    "There you go.", Lukas said.

    Alex blinked two times and noticed how his eyesight got weaker and the eyelids felt heavier.

    "Hey 'Alex' you need to hide the seals.", Miles said to Lukas. "I've milked him while you got dressed. Use that for it. With that only you could release him."

    Lukas took the vial that was attached to the vibrator and scooped up Alex's cum. He started massaging it onto the seam until he seemed happy.

    "All done!", he said going back to Miles.

    Miles went into the room Lukas got dressed in and came back with a wide mirror. He placed it in front of Alex.

    Alex looked at his reflection in shock and disgust. There was nothing left of his body he had worked so hard for. His belly was draping around his legs, and his chest was bigger than before but not because of his muscles. He closed his eyes, trying to keep his tears from rolling down his cheeks. He couldnt believe what Miles had done to him. He always trusted Miles and never thought that he had developed such evil intentions. Alex couldnt keep it in anymore. The tears started to run down his cheek while he was sobbing silently. As he calmed down Alex opened his eyes again. Miles and Lukas were now sitting in front of him.

    "Dont pity yourself.", Lukas said. "You brought this over yourself."

    "I couldnt have said it better Alex.", Miles said. "It really was important to drug my uncle. Who knows what my uncle with dissociative identity disorder would do to us if he would move."

    Both snickered.

    "What the fuck are you talking about Miles. I'm Alex, not your uncle.", Alex said.

    "Oh look, its another personality again.", Lukas laughed.

    "Havent you seen yourself in the mirror?", Miles said. "You're my obese uncle Eric. He has multiple personalities."

    "Cut this crap man! You cant get away with replacing me, acting as if I was your uncle and Lukas the real me!", Alex shouted.

    "We cant get away with it you think? We definitely will! 'Alex' here has been observing you since he was your intern. Everything about you before that I've taught him.", Miles said angrily. "You'll stay here forever. Sure you'll be able to move again soon but we'll always lock the doors, and the windows are barricaded and even if you manage to get outside your body is so fat you wont be able to get far. I mean the next house is a 5 hour car drive away. You'd die before you get there."

    "And dont worry, we'll visit you at least once a week. Miles is obligated to look and care for his uncle.", Lukas added.

    "And every time we do we'll give you updates on how your life is going and what nice things we've done together.", Miles said as he got up. "Lets go Alex. My uncle needs his sleep."

    With that Miles and Lukas left the house. Alex could hear how they used 3 locks to secure the door before they drove away.

    Alex was now all alone in this remote cabin, warm tears running over his cheeks. He already missed his body and life.

    Tinder swindler

    "Never thought I'd get married before you.", Chris said taking a picture of me.

    "I just didnt have luck finding the right person.", I answered.

    He gave me back my phone.

    "You look good on the picture. You could use it for a dating account. It doesnt hurt to look somewhere else. I mean, I found my Will through Grindr.", he said.

    "Yeah, maybe I should look into it."

    "If you want to stay a virgin when you turn 28 in two months, no one will stop you."

    "Hey! You know I lost it before you did."

    He chuckled.

    "I know."

    That night I couldnt sleep. I always thought about what Chris told me.

    I turned on my lamp and took out my phone. I installed Grindr and made myself a profile. I entered my name, height, weight, what I like and want and at last I added some pictures.

    It didnt take long and my inbox was flooded.  Many called me 'daddy' which was quite new for me. Most wanted to have me fuck them, let them worship me and move on but one message caught my eye.

    A man called George. According to his profile he is 6,3ft, just like me and well build. He likes to bottom and is searching for a long time relationship.

    He wrote 'you seem like a dream but I'm probably out of your league already'.

    I answered 'You're definitely not out of my league'.

    We started chatting and got to know each other. I felt connected to him immediately and we quickly agreed to go on a date next friday. We wrote each other every day.

    It was finally friday afternoon and I got myself ready for my first date in a long time.

    First I took a long shower.

    I toweled myself dry and put on my boxer briefs. I left the bathroom and went to my wardrobe. I opened it and looked for a suit to wear.

    I decided to wear a beige vest and pants with a light blue shirt and red tie. I slipped into my socks and stepped into the pants. I put on the shirt and buttoned it up before I tucked it into the pants. I tied my tie and put on the vest. I put on my watch and rings.

    Now I had to choose a jacket and decided to go with a dark olive green one. I put it on and looked at my small collection of shoes.

    I decided to go with my favorite pair of brown leather dress shoes.

    I slowly slipped into them before lacing them. I loved them because they show little wear on the outside but they already molded themselves around my feet to fit perfectly as if they were custom made for me.

    I took an uber and drove to the restaurant George and I agreed to date.

    I sat at the table waiting for George to enter the building. I was staring at the front door, waiting to lay my eyes on his muscular frame.

    I searched for him so much, that I didnt even looked at the chubby guy who entered and walked towards me.

    He sat down and looked sheepishly at me.

    "Hey Dean. Its awesome to meet you in person.", the man said.

    I looked at him with big eyes. If he was George, I officially got catfished.

    "Before you say anything or even stand up and leave, please let me tell you why I catfished you.", he continued. "The pictures on my profile are real only from 4 years ago. Shortly after I took them I had to get a big surgery on both of my legs and my right arm. I lost my muscles in no time as I couldnt go to the gym. You know, I'm sorry I did this to you but I lost so much confidence over the last few years and while I wrote to you, you were the nicest person I've ever met since then and I thought I had to take this chance. This chance to go on a date with one of the hottest men I've seen in my entire life."

    He looked at me, probably waiting for my reaction but I couldnt speak it was as if someone was choking me.

    "Please give me a chance. Only this date, I beg you. We can go separate ways after that, please.", he begged.

    "Well,... I dont know what to say.", I finally got something out. "You lied pretty heavily in our chats now that I see you."

    "I know, and I'm really sorry. I wanted to tell you but I thought that if I did you would never agree to meet me. I seem to be way out of your league."

    "You dont know that.", I chuckled. "Only this date. And only because I dressed up for this."

    "And you look marvelous!", he said.


    We started up a conversation and I was surprised how many things we really had in common. We talked, we laughed, we had dinner together. And maybe one, two drinks too much. We sat there together for more than 5 hours. The clock struck midnight and the restaurant wanted to close.

    I wanted to call an uber for me and one for him, because he had paid for our complete dinner.

    "I know you said only this date but maybe we could elongate this date by going to my apartment.", George asked.

    Maybe I was too drunk to say no or I was somewhat attracted to him, I didnt know.

    "Yeah, why not.", I answered. "I'm craving a relief right now."

    "I can do that for you, I promise.", he smiled.

    We called an uber and drove to his apartment. We entered the elevator and when the door closed, he pulled my face down to his. He began to kiss me passionately and I didnt push him away. The elevator rang and he pushed me out the door. I stumbled into a huge foyer, connecting multiple huge doors.

    "You didnt tell me you had the suite of this building.", I said.

    "Its not the suite but the penthouse.", he answered.

    I turned around trying to soak it all in.

    "Impressed?", he asked.

    "Yeah, quite a bit."

    He chuckled.

    I turned around to see that he already had undressed himself quite a bit. He only wore his suit pants.

    He pushed me into the bedroom. It felt like it was bigger than my whole apartment and on the far wall stood a huge king-sized bed. He pushed me ontop of it.

    "You want some champagne?", he asked.

    "Yeah, sure."

    He opened the bottle that stood next to the bed and filled to glasses. He gave me one and we toasted. It didnt took long and the complete bottle was empty. I felt dizzy but it felt great.

    "May I undress you Dean?", George asked.

    "Sure.", I answered.

    He slowly unlaced my right shoe and slipped it off my foot. He stuck his nose inside my shoe and took a deep breath.

    "It smells so manly. I wish I would smell so good.", he said.

    He unlaced my other shoe and sniffed it too. He let out a quiet moan. I wiggled my toes in my socks. To get his attention.

    He pulled them off slowly and smelled them too.

    "I love your style Dean. I mean I couldnt pull of these striped socks with those hot, hot, brown dress shoes.", he said taking another sniff of my socks.

    "Well you can put them on to see if you can.", I said.

    I dont know why I said it but I still did it. It felt like a slight layer of fog was clouding my mind.

    George seemed happy as he pulled my socks over his own bare feet. He wiggled his toes inside them before he stepped into my dress shoes. He laced them up and looked at himself in the mirror next to the bed.

    "Not so bad, isnt it?", I said.

    It honestly didnt look too bad at him, but you could immediately see that my socks and shoes were a size too small for his body mass. His ankles swole over the edge of the shoes and you could see where the socks ended beneath his pants.

    George continued undressing me. He slipped my watch off my wrist and my rings off my fingers. He took off my green jacket and beige vest before he untied my red tie.

    He ran his hands over my light blue shirt feeling my muscles beneath before he unbuttoned it. He went down to my beige dress pants and pulled them off. I was now laying before him only wearing my black boxer briefs.

    I thought he would yank them off of me but instead he took my suit and carefully hung it up. He turned around and laid himself next to me. He played with the waist band of my boxer briefs.

    "Now you can undress me.", George said.

    I opened the laces of my shoes and pulled them off, together with my socks. After that I slowly opened his belt and dress pants. As I pulled them down I was surprised by his hard dick swinging towards me.

    "No underpants, what a surprise!", I said.

    He chuckled.

    "It has always brought me luck not wearing one.", he said.

    He threw his pants to the ground and eagerly pulled my boxer briefs away.

    "Its even bigger than I've imagined.", he said taking my erect dick into his hands.

    He started going down on it and it felt amazing. His warm, soft lips engulfed my dick and his tongue played with the tip. I started twitching as he started sucking.

    "That should be enough lube.", George said leaving my dick. "I want you inside of me."

    "When you state that so nice, turn around."

    He turned around and I slowly inserted my dick into his loose hole.

    I started thrusting and it didnt take long until George started moaning.

    "This feels so good!", he said.

    I thrusted back and forth, my body already covered in sweat , loosening his hole even further.

    After some minutes I felt I'm close to cumming.

    "I'm close, I'll pull out.", I said.

    "No, please, dont.", George said clenching his cheeks. "I want your pretty boy seed inside me."

    That brought me over the edge. I shot string, after string of thick, white cum into his hole. We both moaned in sync. I, because I had my orgasm and him because he loved the feeling.

    It felt like more than 10 minutes until I stopped shooting my load inside of George. I collapsed ontop of him, feeling my dick slipping out of his hole, covered in my own cum.

    George turned me on my back and cleaned my dick by licking it clean. He laid down next to me and started playing with my sensitiv nipples.

    "You are so incredibly hot.", George said.

    I started moaning because he hit the sweet spot with my nipples. After one of my biggest orgasms this somewhat felt like torture.

    "Can I fuck you?", he suddenly asked. "I have condoms if you want."

    I started winding around.

    "Yes, if you stop playing with my nipples, please.", I moaned.

    I didnt fully realise what I agreed to until he stopped playing. He leaned over me to open the drawer next to the bed.

    He took out a condom and pulled it over his dick.

    He got off the bed and pulled me towards the edge. He took my muscular legs onto his shoulders and pushed his dick inside my ass.

    It hurt at first.

    "Is this your first time?", he asked.

    I groaned in agreement.

    He started thrusting slowly but increased the speed fast. My pecs jiggled with every thrust just like his belly. It didnt take long until I heard him squirm.

    "I'm close to cumming.", he moaned.

    "Then pull out.", I said panting.

    "No need, I'm wearing a condom."

    He started to twitch until he let out a loud moan.

    I suddenly felt a strange warmth filling my ass.

    "Dude, I think your condom broke.", I said pulling my ass off of his dick.

    "Oh god, sorry. I'm really, really sorry.", he answered.

    "Its okay, I'm just so sleepy all of a sudden."

    "Well, make yourself comfortable then.", he said gesturing towards the bed.

    I crawled under the blanket and curled myself together. I suddenly felt cold and started to shiver.

    I felt how George crawled under the blanket too. I felt how his belly touched my back while he put his arm over my side, placing his hand on my abs. Shortly after that I fell asleep.

    I woke up the next morning and I felt my stomach grumble. I turned from side to side and felt funny.

    "Man I feel bloated after yesterdays dinner...", I whispered to myself.

    My crotch started to itch. I moved my right arm to scratch it as I noticed something weird. My belly was in the way of scratching my crotch.

    I opened my eyes and was devastated. What I saw wasnt my hard earned body. I didnt see my abs, pecs, muscular arms, tattoos and muscular legs, but a fat body.

    It didnt took long for me to realize that this was Georges body. I looked next to me, thinking I would find my body there sleeping but I was sitting on this bed alone.

    I looked around the room searching for him but he wasnt there. I stood up looking for some clothes but Georges suit from yesterdad was nowhere to be found as well as my own clothes. I looked inside the wardrobe and only found a bathrobe.

    I slipped it on and left the bedroom to search for my body.

    It wasnt in the foyer and I made my way out onto the terrace. I found it there sitting on the couch, fully dressed in my clothes from yesterday evening, touching itself.

    "How did this happen!", I shouted at it.

    "Good morning Dean. How are you?", it asked.

    I shivered when I heard my deep, dark voice.

    "George?  Is that you?", I asked bewildered.

    "Who else should it be."

    "How did this happen? We cant stay like this!"

    "Why not? I mean, I'm stunning now."

    "So you dont want your life back? Even if not, you cant force your life uppon me!"

    "In fact, I do not want it back. I mean, I was the one who swapped our bodies."

    "What do you mean 'you were the one'?"

    "Remember the champagne we had before yesterdays makeout session? Yeah, it was a special one. It took a very long time to get it here from the deep darks of the internet. And then I only needed a hot hunk to drink it with and to have each others cum inside us."

    "Wait...you broke the condom on purpose to swap with me? Why even me? Why even swap to begin with. Your muscles still have your workout memory. It wouldnt have been too hard to get your muscles back!"

    He stood up and leaned against the wall. I only now noticed how much taller my body is compared to Georges.

    "I'll do this in order. Yes, i did it on purpose. Because you are honestly one of the hottest men I've seen. I mean, that trimmed beard, the handsome face, the muscles, the tattoos, the suits. And those pictures werent really me. Those are my cousin, he always had the better genetics while looking similar. I always had a crush on people like him: big, strong, muscular. And with your body I can finally get a boyfriend like that!"

    "You've done all of that just to have a chance of getting a hunk as a boyfriend? You know you coild get that in this body too!?"

    "Dont try to trick me! No one wanted to date me when I had a profile with real pictures of myself."

    "But I gave you a chance. What if I wanted to be your boyfriend George? "

    I could see his dick twitch in my pants.

    "You want to?", he asked.

    "Yesterday was one of the best nights of my life.", I answered.

    He walked around me and put his arms around my waist.

    "So you'll be my boyfriend?", George asked.

    I got goosebumps feeling his breath on my neck. I smelled the perfume and aftershave from my body. And it smelled incredible.

    His hands opened my bathrobe and started to massage my fat breasts. He slowly moved down onto my belly and kneaded it before starting to stroke my dick.

    It was pure pleasure and my knees went weak. I fell onto my knees and George sat down onto the couch again.

    I turned at him and he held his foot in front of me.

    "Worship me George!", he said.

    And how I wanted to worship him. I felt the need to serve this muscular man before me.

    I started licking the brown leather top of my former shoes. I pulled it off of his foot and smelled it. It smelled great, like leather and manly sweat.

    I pushed my dick inside the shoe and wanted to shoot a load into it when I came back to my senses.

    "No! This isnt right! I wont serve my own body. It is mine and I demand you to give it back!", I shouted.

    "Thats sad. I had hoped that the seduction would let you forget who you really are.", he said.

    "You are a horrible person George! You steal my body and then try to make me forget myself?! Even when I would still have my body I wouldnt want to be your boyfriend anymore. You are just sick!", I screamed.

    "I want to propose a deal to you.", he said calm. "You can have your body back, but only when you get a hunk to date you in my body."


    "Good. I'll give you three weeks to accomplish it. If you dont, I'll make you my slave and you'll worship your own body forever."

    He stood up again and left the terrace. I followed him.

    "Oh, before I forget. You'll get some of my memories in the next hours. Phone pin, where I hid my clothes, credit card pin, where my car and house keys are et cetera.", he continued.

    I looked at him speechless.

    "Yes, I also have your memories. And not only a few like you will, I know what you know.", je chuckled. "I'll go home now and test this body to the fullest. So make sure you get a date to get this back!"

    He pointed to himself, then entered the elevator.

    "See you in three weeks."

    He waved at me as the elevator doors closed.


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    Over this timeframe I released 40 stories and wrote over 41.400 words in my stories combined.

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    Life changing night

    As a child I always wanted to protect my country when I'm older, just like my father did. He was the police chief of my hometown and I had great respect for him. When I turned 21 I found out that I was somehow gifted with a magical power. I could control minds and transform bodies. After I found out I started to improve myself. I gave myself abs and pecs as well as huge arms and legs. I was in an instant the strongest guy in my year at school and I changed the memories of the others to accept it. I kept it a secret for about a year until my father had a work accident. He got shot and had to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I told him that I could help him but he didnt believe me at first. I started to change his spine to get him to walk again. At first he was happy but it didnt last long. Shortly after it he became afraid of what I could do but he didnt let it show. It was that night where I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night surrounded by swat teams. My father had called the police and told them about me.

    I was drugged and imprisoned in a secret facility so that the government could study what makes me different. Lucky me, I found a way to act like I was drugged. Every meal I got a pill to stay submissive and compliant but after some time I managed to break free and sonce then I've kept every single pill in a secret hiding spot. I was in there for about 2 years before I was fully conscious again. That was 19 months ago and every spare minute I had, I worked on a way to break out of the facility and today is the day.

    Its Friday, 31. October. Halloween.

    I woke up and had breakfast before I was lead into a test it was short and I had the rest of the day off. I waited until dusk and then I broke out. I moved away the mirror above the sink in the bathroom and entered a secret tunnel. I silently left the estate and walked towards the nearest town.

    My prison uniform wont be noticed anytime soon as everyone is dressed up. I walked through the streets at the edge of the city, hoping to see an open window or door to sneak into a house do change my clothes but sadly everything was closed.

    I started to think about other options. Breaking into a house or store? Probably too loud.

    Knocking out a parent to steal his clothes? Possible if no one is around.

    I continued walking down the streets alone, no one around until I suddenly saw someone coming towards me. From the way the person walked I could see that its a man and while coming closer I finally saw that he wore a military uniform. It seems like he noticed my clothes too as he started to change his grip on his gun.

    We finally stood in front of each other.

    "No need to worry, its a costume.", I said.

    "Oh good. While I dont know of any prison around here I was still cautious.", he answered.

    "I'm Luke.", I introduced myself.

    "Mike.", he answered.

    I sized him up. We were similarly tall and muscular. I wouldnt even change a lot about myself to be him physically.

    "And whats a soldier doing on the streets all alone?"

    "Oh.", he chuckled. "Yeah, I'm a real soldier but I'm wearing it as a costume today. I was walking around with my nephew and he wanted us to be soldiers together. I just brought him home. What about you?"

    "Just brought my son to my ex.", I lied. "He wanted to be a police officer and I should be his prisoner."

    Mike laughed. "Sounds like he got you under control."

    "Yeah, he does.", I chuckled.

    It followed a short moment of weird silence.

    "I have nothing else to do this evening. You seem like a good guy, want to come with me for some beer and small talk?", he asked.

    What an opportunity, I thought.

    "Yeah, sure!", I answered.

    We walked to his house and he let me in. We sat down in his living room and talked a lot. At the end both of us had like 6 to 7 beer and I wanted to alter his mind to let me transform him as he asked a sudden question.

    "You know, this may sound weird to you...", he burped. "But I really like you. I never had a feeling like this towards anyone."

    Well, this is another way to get what I want, I thought.

    "I feel the same.", I said. "Since the first time I saw you in your uniform I wanted to have you, to serve you."

    "Well then why dont we go upstairs together."

    He took my hand and lead me upstairs. He sat down on the bed and pushed me to my knees.

    "If you dont want to go to prison again you maggot, start sucking my dick.", he said firmly.

    "Roleplay, I like it.", I said.

    What was that maggot?!", he said.

    "I dont want to go back, sir!", I answered.

    "Then suck. And make sure that not a single drop gets on my uniform."

    I opened his fly and took his hard 6 inch cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and slid my head up and down on his shaft. After a few minutes he exploded his warm seed without warning into my mouth and I made sure that I swallowed every bit of it.

    "That was awesome!", he panted.

    I started to strip him out of his uniform. I opened his boots and peeled off his green wool socks. I opened his belt and pulled off his pants and underpants, followed by his vest, shirt and undershirt. He was now laying naked in front of me. He was a sight to behold. Great abs, big pecs and massive calfs and biceps.

    "Oh no! This poor soldier got stripped by the prisoner he wanted to bring to the police. I hope he doesnt fuck me rough without lube.", Mike said with a smile.

    "You soldier can only hope to see the daylight again now that I have you beneath me!", I role played further.

    "Oh, help. Please!", he said while I turned him on his stomach.

    I pulled my dick out of my pants and quickly enlarged it to a nice hard 9 inches.

    "This could hurt, soldier boy.", I said as I slowly entered his hole.

    Mike gasped as I entered his hole but he quickly moved up and down on my dick. We had sex for about 2 hours and it was a blissful experience. Both if us covered in sweat were lying next to each other on the bed. We looked each other deep into the eyes.

    "Hey Mike, I...", I stammered. "I've got a question."

    "Of course. What is it?"

    "Could I put on your uniform?", I asked.

    "That would be hot.", he answered.

    I hopped out of his bed and walked towards the pile of clothes I left on the chair while I undressed Mike.

    I took his still warm boxers and sniffed them. I looked at Mike and saw how he stroked his dick.

    I stepped into his boxers and slid my feet into his damp socks. I pulled on his undershirt and his pants. I closed the belt and put on his shirt and vest. I wiggled into his boots and tied them up. I slipped my hands into his gloves.

    "This feels awesome!", I said.

    "Hello staff sergeant! How can I help you?", Mike asked.

    I could see how aroused he was seeing me in his uniform.

    "I know I'm not a cop so I have no rights to indrude your home Mr., but I was told that a prisoner was seen entering this house. Do you know anything about this?", I asked firmly.

    "No sir, I havent seen a prisoner here.", he said still stroking his dick.

    "Do you mind if I take a look around?", I asked.

    "No, not at all sir."

    A walked around the room until my old clothes were in front of me.

    "What do we have here...", I said, picking up my orange shirt and pants. I threw them at Mike, followed by my orange loafers.

    "Put them on. I'll bring you to the police, prisoner!", I said.

    I saw how excited Mike was. He stepped into the pants and slipped the shirt over his abs. After that he slipped into the loafers.

    "Please, I was falsely imprisoned. I'd do anything to get away from it.", Mike said.

    "Well, if thats the case, suck me off and I'll see what I can do for you.", I answered.

    Mike crawled towards me, opened my fly and pulled out my hard dick. He went right down on it without hesitation. His mouth engolfed my dick like a wet, warm cave. His tongue played easily with my hard dick and I put my hands behind his face. I slowly started to facefuck him, getting rougher and rougher until I exploded into his mouth. He immediately started to swallow until he got every drop.

    It made me feel ecstatic and my knees got weak. I dropped on my knees and was now face to face with Mike again.

    "I love this feeling of power. I love wearing your uniform. I'd love to be you, a soldier.", I said panting.

    "And it suits you good.", he said.

    He came in for a kiss and I didnt stop him.

    We kissed and I wanted to shove my hand beneath his shirt as he suddenly pulled me to the ground.

    We wrestled for a short time but it was clear from the beginning that Mike had the upper hand by knowing all the fighting tactics. Je quickly had me locked in a position where I couldnt move my right arm and leg.

    His arm moved over my chest down to my dick.

    "You may wear the uniform and look like a soldier but you dont know a thing being a soldier.", Mike whispered in my ear.

    I felt how he started stroking my dick.

    "And now the soldier will be fucked by the prisoner.", he continued.

    He managed to turn me around while keeping me pinned down to the ground. I felt how he pulled the pants from my butt before his dick entered.

    He got a fast pace but I figured out that he was to focused on fucking me that he wouldnt pay attention to my body changing. I focused on Mikes appearance and started my transformation. I lost my tattoos, made my muscles slightly grow and then I started to change my face.

    My hair got shorter, my jaw more square. I now resembled Mike in all his glory.

    At last I changed my voice to match Mikes.

    "You wont get away with this you scum. You cant just fuck a soldier and think you can just leave.", I said, hearing Mikes deep baritone voice.

    "Oh my... wait, what the- uurgh!", Mike sounded confused but he shot his load into my ass.

    Mike pulled out and turned me on my back.

    "How can you sound like me? Look like me?!", he shouted.

    "I do what?!", I answered, playing unknowing.

    He stood up, pulled me with him and pushed me in front of the mirror.

    He looked at himself, I could see a slight relief and then he looked at me.

    "We're like twins!", I said moving my hands through my hair and over my jaw.

    "How can we revert this?", he mumbled.

    "I'd love to go to your work as you.", I said under my breath.

    "Impersonating a soldier.", I didnt think he'd hear me. "Hot but dangerous."

    "You'd let me do it?", I asked.

    "I think so but you dont know a thing about my work, let alone my colleagues."

    I turned around to look at him. My hard dick in the uniform pants brushed against his thigh.

    I started kissing him and he moved his hands to my bubble but. We kissed passionately.

    "You know I could change that deficit.", I said.

    I quickly kissed him before I started to copy his memories. He felt that something was wrong and tried to push me away but I didnt let go.

    I finished copying before he pushed me away.

    "What did you just do? I- I feel a bit dizzy.", Mike said.

    "Easy there Mike.", I helped him to sit down on his bed. "I just copied your memories. I could now go to your work and no one would know I'm not the real you."

    "But- but how?", he stepped away from me.

    "I dont know how to say it.", I said.

    "Then try to explain it.", he said taking my hand.

    "I have...this power. I can change the body and mind. And I really wanted to be you because I like you so much."

    "So you could make my power fantasy real?"

    "Your what?", I asked perplexed.

    "I- I always- okay, since my early teenage years I somehow liked, maybe even loved being talked down, even though I was muscular since the beginning. That was the real reason I joined the army. I wanted to get screamed at, dragged through the mud and so on. But I quickly found out that that didnt really happen, I quickly shot up the career ladder and suddenly I was supposed to scream at others."

    I was totally surprised.

    "Could you maybe make me your submissive prisoner?", he continued. "I mean, you'd have your dream of being me, staff sergeant Mike Walker."

    He got closer to me and grabbed my bulge.

    "And I could be the muscular prisoner who you use as a slave and humiliate.", he continued.

    He squeezed my bulge and it was so good.

    "Please, I beg you Luke.", he said. "Influence my mind, make me forget my life as a soldier. Maybe even change my face to fit a slave."

    A year later and I have the best time of my life. I am the soldier I always wanted to be and my life with Mike, now called Mouse is also incredible. I lift the blockade in his mind on special occasions and he always tells me how much he liked the past time as his dream. Tonight is halloween again and my nephew wants me to be soldiers with him again. The real Mike asked to come with us, fully conscious. He would be one of my friends, of course dressed as a prisoner. My nephew loves the idea and Mike cant wait for the time when we are alone again.

    This definitely is a much better life than I thought I would ever get.


    I'm back and sadly I didnt manage to hit my deadline to post this story on halloween, but at least I'm close. I'm working on more stories again so look forward to them.

    Play along

    For you to understand what happened to me the last 2 1/2 years, I have to tell some things about myself.

    I'm Brodie, 28, 6ft 2, and I was a soldier.

    A pretty good one if I may say so myself. Towards the end of my time at the military I got poached by one of the most profitable companies in the world. They wanted me as their head of security and I agreed. I mean, I got such high paychecks, so high I never imagined to earn that in my entire life.

    So I was already head of security for 2 years when something strange happened. The police admitted that they failed to prevent new drugs to reach the market. Drugs that let people swap and possess bodies or turn them into bodysuits. Of course that created an uproar, especially from the rich. Who would want to be rich until someone poor comes along and manages to swap bodies.

    To prevent this from happening at the company I was working for and many other companies, we had called for a meeting. A whole weekend for this topic where all head of securities were present.

    I arrived on the first evening, an evening where everyone could drink to get to know each other.

    All of us were meeting at a hotel. I got my key card, put my luggage in my room and got dressed for a casual meeting.

    When I arrived at the meeting room at first I was talking to the ones I already knew until I saw someone standing shy and lonely somewhat in the corner of the room. So I went to him.

    As I approached him I could see him more clearly. He was taller than me, maybe 6ft 5, had blond hair, was skinny, and had some kind of boyish face.

    He saw that I was approaching him and he smiled.

    "Hey, I'm Brodie.", I said holding out my hand. "Nice to meet you."

    "I'm Tommy.", he answered shaking my hand.

    His hand was so soft, atypical for a head of security.

    "You seem pretty young to be head of security."

    "Yeah, I know. I just got promoted on my 22nd birthday, some months ago."

    "Congrats on that!"

    "Thanks! You are the first to talk to me here.", he said. "You want a drink?"

    "Yeah, I would take one."

    After that we went to the bar.

    Shortly after that, everything went dark for me.

    The next morning. I was waking up, feeling the soft blanket against my sensitive dick. I ran my hands down my body to jack off, to get off some steam, as I noticed something was different. I opened my eyes to see that it wasnt my body I ran my fingers over. I was staring at my new body in shock. I couldnt comprehend how I lost all of my muscles, even my body hair.

    I jumped out of my bed, running to a mirror. In disbelief I was looking at my reflection. I was looking like the boy I met yesterday. I looked like Tommy.

    I tried to reconstruct my memories. I tried to piece the evening together but I didnt know a single thing. I didnt know how I got into this room, I didnt know how I got out of my suit and I didnt know how I lost my body.

    I looked around the room for clothes but I could only find a loose pair of gym shorts, a weird kind of see-through shirt and pair of sneakers.

    I put them on and left the room. On the outside of the door I could finally see that I wasnt in my real hotel room. I was to floors beneath it.

    I searched for the nearest elevator to get to my initial room. I knocked on the door and my real body opened the door.

    I was awestruck seeing it shirtless in the doorframe. It was a feeling I never felt when watching men before.

    Before I could even open my mouth, my old body grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me inside with a powerful tug.

    My real body closed the door and walked past me through the hallway. I followed him.

    "And I thought you would never come.", I could hear my real, deep voice saying.

    "Well, I-", I stopped mid-sentence because I was surprised how high Tommy's voice sounded.

    My real body went into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. He pointed towards a chair in front of him. I sat down in it.

    There was something my real body had. A charisma that got you to do everything it said.

    He lifted one of his legs and put his hands together. It caused his muscles to bulge a bit and I was in awe again. I somehow wanted to worship this body in front of me. My own body!

    I pushed back that thought to get to the reason why I was here. I knew that he was taunting me with my real body by flexing MY muscles.

    "You fucker stole my body!", I said. I tried to be intimidating but I knew that I was nothing in this body compared to my old one. "You'll swap us back right now!"

    My old body let out a chuckle.

    "I'll let you know I'm not swapping back soon. If you complain I can put you in a sleeper hold and make the swap permanent.", he answered.

    "I'll kill you Tommy!", I shouted stormimg at my old body.

    He quickly took my hands and pushed me onto the bed. He sat down on my stomach and secured my arms with his knees. I tried to free myself.

    "Do this one more time Brodie, or should I say Tommy now, and this swap is permanent.", he said.

    I could smell him and it was turning me on. He smelled like warm sweat with a hint of parfume and alcohol from last evening.

    "Right now, I'm not planning to be in this body forever.", he continued and I stopped to free myself from his grasp. "You know Brodie -I mean Tommy- it wasnt always easy for me. I was the tallest in my year at school. That alone isnt that bad but I was also the youngest, skinny nerd. And it got even harder for me as they discovered that I was gay. They bullied me for this until graduation. It really destroyed my self esteem. But in a body like yours, a body worthy of being head of security, no one will bully me again because of my looks or my sexual orientation."

    "Thats it? Thats the reason you stole my body?! How did you even do this?"

    "Shush it.", he said putting one hand over my mouth.

    "Here is how it happened. I just wanted to swap with someone from this meeting at first but then I started to get to know you and we started to drink together. Everytime you didnt watch your drink, I spiked it. The first few were to make you submissive. That went quiet fast, probably because you knew how to follow orders as a soldier. Then after that I put some drops into your drinks to knock you out slowly. When I noticed that you got weaker, I helped you to get into my room. There you completely lost consciousness and I stripped you out if your beautiful suit.", he pointed at the pants he was wearing. "Then I slipped the pill into your mouth. It prepared your body for the swap. I then started to stimulate your body, and I can say that it was a lot of fun. After that I started sucking and you moaned so sexy while I did it. When I finished sucking you dry, I turned you over and gave you my seed. After that we swapped."

    I was looking at Tommy with big eyes. I couldnt believe what I just heard.

    "And I'll give you this body back.", he continued as he pulled out another pill. "This pill can swap us back, or seal our swap forever. You get all of this godlike body back if you do what I say for as long as I say. You'll be my daily cum-dump, my little slut, my faggot while I explore your body and have fun. Do you understand, Tommy?"

    I nodded.

    "Good boy. For the time we stay like this, you'll react to the name Tommy and you'll call me Brodie. You'll stay at my side all the time and dont worry, I know that you earn enough money for both of us. I know this because I got your memories through this swap."

    I nodded again.

    "Good boy. Now start off by sniffing my shoes."

    The new Brodie pulled off one of his black dress shoes and pushed it into my face.

    I was overwhelmed by the smell, by the sensation it caused in my new body. I pushed back that thought to get back a clear mind.

    "I'll do this just to get my body back!", I said.

    "I know Tommy.", Tommy answered with my deep voice. He chuckled again. "You'll be my boyfriend until then."

    He let go of me and I sat up straight. He looked at my watch on his wrist.

    "The meeting starts in 20 minutes. There is your new suit.", he pointed to a different chair in a corner. "You should put it on."

    He walked over to a closet and pulled out the suit I took with me for the meeting. He undressed himself right in front of my eyes. He just stood there in his sheer socks. My dick, well now his, was semi-hard and wobbling up and down.

    "Before you put yours on, you'll dress me in mine.", he said.

    I didnt want to dress the body I once owned but I knew that this was the only way to get it back in the future.

    I searched through the clothes he had pulled out for a pair of underpants but I couldnt find any. He had seen my confused face and said:" No underpants for this body, boy. I know that you love to wear jockstraps but I couldnt get warm with them for now. Thats why I wont wear one."

    I took the pants and went on my knees to let him get inside. He stepped in and my old dick was hanging in front of my face. I pulled up the pants and closed them. I did the same with his shirt, vest and jacket. After that I had him to put on the dress shoes I had to sniff that I wore yesterday and he probably the whole day. I wish I would've been turned off by the fact that he posed in my real body but it didnt. After that he watched me put on one of his old suits.

    "You'll play the role of Tommy the whole evening. Do you understand?", he said after I finished putting it on. "You'll play as if we are very good friends. You'll laugh at my jokes and be at my side. For the whole evening!"

    And I did as he said. The whole evening. At first I hated it but after some time we had so much fun. At the beginning I thought I would get sick from the way he acted. But I didnt. He was such nice guy, just like I really was and I started to crave for his touch. He sometimes took me in his arms and it was such a nice feeling. I knew that I'm attracted to women but since I'm in Tommy's body, I had the feeling that this is changing.

    That was two months ago.

    After the meeting weekend we went back to my old house. Tommy of course took my king sized bed, because it was 'his home'. At first I had to sleep on the couch but after a short time I had to sleep with him in 'his' bed because I'm his 'boyfriend'.

    At the start he was also often showing off my body. Sometimes he was walking around shirtless so that I could admire 'his hard work'. Sometimes, when we went for a walk outside, he would start doing exercises, even on street signs. He was such a show-off, flexing a body he doesnt really own.

    He also used me every day for the first few weeks. Not because he wanted to fuck someone but only to humiliate me, as he had my body.

    I had hoped that someone would notice that something was wrong with the Brodie they knew but Tommy played my life perfectly.

    He really knew everything about me. My workout routine, my way of talking, my job requirements and so on.

    When he was at my work, I had to cook for him and to clean the house. While doing that I always searched for the pill. The pill to swap us back but I never found it.

    Thats why I knew I had to play the role of the boyfriend to perfection to get my body back. And I had to do so quick as I felt that I became more and more like the real Tommy. My habits started to change.


    To be continued?


    Mr. Johnson is a muscular CEO. He lost his body to an intern because of a bet. Now he has to leave the company while the intern is now the boss.

    A new executive

    Mr. Johnson put on his suit jacket and slid his feet into his still moist shoes. He thought about being the good looking CEO of this company. He sat down in his executive chair and looked at his big desk. He enjoyed the feeling of his muscular physique, how his suit wraps itself around his body making him look good. His hands ran over his shirt down into his pants. He wanted to pull out his dick as he heard a slight exhale.

    He looked up from his desk to look at the intern of his company. He stood there in all of his naked glory, cum dripping out of his butt. His pale skin made him almost glow and his skinny frame made him almost look not human. His stare faded into the air while his face showed an incredoulus look.

    "Thank you Mr. Johnson, or should I call you Tommy now, for this amazing bet.", Mr. Johnson said. "Your new clothes are on the chair behind you if you want to get dressed."

    You know, Mr. Johnson and Tommy had made a bet. Tommy was the intern at Mr. Johnson company and they bet that Tommy wouldnt manage to organize every list at the company in his 4 week internship. The wager was Mr. Johnsons body. Of course Mr. Johnson only agreed because he thought that Tommy would never manage to do it and even if he would, there would be no way for Tommy to get Mr. Johnsons body. But he was wrong. Tommy managed to do it in time and had found a way to swap.

    He forced Mr. Johnson to undress before he bend him over his own desk and stuck his dick up Mr. Johnsons ass. He grinded harder as he felt the changes happen. He gained muscles, grew a beard and his dick grew to a can-sized monster. Mr. Johnson on the other hand lost his muscles, his face got boyish and his dick had shrunken down.

    It was a strange feeling for Tommy to navigate such a big body when they finished. He took Mr. Johnsons blue suit and put it on. It was like a dream for him to wear his boss' clothes, from jockstrap to shoes and jacket. It felt ecstatic to feel the fabric against his new body and to smell the manly musk.

    Mr. Johnson on the other hand lost everything.

    He started to get dressed in Tommy's clothes as the new Mr. Johnson gave the new Tommy his phone.

    "You will need this.", the new Mr. Johnson said. "And here is your evaluation. You were a good man Tommy but we dont have a spot for you at this company. I'm sorry you have to leave."

    Tommy as Mr. Johnson pushed a piece of paper over the desk and giggled.

    "You can go now.", he said.

    Mr. Johnson as Tommy now left his old office. One last look to the office he worked so hard to own, with the body he took hours to the gym to have the look he wanted. He saw how Tommy as him had one hand already on his dick while taking off his shoe to take a sniff. That was the last time Mr. Johnson saw his old body, he will be Tommy forever now.

    Brotherly love

    This is my big brother Aiden. He always protected me since I was little and he did so too when I came out to my family. While he supported me and defended me from harassment my family on the other hand threw me out of our house. Luckily my older brother was living alone in an apartment where I could stay.

    He was totally my type as I loved men with an opposite physique than I had. I loved these handsome, rugged faces on men. I also loved tall men with a great body, but I could only imagine his as I never saw him shirtless until that one morning where everything I wanted had changed.

    When I woke up that morning, Aiden was already gone. He left a note which said that he went swimming. I made myself ready for my morning walk.

    After I put on my running clothes I decided to take a new route through the forest.

    It went great until I passed the small lake in the forest. I couldnt believe what I saw as it was my brother Aiden as he was taking off his swimming trunks to swim naked.

    I had stopped walking, gazing at his incredible sixpack. As he turned around I had a short look at his huge dick before he covered it as he discovered me.

    "Oh shit, Jeremy!", I heard him shout.

    "Hey Aiden. I just - I didnt knew - I thought about taking a new route but I didnt know you where here.", I stammered.

    "All good.", he put his trunks back on quickly and got out of the lake.

    He gave me a slight hug, making my shirt wet in the process by pressing his hard abs against my chest. I hoped he wouldnt feel my hard dick pressing against his thick thigh. And if he noticed he didnt say anything.

    After a short talk he went back swimming and I ran the rest of the route. I couldnt get this incredible sight out of my mind. He was so fucking gorgeous. I knew it was wrong but I started to lust after my own brother. My beautiful big hunky brother.

    I was the first one back home and I immediately went into Aidens room. I went to his laundry basket and searched for his used workout clothes. I took out a black Adidas tshirt and shorts as well as his used soccer socks and jockstrap. I didnt even knew he wore jockstraps.

    I grabbed his soccer cleats from his sports bag and left the room. I locked my room and quickly undressed completely. I put his shirt on and stepped into his jockstrap and shorts. I pulled on his overknee soccer socks and stepped into his cleats.

    I knew that nothing fit me but I didnt care. His shirt looked like a bag on me, his shorts and jockstrap fell from my hips and my feet would fit about 1 1/2 times into his shoes. But the worst thing was, were his socks. I knew that my stick-like legs are no match to his massive calves, thats why they were always sliding down. I layed down on my bed so that nothing falls down.

    I inhaled his smell, which somehow turned me on. I knew it was wrong to phantasize about him but that manly musk of sweat, deodorant and somewhat dirt made me horny.

    My hands moved over the fabric and my mind drifted off into the sight of Aiden naked. That, combined with the incredible smell, made me so god damn horny that I accidentally shot my load into Aidens jockstrap. I was in full bliss as I imagined myself as Aiden, having these muscles, getting all the men until the apartment door opened.

    "Jeremy, I'm home.", Aiden shouted.

    I jumped up from my bed and undressed the fastest I've ever done. I quickly pushed his clothes under my bed. I knew that I didnt have enough time to dress in my old clothes so I pulled out my shower towel, threw it around my waist to hide my erection and grabbed my phone.

    "Glad you're back. I just wanted to take a shower.", I said stepping out of my room.

    "Alright.", he said now standing in front of me.

    I could smell the sweet stench of his sweat and the sight of his massive pecs moving up and down beneath his shirt as he was breathing didnt help my erection to go away. I tried to not look at him further.

    "Because of earlier,-", he continued. "- I know what your type is J. I knew that I'd be in that category and I'm sorry if you cant look at me like it was before that because of the lake. No matter what you'd see, what you'd do to me, my body or anything else, I would always love you. I mean I'd still love you as my little brother just like I do since your birth and I hope that you'll stay as I like your company."

    I didnt say anything as I knew my lust would ruin the moment.

    "Maybe I like it a bit too much.", he tried to joke.

    I just nodded and he hugged me again. This time not as gently. I couldnt resist to give his bubble butt a slap. I giggled as if it was a joke and he laughed too.

    "I'll go take my shower now.", I said walking to the bathroom.

    "Good. I'll take my bath later."

    With that I disappeared into the bathroom and locked the door.

    I replayed the conversation in my head again and got an idea.

    No matter what you'd see, what you'd do to me, my body or anything else, I would always love you, I repeated his words in my head again. I thought about drugging him to get him to fuck me or letting me fuck him. I thought about doing a bit of bondage to him or something else. I knew that these thoughts were wrong as he was my brother but then I had the best idea.

    I searched the internet for a body swap spell or something similar. The thought of being him was such a turn on. In the back of my mind I thought that this is just a fantasy but it wouldnt hurt to try. I wanted to open some websites as I heard Aiden knocking on the door.

    "Hey J. Did you see my soccer cleats? I cant find them but I swear I put them in my bag when I left training yesterday.", he asked.

    I got nervous.

    "No I havent seen them but if I remember correctly, I dont think that your bag was as filled out when you came back as when you left."

    "Thanks man. Maybe I left them in the changing room. I'll get them tomorrow then."

    I heard him walk away and I quickly took the shower.

    After drying myself off I immediately went into my room. I put on some clothes and read further on the topic of body swapping. After some time Aiden came in to tell me he'll take his bath like every Sunday. I browsed further until I found a somewhat shady looking website.

    Body swap/possession stone and spell

    Buy now body swap item cheap. Body swap with beloved person/ body possession. You ever feel like wanting to be someone else? Buy body swap stone and spell now cheap.

    The website had 291 reviews. Probably fake,  I thought. But every single review promised that its real. As it was only 10$ I bought it and waited for its arrival.

    The package had arrived on the next Saturday when Aiden was having a soccer match. I was home alone when the postman rang the doorbell. I excitedly took the package and opened it. Inside were an old looking page ripped out of a book, an instruction, chloroform and a stone. The stone had the smoothest surface I've ever felt and on the old page was something written in latin. The so called spell. On the instruction it was written that:     1.both, who should be affected by the swap had to be naked.

    2.the swap has to be spoken within a 2m radius of the other person.

    3.after the spell is spoken the stone has to be shoved up the ass of the person who you want to become.

    There was also a big exclaimer that only the one who speaks the spell will have the memories of the other person when in their body and to swap back just perfom the same thing again. Sounded good to me.

    I waited for Aidens return. In the afternoon I heard him open the door. I walked to the entrance to greet him but he didnt look happy.

    "Hey!", I said. "What happened."

    "You dont want to know...", he answered taking off his shoes.

    "Come on, you can tell me. I'm your brother."

    "Its just that first some of my clothes, including my soccer cleats, disappear and now we lost the first match in 3 years. I think thats no coincidence."

    "But didnt you have other cleats?"

    "Yeah, but they werent as good. I never used them before. I was worse with them."

    "Dont be mad at yourself. Everyone can have a bad day.", I said to calm him down.

    "I know... but this time its more of a bad week. A strange week."

    And it will get even weirder for you, I thought.

    "You know what? I'll take a nice long bath now!", he said.

    "Good, do that.", I said changing my voice as if I had something to hide..

    "Is there anything you want to tell me?", je asked.

    "I'll have a video date in a few minutes.", I lied.

    "That's great!", he said hitting my shoulder.

    "Yeah! Because if that it would be nice if you wouldnt walk into my room after you took your bath. I'll tell you everything when I come back out of my room.", I continued lying."

    "Alright, I wont disturb you."

    "Thank you Aiden. You're the best hunky, big brother."

    I hugged him again to smell his sweat one more time before it would become mine for some time.

    Aiden disappeared with his phone and overear headphones into the bathroom. I knew that he'd come back out naked as he always does. That would be my time to shine.

    I heard him filling up the bathtub and undressed in my room. I took the page and the stone with me as I hid beneath Aidens bed. After some time he came back into his room completely naked wearing his headphones. I knew that he wouldnt hear me so I spoke the spell and the stone started glowing. A sign that the spell was indeed real.

    Aiden opened the door to his clothes and leaned against the doorframe. I quickly crawled out from beneath his bed and walked carefully behind him. I took one deep breath and with one hand move I pushed the glowing stone and even 2/3 of my hand into Aidens butt. He let out a cry of pain before collapsing to the ground unconsciously. As my hand was still in him the weight of his body pulled me to the ground before I passed out too.

    I woke up hearing music. I felt the rug beneath me as I wanted to turn around but I couldnt as something was stuck in my butt. I opened my eyes and I saw that I was now in control of Aidens muscular body. I pulled my old bodies hand out of my ass together with the stone. I quickly took a rag and drenched it in chloroform to knock Aiden out a little longer. It was incredibly easy to carry my old body around the house to clean his hand and to dress him in some of my old clothes.

    I placed him on my bed and and cuffed his arms and legs to the bed. I took out a long sock and gagged him.

    After that I went back into Aidens room and took one of his skin tight shorts and started to test my new muscles by jacking his gigantic cock off and doing a workout. While doing so my mind got flooded by Aidens memories and manerisms. After about an hour I noticed that Aiden was awake in my body so I entered the room.

    He saw me and started to shout but the sock muffled him.

    "Easy there big guy.", I said approaching him. "I know you dont understand how this happened but I'll promise that I'll take good care of your body for the next few days. In fact this body will also take good care of me as these sensitive nipples and huge cock are a gift for a gay man and then there are these abs. These gorgeous, defined abs and pecs."

    I rubbed his, for the time now my torso.

    Aiden squirmed against his restraints but no success.

    "This is just for a few days Aiden, dont worry. I wont take over your life to let you rot here as me. I just needed some... fun, I guess?"

    I sat down next to him.

    "The truth is, I didnt have a date for like a year. Looks like the skinny, blonde bottom has it difficult to find a match. I'm craving for some sexual relief, not alone of course. I wont ruin your life but I dont think you'll like the idea that your body will soon know what gay sex feels like."

    My old eyes looked at me in horror. I knew that he was angry probably even scared.

    "You said that you'll love me like a brother no matter what I'd do with you, with your body. I hope you ment it like you said it."

    With that I took his used clothes and cleats from beneath my bed and left the room.

    I used the rest of the day to set up a grindr profile for me as Aiden as well as multiple jackoff sessions  as this body never got tired.

    The next morning I searched through Aidens wardrobe and took out one of his suits. It wasnt one of his bests as I was just going to practice some soccer.

    I put on the used jockstrap I had hidden beneath my bed and it now fit perfectly. I grabbed a pair of his dress socks and slipped into them. I stepped into his dress pants and put on a white shirt. I tucked it in, zipped up the pants and put on a belt. I tied his tie and put on the suit jacket. I slid into a pair of brown dress shoes and threw the used workout clothes and cleats into his training bag.

    I took a look in the mirror and marveled how his body filled out his suit. His muscles bulging beneath the fabric.

    I entered the kitchen to make breakfast for Aiden. I took the plate and a bottle of water and entered my old room. He was already awake and I uncuffed one of his hands to hand him the plate. I put the bottle next to the bed. He quickly removed the sock from his mouth and wanted to shout at me.

    "I'm sorry Aiden but this will be over soon. I really hope that you can forgive me.", I said before he could say a word. "The past few weeks were just really depressing for me."

    I sad tilting my head down. A tear running over my cheek.

    I was waiting for him to shout at me but he didnt. He moved his free hand to my chin and moved it up. He looked directly into my eyes.

    "As long as you give me my life back, my body being completely healthy, no diseases whatsoever, I'll continue to live with you. I dont know how fast I'll completely forgive you tho.", he said.

    I started to cry even more.

    "Now go, do what you want to do as long as it wont hurt my body and no gay sex!"

    I hugged him and left the building. I was walking down the streets towards the soccer field. I loved the looks the other hit guys gave me.

    As I arrived at the field I noticed that a muscular man had followed me with some distance.

    I entered the field and closed the gate, keeping the man out. I entered the changing room and undressed. I opened the bag and dressed in Aidens used clothes. I stepped into the cleats, and admired how everything fit me now. I took a ball and went onto the field. I saw how the man was still waiting in the shadows behind the fence.

    After some time I saw him leaving, making me more comfortable again. I finished the training as Aiden and got back into the changing room. I put on the suit again and was on my way back to the apartment as a man on a motorcycle was stopping next to me. He opened his visor and I saw that it was the same guy who followed me.

    "Can I help you?", I said.

    "Yeah, you could.", he opened his backpack and took out another helmet. "When I saw you for the first time today I knew that I wanted you."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Maybe your not gay but if you are, would you spend some time with me in bed?", he asked holding the helmet towards me.

    "And whats in it for me?", I said grabbing the helmet.

    "I'd give you anything you want."

    I put on the helmet and hopped on his bike. He drove to a mansion just outside the city. We got off the bike and he led me to the pool in his backyard. He sat down on a lounger and I sat down in front of him. He was definitely very wealthy by the look of his mansion, the many cars and bikes he possesses.

    "Before we do it, I'm Antoine. Who are you?", he said.

    "I'm... Aiden.", I answered.

    "Top or bottom?"


    I knew I was always a bottom but this body can only be a top.

    "Good. Lets go inside."

    He pushed me inside his bedroom. It was huge and in the middle was an Alaska king-sized bed.

    He took my sport bag and threw it into a corner. He pushed me on his bed and started to untie my tie. He opened my shirt and unbuckled my belt. His hands ran over this bodies abs down to the cock. He gently pulled out my hard 8inch cock.

    He looked surprised but got immediately on it. His warm tongue playing with my dick while moving up and down.

    It was an ecstatic experience. So much better than my old body. Antoines hands ran over my legs, down to the socks onto the dress shoes. His hands stayed there massaging the top leather. I took off the shirt and jacket. After about 20 minutes Antoine released my wobbling dick. I was on the brink of shooting my load. He took off my shoes, socks and pants. After that I unzipped his one-piece-racing-suit and pushed it down to his knees. He was completely naked beneath the suit, showing off his muscles and semi hard dick. I pushed him onto the bed, shoved his legs onto my shoulders and carefully inserted my throbbing dick into his ass.

    We had about 2 hours of pure bliss, excitement and endurance before we fell down next to each on the bed.

    "We should repeat that more often.", Antoine said.

    I stayed silent as I knew that I wont stay in this body forever and Aiden wouldnt do it.

    "Can you give me your number?", he asked.

    "I'm not really the person who gives out his number.", I looked at him.

    "Please! I'd do anything to get your number. I'd give you anything just to be able to call you!", he begged.


    "Anything you want, yes."

    "I want your bike and all the clothes and accessoirs coming with it."

    I knew that it was a lot to ask for and I never thought that he would agree.

    "Yeah, okay. I'm all in.", he answered.


    "Why suddenly so cautious in tone?"

    "I'm just surprised that you agreed."

    "Well, I have multiple bikes and racing suits and it is worth it for me as long as that means I could see you again.", he answered handing me his phone.

    I entered Aidens and my number and gave it back.

    "Thank you Aiden.", he said getting out of bed. He quickly disappeared into another room and returned with a new backpack which he filled with underarmor, another racing suit, pair of gloves and boots. He put the backpack next to my sport bag.

    "This is the second suit I'll give you. The first one is the one I wore today.", he said sitting down at the end of the bed. He made a gesture that I should put it on.

    I got out of bed and put on my jockstrap and Antoines socks. He jacked off watching me putting on his racing suit. When I finished it fit me perfectly as he was the same height as me. I put my dress suit into my sport bag.

    We said goodbye with a kiss and I got on the motorcycle I now owned.

    I knew that Aiden has a drivers license for motorcycles so I access that memory and drove to my apartment.

    I opened the door and went into my old room. Aiden was watching tv as I came in. I knew that he alway wanted to buy himself a motorcycle and now I had one. I saw how his dick formed a tent beneath his pants as he saw me, wearing these tight leathers emphasizing his muscular body.

    It was only the first day of me being Aiden but it was already the best day in a long time. I wasnt so sure that I would inhabit Aidens body for a few days only. I knew he would hate me more the longer I stayed in his body but I was excited for the next day with new challenges of being Aiden at Aidens workplace.


    To be continued?


    Commissioned by @chrislikesboots

    Speeding swap

    I woke up, eyes still closed. I could see the light through my eyelid so it had to be morning. I felt how my senses slowly awakened as I felt no blanket above me. I squirmed around trying to grab the blanket when I felt something else. My hands were tied on my back as well as my legs and I wasnt laying in my bed but on a cold floor. I finally opened my eyes to see that I was laying on the wooden floor of my bedroom.

    I tried to remember the last things that happened to me last night.

    I know that I came home from work, I wanted to take off my uniform but then everything went dark. I dont know what happened after that.

    I tried to move around the floor, looking for clues as I heard someone coming closer.

    A man kneeled down in front of me, wearing my police uniform.

    "What the fu-", I screamed and he quickly pushed a ballgag into my mouth.

    "Shush.", he said. "Do you remember me?"

    I looked in his face and I recognised him. He was the guy I gave a speeding ticket yesterday. He drove way to fast as I stopped him with my cruiser.

    "Good. You recognise me, I can see it in your eyes.", he continued. "You know, from the moment I saw you, I wanted to be you."

    I tried to talk to him but the ballgag muffled all of my words.

    "The sight of your form fitting uniform hugging your muscular body burned itself into my brain alongside your young, handsome face. And I can tell you, that it doesnt look to bad on my body either."

    He turned around to give me a good look.

    "Because of the few questions I asked I knew the block where you lived and thanks to your name tag on your uniform I just had to search for the right doorbell. Than I rang the doorbell from your neighbor who let me in and I waited for you to come home.", he continued. "Now I'm the cop as I'm wearing your uniform but it isnt completely the same as my face isnt as handsome as yours. Thats why I made this."

    He pulled out of his pocket a small bottle with a milky liquid. He walked around me and sat down on my legs. He slapped my ass before he spread my cheeks to pour the liquid around my hole.

    "Thank you for wearing a jockstrap officer Colt, it helps alot 'jock boy'.", I heard him whisper.

    I felt how he rubbed the slimey liquid into my skin with his gloved hands. After some minutes I felt a warm sensation where he rubbed the liquid on my skin. Thats when I heard him open the belt of my uniform and the zipper of the pants.

    Without a warning he shoved his dick up my ass. It hurt so much that I let out a scream, muffled by the ballgag.

    He clung to my body like a used gum to the sole of a boot. His arms went around my torso. His gloved hands pinched my nipples as if his life depends on it. He wrapped his legs around mine, rubbing my patrol boots against my socked feet. And then he started thrusting. The sound of flesh pounding filled the room and I could hear his heavy breaths in my ear as his head laid on my shoulder.

    Suddenly I felt an otherworldy sensation, the man had tickled my prostate and it felt awesome. I felt how my dick got hard in my jockstrap as it leaked pre-cum.

    I felt how his breathing quickened as he straightened up and his dick got even harder before I felt how my ass got more wet and somewhat slimey.

    The man was cumming in me!

    After that he collapsed back onto me, panting heavily. It took only a few seconds before I noticed that something was changing.

    My jockstrap got tighter before it ripped and the belly of the men, pressing against my back disappeared. I felt how it turned into hard muscles. His pecs grew as well as his legs. In return my belly started to feel fuller.

    The man stood up and I heard how he zipped up and closed the belt.

    He turned me around onto my back. I expected to see the man again but I was looking at myself, filling out the uniform perfectly.

    I tried to scream but the ballgag still turned it into a slight muffle.

    "I'm now officer Colt.", he said with my voice.

    I looked down at my body to see in shock that my hard worked abs and pecs were gone. Instead I now had a slight belly with full grey hair.

    "There is just one more thing I have to do.", he continued.

    He pulled out the bottle again and used the last few drops of liquid to smear them on my lips. He removed the ballgag and I wanted to scream and shout at him but I couldnt.

    "I'll now copy your memories.", he said.

    He pressed his lips against mine and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I almost gagged.

    It didnt take long and he pulled away.

    "Thank you officer Ryan Colt.", he said with a grin.

    He picked me up and locked me up in my own basement.

    From time to time he shows me pics of himself as me hanging out with my friends and collegues in uniform while he feeds me. I often remember that day when I got robbed of my own life by a man whose definitely older than me who just wanted to be a young handsome cop. And he succeded.

    A different life

    I woke up after a nap on the couch. I rubbed my eyes until I felt good and stretched. Eyes still closed, my hands ran over my big beer belly...

    Wait, didnt I have a sixpack?  That must've been a dream. How could I go from sixpack to beer belly in one nap.

    I yawned as I stretched myself and straightened up on the couch. I pulled my stained shirt back over my belly button. My head was itching so I scratched it.

    Wait... I wasnt bold... This is strange, why would I think I was someone else. This dream must've felt so real.

    A young businessman entered the room as I was checking out my surroundings. A handsome businessman. Probably around 6'2", well groomed hair, wearing sunglasses and having and nice muscles beneath that tight fitting suit. He looked strangely familiar.

    "I have a short break.", he said dropping himself next to me on the couch, his feet now on my lap. "They are really sore because of these boots and my long workdays. Would you be so nice to massage them?"

    I didnt want to but my hands moved on their own. They pulled his boots of his feet and got to work. They started to massage his toes, one after the other before moving slowly downwards to the heel.

    I wanted to ask this man many things.

    Why does he look familiar? Why cant I remember my life? Why am I obedient to his commands?

    But I couldnt ask a single thing. My body didnt let me so I starred at him or his feet. I saw that he always looked at me with a grin as if he knew something about my situation.

    After about 10 minutes he started moving again.

    "My break is almost over. Would you be so kind to put my boots back on?", he asked.

    And my hands still moved by themselves. He stood up after I finished. He leaned over to me and whispered into my ear: " Thank you for this body."

    And then everything came back to me.

    I remembered the last night. After a long day at work with overtime I was sitting alone in the subway. Well almost alone as in front of me was this fat old man. The man whose body I'm inhabiting now. I ignored him the whole ride as everyone would. I listened to music and scrolled on my phone. I had noticed that he stood up and I thought that he would get off the subway but he suddenly sat down on me. The last thing I remembered was the feeling of getting sucked into him.

    You fucker! Give me my body back! I'll beat you to death!

    That is what I wanted to say, but I couldn't. The only thing that came out of my mouth was "Your welcome!".

    He put his hands in his pockets and started to chuckle.

    "You'll never be able to hurt me in this body. That is your curse. I have to go now, see you later.", he said.

    With that he left the room, leaving me alone with the fact that a creepy old man was now using my own body. The body I worked so hard for.


    Commissioned by @chrislikesboots

    Two as one

    "There he is again.", Joe said to AJ.

    "Right on time.", AJ answered.

    The biker, Tyler, who's living down the street had parked his bike next to the building AJ and Joe are living in. The teenagers watched Tyler get off his motorcycle to sit down on a concrete block next to it. He was casually watching the street while the teenagers were watching him.

    The two moved down the stairs and went outside through the side entrance.

    Right next to them was Tyler sitting quiet surprised.

    "Oh, sorry. I didnt know that there was a door. Am I blocking it? Should I move?", Tyler asked surprised.

    "No! No.", Joe answered. "You are right there where we want you."

    "Excuse me?", Tyler exclaimed.

    "He meant that you always look so lonely when you sit here. Thats why we wanted to ask you if you want to come upstairs to drink coffee or eat a cake with us.", AJ said.

    Tyler was hesitant.

    "Only if you want.", AJ said emphatically.

    "Eh.... yeah, I'm down. I dont have anything to do till 3pm, then I have to go to a biker meetup.", Tyler answered.

    He took his helmet and followed the teenagers inside the building.

    They went into the elevator and AJ chose their floor.

    "I'm Joe by the way and this is AJ.", Joe said to Tyler, pointing at AJ.

    "I'm Tyler."

    "Nice to meet you Tyler.", AJ said.

    The elevator got to a hold and the three went into the apartment.

    They walked through it onto the balcony.

    "You guys got a nice view over the city.", Tyler said.

    "We know. Its beautiful, isnt it?", AJ said sitting down staring at Tyler.

    "Yeah... I just said that.", Tyler answered. "If I think about this right now, I dont think this was a good idea to be here. I should le-"

    Tyler didnt manage to finish his sentence as Joe suddenly pulled Tyler backwards to the ground to push a rag drenched in chloroform on Tylers mouth and nose. AJ came to help Joe by holding down Tylers arms.

    Tyler struggled on the ground trying to break free. He kicked around him in hope to get AJ off of him but with no success.

    "You know Tyler, we've been watching you since some time. You in your biker gear isnt something we wouldnt notice.", AJ said.

    "Yeah, we wanted to be like you. To be you. To wear your gear. Thats why we brought you up here.", Joe added.

    That were the last words Tyler heard before he fell unconscious.

    Joe removed the rag from Tylers face.

    "He looks so handsome when he's sleeping.", Joe said.

    "Yeah, he does."

    "Dont you want to get off of him so we can strip him off of his gear?"

    AJ ran his hands over Tylers leather jacket and stood up. He grabbed Tyler by his boots and Joe by his arms. Together they brought him inside.

    "Do you have the serum?", Joe asked.

    "I do!", AJ answered pulling it out of his pocket. He got on his knees and injected the serum into Tylers neck.

    It took only a few seconds and Tyler started to deflate. After about 5 minutes all that was left of him was a bodysuit.

    Joe pulled Tylers body out of his biker attire. AJ started to play with Tylers boots and gloves.

    Both stripped themselves completely naked. Joe to get into the bodysuit and AJ to get into the biker leather.

    Joe put his legs inside the bodysuit by stepping into its mouth. Having it already pulled up to his waist he said: "I bet both of us could fit in this. He is so much bigger than both of us.Why dont we go to that biker meetup  Tyler told us about together?"

    "Great idea.", AJ said. He dropped Tylers gear and stepped into the bodysuit with Joe.

    It took a short time to adjust their fingers in the suit. After that they pulled the head-mask over their heads.

    "It shouldnt take long for the suit to look normal with two people insi- aaaah!", Joe started to scream as the bodysuit started to merge AJ's and Joe's bodies.

    They wound on the ground in pain. The suit started to get back into its old shape. Instead of baggy skin with a slight hint of two legs inside, it formed a nice, muscular leg. The same happened to the rest of the body. After only a few minutes, there was one person laying on the floor, looking like exactly like Tyler. He rubbed his face and stood up.

    "Wow, this is crazy.", he said. "We became one. We arent best friends anymore. Now we are one person,  looking like that hot biker Tyler."

    He walked over to the pile of biker clothes, which now belonged to him. He enjoyed putting it on slowly. He started with the functional underwear, then the pants, boots jacket and gloves. It turned him on, wearing the still moist clothes. He ran his fingers over his new biker gear and body before he grabbed his helmet and keys.

    He went into the elevator to get to his new motorcycle. 'I cant wait to drive soon, he thought. I'll drive until its 3pm and then I'll go to the biker meetup.'

    Later at the biker meetup, he met new friends who had the same passion for bikes and gear like him. He knew that the best time of his life had just begun.


    Commissioned by @rugito28

    "And done!", Jake said putting his dumbbells away. He loved to stay in shape. All of his friends thought that he did it to get all the women but in reality he did it to get every man to look at him, but he could never tell his friends. He took a towel to swipe his sweat from his face before he took off his sport shirt. He left his room and walked through the hallway to the kitchen. On his way he walked past the bathroom, where he saw Adam standing in front of the mirror.

    "Week 34, still no progress.", Jake heard Adam mutter to himself.

    He glanced at Adam and walked to the kitchen.

    He went to the coffee machine and started it as Adam walked in.

    "Could you please put on a shirt Jake?", Adam asked.

    Surprised, Jake turned around and leaned against the counter.

    "What? Why?", he asked.

    "Your look is demotivating.", Adam answered. "I'm trying so hard to get in shape and you just dont get fat. Its infuriating. I'll never be attractive..."

    "Hey now! Dont be mean to yourself.", Jake answered. "If you want I can help you by-"

    "By creating another workout routine for me? No thanks. The other two I got from you werent working either. I mean even Sarah left me. I dont know why but I bet its because of my performance and looks."

    "Wow, you're down bad, arent you?", Jake murred.

    "I'm sorry Jake. I shouldnt let my anger out on you.", Adam said.

    "Hey bro, I can really help you."

    "How could you help me?"

    "Well, its hard to explain... I have this -power- since I was a teenager. I can... Well, I'll show you."

    Jake's face turned red in pain as Adam watched his hunky roommate growing a belly and getting bald. Adam didnt believe what he just had witnessed.

    "I can transform anyone into anything.", Jake said from his new body. "It's just somewhat painful."

    And Jake transformed back into his real self. His curly hair grew back and his sixpack emerged from his belly.

    Adam just stood there, mouth open, not able to say anything.

    Jake chuckled.

    "I knew I could get you speechless.", he said.

    Adam shook his head in disbelief before grabbing Jakes hands.

    "Please help me! I'd do anything.", he begged.

    "Not so fast Adam. If I do this I have to warn you."

    "Go on. I'm listening."

    "First of all, it will be really, really painful the first time. Second of all, you wont tell anyone about my power. If you do, I'm going to turn you into a pig or something else, like a boot. And finally, you'll help me find my true love after this."

    "Alright. Thats cool with me. Now get me my sixpack. Make me a jock like you!"

    Jake closed his eyes and concentrated on Adam.

    Adam felt a warm sensation moving up his body but this warm sensation quickly turned into pain. Adam dropped to the floor, panting heavily trying to suppress his scream.

    His belly started to melt away, to turn into sweat. It revealed a nice sixpack. His arms grew muscles and his calves grew larger. About two minutes later, Adam let out a deep breath and stood up. Sweat was dripping off his body.

    Jake threw him a towel.

    "I think you need this.", he snickered.

    Adam used the towel to wipe of his sweat. Only then he noticed his new body.

    "Oh my god! These abs are so tight. And my biceps!", he shouted, lifting one arm.

    "Yeah. Look deeper Adam.", Jake said.

    Adams gaze followed down his abs to see that his dick had grown too. Only his second thought was that his pants must have ripped.

    "Oh shit.", he said putting the towel in front of his dick.

    Jake threw him some of his gym clothes and Adam put them on thankfully.

    Adam walked towards Jake and kissed him.

    "Thank you. For all of this.", he said taking Jakes hand pulling him with him.

    "Where are you going?", Jake asked.

    "The balcony.", he answered. "I want to show the world how sexy I am."

    He pushed open the balcony door.

    "Jake... I dont know how to say this...", Adam stammered. "Since you made me like this... I... I think you're really hot. Like love of my life hot."

    "I know.", Jake answered. "I feel the same. Lets get inside. Show me your new body to the fullest."

    Adam took Jakes hand and followed him inside.


    Story idea and commissioned by @ynew-206

    Becoming the stud

    Chris drove onto the driveway and turned off the engine of his motorcycle as Steve already opened the front door.

    "Really man?", Steve said. "First boys night in 3 years and you are driving? I wanted to drink with you..."

    "I had to drive as I didnt want to walk all the way to you as my flatmate isnt home. Driving 4 hours to you with a motorcycle is already long, I dont even want to know how long walking would've took.", Chris answered, already taking off his helmet and gloves. After a short pause. "We can drink, but then I have to sleep somewhere in your house."

    "Thats no problem. You can sleep on my couch.", Steve wanted to get back inside as he noticed something. "Oh, hey! Look at that. You got a new bike. Thats awesome!"

    "Yeah, bought it two days ago. I love it.", Chris slapped the seat after hanging his gloves and helmet onto the handlebar. "You wanna drive it around for a little bit?"

    Chris looked at Steve and saw that he was thinking about it.

    "I'd love to, but...- "

    "But what? I know you have the license to drive a bike.", Chris said.

    "Yeah, I have it. But I wont drive without protective clothes. And I have none.", Steve said, looking down.

    Chris took off his motorcycle leather jacket and threw it to Steve. Steve catched the jacket by surprise, he looked at Chris. Without his biker jacket, Steve was able to see Chris' muscles beneath a tight shirt. Chris had worked out more, Steve noticed.

    "You can take mine for the short time.", Chris said, walking towards Steve. "Maybe a bit too big for you, but it should work."

    Steve put on Chris' jacket and was surprised how damp and warm it was on the inside. He was definitely hot inside his clothes while driving, Steve thought, kinda turns me on.

    "But the jacket isnt enough, if something happens. Isnt it?", Steve asked, hoping to get more from Chris.

    "You need the helmet and gloves too.", Chris points towards the handlebar.

    "And something for beneath the waist?"

    Chris leaned down and opened his boots. He pulled them off and placed them in front of Steve.

    Chris put his arms on his hips.

    "Do you want to put on my pants too?"

    "No, no. Thats it, thanks.", Steve said, trying not to stare at Chris' huge bulge that appeared in his leather pants after getting back up.

    Chris walked next to Steve and sat down onto the step in front of the door. His white wool socks left wet footprints on the driveway.

    Nice, wet and sweaty boots, Steve thought.

    Steve kicked off his sneakers and took Chris' boots closer. A whiff of leather and sweat reached Steves nose, turning him on. He slipped his foot into the first boot and got goose bumps. He never felt this way towards Chris before. Or was it his biker attire? Steve wasnt sure. He slipped his other foot into the second boot and failed to close them.

    "Let me help you.", Chris said, kneeling in front of Steve to close his motorcycle boots.

    Steve stood up after Chris finished. The boots are incredibly comfy, Steve thought.

    He got onto the motorcycle, put on gloves and helmet and drove for 20 minutes. Chris sat back down on the step again. He felt that Steve was kind of weird while putting his boots on. But Chris found weirder, that he kind of liked seeing someone walking around in his clothes. He layed down onto the step and waited for Steve to return.

    Steve returned with a big smile on his face.

    "This was incredible. I should get a bike too!", he said.

    "It gives a sense of freedom, doesnt it?", Chris answered.

    "Yeah, it really does."

    He got off the bike and handed Chris the jacket back. Steve opened the front door again and Chris put the jacket back on.

    "Lets go inside."

    "I'm right behind you."

    Chris entered the house and closed the door. He followed Steve through the house into the living room and sat down on the chair in front of Steve.

    "You drink scotch,  right?", Steve asked.

    Chris nodded and Steve poured him a drink and pushed it over to Chris.


    Both started to drink.

    After some hours, many drinks, games and smalltalk, Steve streched out his legs and placed them between Chris'. As Chris looked down, he saw that Steve was still wearing his motorcycle boots.

    "I know they're comfy, but you're still wearing my boots.", Chris said.

    "Oh, yeah. I really didnt notice them.", Steve answered, slightly sad that he has to take them off now.

    Chris took Steve's legs and laid them onto his lap. He slowly opened the boots and removed them one by one from Steve's feet. The smell of Steve's sweaty feet coming out of his boots was stinging in Chris' nose, kind of turning him on as his dick got hard. Steve noticed it and wiggled with his toes.

    "You like this?", he asked.

    He gently pushed his smelly feet against Chris' crotch. He loved the feeling of the leather against his feet.

    Chris tried to suppress a slight moan but failed.

    "Steve, no. This is - ungh - this is wrong. Mmhhh - fuck... I'm so horny since I saw you in my clothes. Especially in my boots.", Chris said.

    "Then why dont we go a step further and you'll let me wear everything.", Steve said, still massaging Chris' crotch with his feet.

    Chris is torn.

    "No, that wouldnt be right. I have a girlfriend."

    "Hmm, okay.", Steve said removing his feet from Chris' crotch.

    Chris put his boots back on and took a sip from his drink.

    "I think I'll go to bed now. You can sleep here on the couch.", Steve said, getting up from the table. "I'll get you a blanket."

    "Are you angry now, just because I didnt consent?"

    "No, no. I'm just a bit tired."

    Chris walked over to the couch and made himself comfortable. Steve handed him a blanket.



    Chris listened to Steve walking up the stairs and closing the bedroom door. After that he pushed the blanket to the side and took off his jacket and shirt.

    It's so hot, I dont know how I can fall asleep, Chris thought. Shortly after he fell asleep deeply.

    Steve waited some hours and carefully walked down the stairs again. He tried to make as little noise as possible. He took out a rag drenched in chloroform and got closer to the sleeping Chris. He carefully placed his legs on each side of the couch and laid the rag onto Chris' face. At first he didnt react but after some seconds Chris started to wake up from the smell. Steve, completely naked, let himself fall onto Chris' chiseled stomach and now pressed his hands with the rag onto Chris' nose and mouth. Chris felt Steves dick against his abs and tried to fight him but was already weakened. They struggled some minutes until Chris went unconscious.

    Steve left the rag on Chris' face but got off of his body. He went to the end of the couch and started to remove Chris boots. He loved to see Chris' white socks beneath. He removed them with his teeth and enjoyed every second of it. After that he opened Chris' pants and stripped them off of him. He threw them onto the rest of Chris clothes and admired both, the pile and Chris' muscular unconscious body.

    He tied up Chris and waited till morning for him to be conscious again. It was already dawn as he woke up.

    Chris noticed how he wasnt able to move and opened his eyes. In front of him was Steve putting on his biker attire.

    "Good, you're awake. You like what you see? Do I turn you on?", Steve said.

    "Steve, what the fuck? Untie me right now! I wont play this kinky shit.", Chris shouted angrily.

    "Well, your member sees this differently."

    Chris looked down at his erect dick and calmed down. Innerly he knew that this was turning him on, he just didnt want to admit it.

    Steve was now wearing all of Chris' clothes but his underpants. He took out his phone and snapped a selfie.

    "Damn, I look good in this.", Steve said, grabbing his erect dick beneath the tight leather pants. "You know, I could use a slight relief. But first, you'll gonna admire your boots on my feet."

    Steve put his feet directly next to Chris' face.

    "Lick it buddy."

    Without any hesitation, Chris started to work on his boots. It turned Chris on, not to be the hunky alpha male he normally is. It was even more arousing for him that Steve was wearing his biker attire. He cleaned the soles completely and took the whole tip into his mouth to play around it with his tongue.

    The look of his hunky best friend licking his own biker clothes while Steve is wearing it made his dick even harder, causing him to shoot a load into Chris' suit.

    He opened the zipper of his pants and pulled out his hard dick. He put his foot back down, grabbed Chris by his ankles and pulled him closer. He placed Chris tied feet on his shoulders and tried to enter Chris' hole with his hard dick.

    "Wait, no! I dont want to be fuuuu-. My god, that feels crazy!", Chris exclaimed as Steve pushed his throbbing dick inside him. It was a difficult fit, even though Steve's dick wasnt the biggest. What a firm ass, Steve thought.

    "Looks like your body doesnt want to give up your virginity easily.", Steve said.

    Chris could only let out a groan. Steve crammed his flesh deeper inside Chris and started grinding. The pace of Steves thrusts was picking up. Chris started to move uncomfortably, moaning and whining.

    "Pleeeaase, stop! It hurts!", Chris exhaled, trying to untie himself.

    "Oh shit! I'll gonna cum.", Steve said, awkwardly caressing Chris' pecks and abs down to his thick cock.

    "Then please pull it out. Fuck! Dont cum in me, please!", Chris whimpered.

    Steve further stroked Chris' dick, causing it to get hard.

    "No! I'll shoot my load right into your tight, virgin ass. Now you'll feel what it is like to be a bottom like me!", Steve said feeling that he's coming.

    Chris screamed in agony as his ass filled with Steve's semen. He whimpered.

    "Now, you'll shoot your load!", Steve said in a low, lustful tone.

    Steve pulled out his dick, still stroking Chris'. He leaned down and took Chris' fat dick into his mouth. He almost gagged because of it's size. Chris started to moan between his whimpering. He still tried to release himself from the ties and from Steve's grip.

    Steve sucked in a rhythmic manner and looked like he's enjoying it.

    "I hope you are enjoying this as much as I do.", Steve mumbled, still having Chris' dick in his mouth.

    Steve sucked further while running his hands over Chris' abs. Chris on the other hand started to notice that something changed in his body. He saw that it looked like something was getting sucked from his body through his dick.

    "Steve. Please, stop! I feel weird! Just look.", Chris shouted. "Please!"

    Steve didnt care to look, he was completely focused on getting Chris to cum. He wanted to swallow this thick seed of his hunky friend. Steve felt that he needed it to find to himself. He played with Chris' dick in his mouth with his tongue and felt how pre-cum started to drip from Chris' dick. One hard suck and Chris had a huge orgasm. Steve made sure to swallow every bit of it.

    Chris saw in horror how his muscles started to disappear, his chest and belly were starting to grow hair. Grey hair! He felt how he started to grow a beard quickly and that he lost some of his hair. And as if losing his muscles wasnt enough he saw how his legs and belly started to grow. His skin became wrinkled and Chris felt that he got weaker every time Steve swallowed his cum.

    At the same time, Chris saw how Steve started to fill out his biker attire more. Not in a fat way. In a muscular way.

    He is stealing my muscles, my body, my features!, Chris thought.

    Steve sucked Chris' dick dry and spat it out. It was nothing compared to what it was before, it has shrunken so much.

    Steve licked his lips and looked up for the first time again. Steve and Chris looked each other terrified in the eye.

    "Shit! What happened to you?!", Steve shouted.

    "You happened! I told you that something was off when you started sucking. You fucker, stole my muscles even your face has now similarities to my old one!", Chris shouted in anger. He noticed that his voice cracked like an old man.

    "Fuck, I didnt know this would happen. Sorry!", Steve exclaimed. He looked down at his body and was amazed. "Damn, this feels awesome! I feel so strong."

    "Thats my body! Give it back!"

    "I will find a way to reverse this Chris. I swear! But first I have to test this body out!"

    Steve walked towards the door.

    "You cant just leave me here!", Chris shouted.

    "I'm coming back 'grandpa'. This is something I've dreamed off. I'll get every hunk into my bed with this body!", Steve said. "And after I've finished,  I'll find a way to give your muscles back."

    "No! You can not do this to me!", Chris started to whimper. Tears ran down his cheeks. "Those are my muscles. My features. Stay and give them back. Please!"

    Steve opened the door and left without saying another word. He could hear Chris scream and cry from the inside.

    Steve sat down on Chris' motorcycle and admired his body again.

    "This is amazing. I dont know if want to go back.", he said to himself. "These clothes also fit perfectly. I should take some more from Chris' home as my old ones wont fit until we know how this happened."

    He put on the helmet and gloves and drove away.


    Commissioned by @weisnichts

    Forced promotion

    "That was it.", Mr. Lee said, packing away his history book. He looked at his desk to see if he missed something. After that he took his sports bag, his history bag and left his classroom. It was already late but Brennan Lee stayed to prepare his lessons for next week.

    He walked through the hallway and around a corner where he found Mr. Beck, the janitor.

    "Good evening Mr. Beck.", Brennan said, trying to get past him.

    "Good evening Brennan.", Mr. Beck said blocking the way for Brennan.

    "Its Mr. Lee for you, okay?", Brennan said. "Now let me through, I need to get home."

    Mr. Beck still blocked Brennans way, stepping in front of him when Brennan tries to go around.

    "Come on Brennan...Mr. Lee. I'm Dan. Lets get closer and call ourselves by our first name.", Mr. Beck said. "I'm allowed to call every other teacher by their first name but not you. Why not? If you dont trust me then ask the others when they're back in school, because right now it's only the two of us here."

    "Because I prefer it this way.", Brennan said. "And also because I know what you're doing in the gym. Sniffing the shoes and underwear of the boys. If I could I would get you fired for this, but I cant. Thats why I'll stay away from you and so on."

    "I thought I was more cautious.", Dan said quickly kicking Brennan into his balls.

    Dans action surprised Brennan, who now went on his knees panting because of the pain. Dan walked around Brennan, grabbed his tie from behind and started to choke Brennan unconscious. The next few minutes were a struggle for both, Brennan and Dan. A struggle Brennan should win easily as his physique was clearly superior. But the surprise attack from Dan and the pain made it harder for him.

    His biceps bulged beneath his white dress shirt as he tried to reach Dan and his own tie. He also tried to get up again but his feet only scraped over the floor wildly.

    Dan choked Brennan further until Brennan went limp. Brennan stopped struggling as his arms fell to the side and his legs rested moveless on the floor.

    Dan quickly checked Brennan for a heartbeat and he felt one. He now leaned down over the unconscious Brennan. He took Brennans arms and pulled him down the hallway into a classroom. He heaved Brennan face up onto the teacher's desk. Dan walked around the desk, speaking to Brennan as if he was awake.

    "You know Brennan, I always admired you... but not in a good way.", he said. "You are everything that I'm not. You're the embodiment of manhood. With your muscles, your handsome face, your beard, your tattoos, the subjects you teach and your suits. You make me sick. No one can be this perfect."

    Dan started to take off Brennans watch and bracelets.

    "Why do these suits look so good on you? Its frustrating!"

    Dan opened Brennans belt and pulled down his suit pants to reveal Brennans musky Calvin Klein jockstrap. He felt Brennans dick before lifting Brennans legs into the air to look at his ass.

    "Yeah, that is something I can work with.", Dan said.

    He removed Brennans pants and jockstrap completely and threw them onto the next table.

    Dan took two vials filled with silver and gold liquid out of his pocket.

    "You know, Brennan,", Dan said, " I have planned this since a long time."

    He opened both vials, drank the gold one and poured the silver one down Brennans throat.

    It didnt take long and Brennan was conscious again but he instantly noticed that something was wrong. He could only move his head.

    "The fuck you did to me fucker!", Brennan exclaimed. "If I can move again you wont anymore, I take care of that you fucker."

    "When you're able to walk again, its already to late for you Brennan. This night will be a night full of sexual torment for you."

    Dan opened his pants and pulled out his small dick.

    "Suck it or I will do so much more to you!", he added.

    Reluctantly, Brennan took Dans dick in his mouth. What else would he have been able to do?

    Brennan gagged even though Dans dick was small. After an hour Dan pulled out.

    "That should be enough lube. Lets take a look at your after.", Dan said walking around to lift Brennans legs into the air.

    Brennan felt how Dan cramped his little stick inside Brennans ass.

    The quiet sound of flesh pounding filled the room.

    "I dont want to discourage you,", Brennan said with a chuckle. "but I always thought that if I get raped that it was by a good looking man with a big dick. And not just this."

    "Just wait!", Dan shouted, trying to cum into Brennan.

    He tried to one up his rhythm but nothing helped.

    "Well, lets forget that.", he added.

    Dan stripped himself now completely naked and took a bottle out of his pocket.

    "Before I do this, I should strip you too. Dont want this nice suit to be ruined.", he added further.

    Dan opened Brennans vest and took it off together with his tie and white dress shirt.

    Dan took the bottle and squeezed the thick liquid onto his hands. He applied the lotion lotion all over his body.

    "This will make it easier.", he said. "For both of us."

    He put both of his hands onto Brennans butt.

    "Now, this will happen.", he added. "I'll climb into you. As soon as I'm in your body you'll be able to move again but I'll warn you: if you try to pull me out again it'll hirt even more. You wont be able to stop me as soon as even partially in you."

    Brennan was horrified. He watched and screamed in agony as Dan started to shove his arms inside Brennan.

    As Dans belly button disappeared into Brennan, he felt how he got control over his body again. He quickly sat up straight and grabbed Dans fat legs. He tried to somehow pull the rest of Dan out of him but it felt as if he was pulling on his own intestines. But he continued to pull.

    There has to be a way to stop this, he thought.

    But then he felt a weird sensation in his body. A tingle that made its way up his body from his butt. A tingle where he felt that he loses control again.

    Quickly after that Brennan didnt have control over his arms anymore. They stopped pulling on Dans legs causing them to slide further into Brennan.

    Brennan watched in horror how behind his erect dick, Dans last toes were pulled into his own body. That was the last thing that the real Brennan Lee saw.

    His eyes rolled back and when they came back it was Dan.

    Dan looked at his new erect dick, his abs and his muscular legs. His gaze followed his new legs until it reached Brennans dotted socks and brown dress shoes.

    The new Brennan got off the table and stretched his body.

    A deep moan could be heard on the room as Dan let Brennans hands ran down his body.

    "I'll definitely get used to this.", he chuckled with his new deep voice.

    He took Brennans shirt and buttoned it halfway up. After that he took Brennans suit pants, pulled them over his shoes and closed the belt.

    Dan checked out his new body in the mirror.

    "Even though Mr. Lee, I mean I, look stunning in a full suit, I think I should show more of my body.", Dan said.

    He picked up Brennans jockstrap, took a sniff and pushed it into his pocket. He took Brennans tie, vest and bags before he left the building to drive to his new house.

    A month later, the only thing people were questioning was the mysterious disappearance of Dan Beck, the janitor.

    Dan played the role of Brennan Lee, the beloved sports and history teacher, flawlesly.

    He loved his new job as he now had even more opportunities to sniff the jockstraps of his students. He also kept the janitors keys to get access to the lost and found box. Dan even managed to trade Brennans used jockstrap and sport cleats with the ones of the best jock, who was secretly gay. Dan knew that he will never leave Brennans body.


    Idea by @chrislikesboots

    Pictures provided by @chrislikesboots

    Making a new boyfriend

    Adam was home alone, eating his cereal while watching his favorite tv series, as someone rang the doorbell. He turned off the tv and walked over to the front door. He opened the door and was surprised to see Jason, a colleague of his father.

    "Oh, hey Adam.", Jason said. "Your dad asked me to get some stuff from your home. Can I come in?"

    Adam looked at Jasons handsome face and almost forgot to listen to Jason.

    "Ehh, yeah... sure. What do you need? Maybe I know where it is.", Adam answered.

    He let James come in and closed the door.

    "Can I do something else for you? A glass of water?", Adam asked.

    "No, thanks. I'm just here to get those files for your father."

    Jason took off his motorcycle gloves and tucked them into his helmet. Only now Adam noticed that Jason was wearing a one-piece-racing-suit. Adam thought that it complimented Jasons body.

    "So, what files do you need?", Adam asked again.

    "Something for his new project. He didnt get more specific but he said that you would know which one it is.", James answered leaning against the wall.

    "Oh, yeah. I know what it is. You can take a seat, I'll bring it to you."

    With that, Adam was leaving to go upstairs and James sat down on the balcony.

    James put his helmet on the floor and looked over the handrail. The city beneath them was busy.

    "I got them!", Jason heard Adam shouting from above.

    Adam ran down the staircase fast and went back to Jason. He looked at James and admired his good looks again especially in that one-piece.

    "Here.", Adam handed James the files. "So, your a biker? How is it?"

    "Oh, yeah, I am. It feels great! Liberating.", James answered. "It is an indescribable feeling. Do you want to try it out?"

    "Well, yeah... kinda. But I dont know how to drive a motorcycle."

    "Thats no problem. It is really easy. I can teach you in like 5 minutes and you'll know how to drive."

    "I'd love to do it, but I dont know how my dad will react when he learns about this."

    "Dont worry about him, I'd tell him that you didnt drive by yourself."

    "If thats the case, let us begin."

    "Wait, I wont let you drive without any protective clothes.", Jason said showing off his one-piece-racing-suit.

    "Do you want us to change clothes?", Adam asked slightly aroused. "I mean, we can if you want."

    "Well, we could.", Jason said, taking a step towards Adam. "But I could also get you another one. I have one with me on my bike. I'll get it real quick."

    Adam waited in the appartement while Jason went to get his second suit.

    Adam heard the door close again and was excited.

    "I'm sorry, this suit is pretty dirty.", Jason walked around the corner, holding another suit, complete with boots, gloves and helmet. Adam looked at it.

    "Well, Jason. It doesnt look that dirty.", Adam said. "But I dont know if I should really do this."

    "Come on. Put it on.", Jason pressed the suit into Adams hand.

    "Oh, man. That kinda smells... bad?", Adam said.

    "Well, I was driving with this suit the last couple of months. With the boots also. Now put it on."

    Jason looked happy seeing how Adam started to strip. He took off everything but his underwear. He stepped into the one-piece and put it on.

    "Wow! It feels great. I thought it would be more... stiff. And it doesnt smell so bad anymore.", Adam said closing the zipper.

    "Yeah, I already broke it in. Thats why it isnt stiff again. You wanna put the boots on now?", Jason said.

    "Of course!", Adam leaned forward to grab them but Jason stopped him.

    "I'll do this.", he said.

    Jason got on his knees, grabbed the first boot and opened it.

    "Just slip in."

    Adam slid his feet into the boots and Jason closed them.

    "Do they fit?", Jason asked, getting back on his feet. He noticed how Adams bulge was growing beneath the tight leather.

    "Yeah, the fit as if they were mine.", Adam answered, wiggling his toes inside the boots.

    "Good! Now take a walk."

    Adam started to walk around through the appartement. He seemed happy.

    "Why does this feel so good? I wish I could never take it off!", Adam said.

    "You dont have to."

    Adam started to stumble.

    "Oh god. Whats happening?", he said and closed his eyes. He started to breath heavily and Jason got closer. Jason noticed how Adams breathing slowed down again after about 2 minutes. Adam opened his eyes again.

    "Hey babe.", he said.

    "It worked.", Jason mumbled.

    "What was that?"

    "I just said that I'm happy you're here with me.", Jason said to Adam and grabbed his dick. "Lets get out of here."

    Adam and Jason left the appartement. They entered the elevator and and drove down to the ground floor. Inside the elevator, James started to hum and tap happily with his feet. The new Adam turned towards him and pulled Jason closer.

    "Come here babe. Lets drive around. Only the two of us, forever.", Adam said.

    "That sounds great.", Jason said.

    The elevator came to a hold. Jason and Adam left and got onto Jason bike.


    Commissioned by @ynew-206

    Favorite cousin

    Ray opened the front door to go to his motorcycle. He was a proud biker, especially if he gets some guys into bed with his muscular physique beneath the tight racing suit when he's driving around.

    He sat his first feet outside the door frame as his mother called him from the living room.

    "Ray, come here please. You shouldnt leave, we have visitors.", she said.

    Ray closed the door and walied towards the living room. His steps on the parquet could be heard loudly. As he entered, he saw his mother with his aunt and his 10 year younger cousin on the couch.

    His cousins eyes lightened up as he saw Ray standing in the doorframe.

    Ray shrugged his arms, gesturing his mother what she wants.

    "Why dont you go upstairs with your cousin, Ben. You could watch a movie or so. Us sisters want some time tontalk alone.", his mother said.

    "Sorry, thats not possible, I promised Dan to meet him in 15 minutes. We want to drive together.", Ray said.

    "Ray, even though your 26 and I shouldnt be able to tell you what to do, you'll do something with your cousin.", she answered. "Also, you were driving your motorcycle with Dan the last 4 days and even nights. Dont you think its time to spend time with your family again?!"

    "No, its alright. Ray doesnt have to do something with my son. If he wants to meet a friend, he can go.", Rays aunt said trying to calm down her sister. "We are just guests."

    "Ray is a guest too as long as he stays for the holiday.", his mother said. "Now go and take your cousin with you."

    Ray rolled his eyes and waved his cousin to follow him. "I'll write Dan..."

    He didnt want to do something with his cousin. Even though he was the older one, Ray was kinda scared of his cousin. The last time Ray met with his cousin on a family gathering, he saw Ben sniffing Rays soccer cleats in his closet. He didnt tell anyone else as he found it arousing and weird, that a family member hat sime Kind of crush in him, at the same time.

    Now he was walking up the stairs towards the room he was staying at, at his parents house. Ben was walking behind him and Ray could feel how Ben was lusting over the sight in front of him.

    As they arrived at the room, Ray sat down on the bed. Ben puts down a bag next to the bed and sits down right next to Ray. Like really close. Too close for Ray.

    He stood up and turned on the tv. He took the remote and sat down further away from Ben again. Ben got closer again.

    "What do you want to watch?", Ray asked.

    "I dont know. What do we want to watch?", Ben asked.

    "I dont care.", Ray handed Ben the remote. "Stream what you want."

    Ray leaned back and closed his eyes. He hoped that the time would pass faster this way. He heard that Ben started on a movie and turned the volume up.

    "Dont you want to take some parts of your suit off?", Ben asked. "I mean, its really hit in here."

    "Nope, I'm fine.", Ray answered.

    He remembered that he saw Ben dropping a bag next to the bed. A bag he didnt see as Ben was sitting downstairs on the couch. Ray opened his eyes again and leaned over the bed to see what was in the bag. As he opened it, he was suprised. In the bag were latex sheets and shirts, clothes, a mask and handcuffs.

    He wanted to say something to Ben but in that moment Ben jumped at him, keeping Rays arms in check by wrapping his legs around Rays upper body and pressing a rag against Rays nose and mouth.

    Ray wanted to breath but he noticed a sweet smell. Ben probably had the rag drenched in chloroform or ether, Ray thought as he already started to feel weaker.

    Ray kept struggling against Ben butbhe had no chance as he was jumped by surprise.

    As Ray finally fell unconscious against Ben onto the bed, Ben let out a deep breath.

    "I thought this would've been more difficult.", Ben said to himself, pushing Rays unconscious body to the side.

    He stood up and locked the door. He turned back towards Ray and stripped himself. He took off his oversized sweater and jeans and pulled off his Chucks with holes. He was standing there only in his black socks.

    He slapped Ray onto his butt to make it jiggle.

    "Now its your turn to undress.", he said towards the unconscious Ray.

    As he opened and pulled off one of Rays racing boots, he was greeted by a very strong smell. Most people would say it smelled unpleasent but for Ben it was turning him on.

    "Your mother was right, you rode your bike and wore these clothes the whole last days.", Ben said.

    He pulled off the other boot and put them on. To his surprise, they've fit him.

    "You got some small feet for your size.", Ben said, running his fingers over Rays thick white socks before pulling them off.

    He continued by opening the zipper of the suit and slowly pulling it off. It was a difficult task as Rays body was really sweaty. As Ben reached Rays cock, he was suprised that Ray didnt wear any underwear or compression shirt. Better for my fantasies, Ben thought, pulling the suit over Rays legs and feet.

    Rays unconscious body was now completely naked. Ben turned Ray around and positioned himself above Ray.

    Ben slid his hard dick inside Rays tight ass.

    "I thought you were gay, Ray.", Ben said. "Your ass doesnt feel like it."

    Ben searched for his perfect rythm and as he found it, he started to smile. He didnt believe he was rough-fucking that tight ass of his gorgeous hunk of a cousin. Ben shoved his hands beneath his cousins body, feeling his pecks. He was in an ecstatic pleasure as he fell unconscious onto Ray.

    As Ben woke up again, he felt someones hands on his chest and something in his ass. He pushed the still unconscious body off of him and stood up. He felt how cum was dripping out of his hole. He looked into the mirror to confirm his feelings. The body swap with his cousin worked.

    Ben felt how horny his new body was so he quickly grabbed one of Rays used socks and sat down onto an armchair. He wrapped his sock around his new hairy member and srarted to finger his new hole, still filled with his old bodies cum. After pleasuring himself for 20 minutes, Ben started to put on Rays racing suit.

    As he finished, he looked into his bag.

    "As much as I want to use them, I dont have time for that.", Ben said throwing the bag out of the window.

    He walked over to his old body and dressed it. After that he shook it slightly. His old body started to wake up again. It rubbed his eyes and looked confused at Ben.

    "What the.... how is this possible.", Ray said, looking at his new body. "Ben! What did you do? I want my body back."

    "I dont know what you mean Ben.", Ben said with Rays deep voice. He quickly left the room and went downstairs. Ray followed him, shouting that they have to switch back.

    Rays mom and aunt came out of the living room to see what the noise was all about. Ray walied over to his mum.

    "Ben swapped our bodies. Its me, Ray", he said.

    The real Ben in Rays body chuckled.

    "Ben, not again. You and your fantasies. No one can swap bodies. Do we have to go to the doctor again?", Rays aunt said and stepped forward. She turned towards her sister and said: "I'm sorry. Ben has his weird moments. We'll leave now."

    "No, you have to trust me! Ben knocked me out with chloroform and after that we swapped bodies. You have to believe me!", Ray shouted.

    His aunt grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door.

    She apologized to Ben in Rays body for the inconvenience and left with Ray in Bens young body.

    Ben grabbed the helmet and got to Rays motorcycle. He still couldnt believe it. He was now his older, muscular cousin. He deeply inhaled the smell of sweat and leather again, before he grabbed his new crotch. This new life would be a wild ride for Ben.


    A commission for @chrislikesboots

    There is this muscled hunk I'm watching since two months. He is my neighbor. He is also the dad of my best friend, Mr. Reid.

    My best friend and I are both gay and I told him about my fantasies I want to have with his father. Of course He didnt take it well so I started to have secrets in front of him: I want to turn his father into a skinsuit if I cant sleep with him.

    I started to observe the routines of his father and noticed that he goes for a walk from 11am till 12:30pm every day and after that he is alone at home for 1 hour. That is the time I'll strike.

    The day before I wanted to fullfill my plan I visited my best friend and left some of my things in his room so I have a reason to get in on the next day. The next day arrived and I was so aroused. I didnt go to school that day so I could fullfill my plan. I saw my upcoming victim leave his house at 11am and I waited until he came back at 12:25pm. I waited 10 minutes, left my house and knocked on his door.

    Mr. Reid opened the door and looked slightly confused. I admired his beautiful grown beard, his short brown hair, his hairy arms and his muscly body. I had to recall my eyes as I noticed that he asked me something.

    "I'm sorry, I didnt want to disturb.", I said, hoping that he would repeat his question.

    "It's all good. What do you want.", I saw his pecks move beneath his slightly unbuttoned shirt when he talked. He wiped sweat from his lips after he finished the sentence.

    "I forgot some things here yesterday and I need them for a school project this afternoon", I lied. "Could I come in and get them?"

    He scratched his head for a short time and answered:"Ehm... yeah of course,  why not."

    He opened the door further and stepped aside, I walked past, he closed the door.

    "So where did you leave-", I pressed my lips against his when he turned around to talk to me. I wanted to feel them and his body in action before I would become them. I took the syringe I prepared with skinsuit serum and stabbed it in his butt.

    He pushed me to the ground while he removed the syringe from his butt.

    "What the f**k did you do?", he said, starting to walk towards the bathroom holding his stomach as if he has to throw up when it started to happen.

    His right foot deflated, followed shortly by his left one leaving two thick wool socks and a beautiful pair of brown leather boots on the floor. He fell down pulling with a slight scream, now pulling himself towards the bath.

    I saw how his muscular legs started to deflate, leaving his brown cargo pants and to my surprise a jockstrap behind.

    After that everything went so fast, both arms, his well build torso and his head deflated when a black, slimey goo crawled through his nose and face onto the ground. That was Mr. Reid. I took an empty jar from the kitchen and returned to the black goo laying next to the big pile of skin in a shirt. I scooped the goo into the jar and towards something more important: the skinsuit.

    I grabbed it and by the head and lifted it up from the ground. The feet still touched the ground as he was 6 inches toller than me. His shirt fell to the ground revealing his now deflated hairy chest. I turned it around, laid it onto a desk and stripped. I could already smell his sweat and that turned me on. I started to stretch his hole so I can get in, head first I had to wiggle a bit around to get confortable in my new body but shortly after everything sort of snapped into place. Looking through my new eyes I stood up from the table now towering at 6'2". I looked at the clock to see how much time I have to admire my new body but I had to find out shockingly that I only had 10 minutes until my best friend would be home. I quickly put the shirt back on, hid my boner in my jockstrap und put my pants back on followed by the thick socks and smelly boots.

    I grabbed the goo from the jar and swallowed it to gain his memory. I saw his life running before my eyes, how his wife died, how he got closer to his son and that they sometimes fuck each other. Now I knew why my best friend thought so bad about my fantasies: he doesnt want his dead to fuck him and his jest friend.

    I collected my old clothes and the syringe from the ground and threw them outside into the trash. Just in time because my best friend was just coming up the driveway.

    He waved towards me as I shouted towards him:"Good afternoon son. How was school?"

    "Not so good dad. Could we do our thing inside?", he answered.

    I knew what he wanted to do and I was all in for it. I was thrilled to test this incredible body and thick cock.

    David was really mad. His dad had promised weeks ago to help him oresent his school project. But when the day came, he had no time. David almost failed the project and wanted to get revenge. But the revenge he got was different than he thought.

    Bzzzz. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    David turned off his alarm clock. It was project presentation day. He worked all day and night on it to get a good grade. This could be his ticket to go to university in some years.

    He stood up, got dressed and left his room. He went downstairs to eat breakfast, but he found something else. His dad had just opened the front door to leave to work.

    "Wait, dad. You said you would drive me to school?", David said.

    "I'm... I'm sorry, bean. There is an emergency at work. I have to leave now.", his dad Brandon said.

    "But who will bring me to school then?"

    "Eh,... maybe a friend of yours can take you with him. Jay, eventually. I really have to go. Love you, and good luck with your project."

    He left and the door closed.

    David just stood there, motionless. He couldnt believe that his dad just left.

    Breakfast was quickly made by him, as je was messaging Jay: Hey, could you take me with you to school.

    Not a long time until the answer came: Sorry, I cant.

    David had to dress quickly as he was almost to late to walk to school. He grabbed his presentation and left the house.

    Back at home, David was angry. He almost didnt manage to arrive early to present his project. He still passed but it is unknown if he will get a ticket to go to university.

    Its his fathers mess, his fault, David thought.

    He went into his room and wanted to relieve some steam. He undressed himself, laid on his bed, took his rod and jerked off hard.

    He thought about how he could get his revenge on his dad. Slashing tires so that hes to late at work? Nah, too expensive. Stealing some clothes so that he to search them and be late for work? Could work. David got hard only thinking about his father in his suits. Yeah, David could really take some of them and of his dress shoes. That would teach him a lesson, as this would be comparable to what he had to go through today.

    He fantasized about his father running naked through their house searching for his clothes.

    Oh god, thats wrong, David quickly thought. He never even had seen his father shirtless, how could he even imagine him running around naked. Also, isnt it wrong to have fantasies about his own dad?, David asked himself. Maybe these were just one of his gay urges he developed over the last few months as he discovered his sexuality.

    To get these fantasies out of his head, he stopped jerking off and got off of his bed. But even though he felt like he was standing, he noticed that his feet didnt touch the ground. As he was looking down, he couldnt believe that he was floating.

    David started to test his new form out. He leaned against the wall not thinking about falling through it, but exactly that happened. As he came out of the wall the books on the shelf he float through were slightly shaking.

    "Wow, I have a slight impact on my surroundings.", David exclaimed. "Lets see what else I can do."

    He went over to the kitchen and started to experiment. He tried to lift up objects or to move them by phasing through them.

    Then, the front door opened. His father was back from work.

    "David, I'm back home. I'm sorry for what happened this morning.", he shouted as he closed the door.

    He listened.

    "David are you here? Is everything okay?"

    David panicked. His dad shouldnt see his unconscious body laying on his bed, jerking off. He went over to his dad who walked towards Davids room.

    David tried to pull his father away, but for his surprise, he felt how he got sucked into his father.

    His dad, Brandon, fell moaning to the ground as Davids spirit got sucked into his body and overtook control. His body stopped shaking as Brandon managed to stand up. Hands on his knees and out of breath, he didnt know what had happened.

    "Holy fuck, that felt awesome!", David exclaimed, instantly recognizing the sound of his fathers voice.

    David looked down at his body, admiring the suit that his father wore. He had no idea how all of this happened but he was in awe. He went over to the nearest mirror and started flexing his fathers body. He ran his hands over his fathers beard, the shirt and tie that fit tightly around the torso, down to the belt. He opened the belt buckle, ready to see a real mans dick, but the doorbell rang.

    With his belt still opened, David opened the door. In front of him was Jay.

    "Hello Mr. Thompson. Is David there.", he asked.

    "I'm sorry Jay, he's not here right now. He wanted to go for a long walk. And please, call me Brandon.", David said, trying to imitate his fathers charme and smiled.

    "Alright. Ehh...Do you know when he'll be back?", he asked.

    David noticed how Jay was starring at his fathers crotch. He knew that Jay had a crush on his father and the fact that his belt was open didnt made it better.

    "No, I dont know.", David answered, crossing his legs. "Can I do anything else for you?"

    "Ehh... no, no... All good. Thanks Mr. ... fuck.... I mean Brandon. Have a great... day.", he said leaving.

    David closed the door and went back to where he left off. He rubbed his pants against the tip of his dick. David moaned in his stolen body. He now couldnt ignore the hardening rod in his pants.

    He went into his fathers bedroom and got onto his big bed. David started to strip his fathers suit off, starting with the jacket and tie. He unbuttoned the shirt and opened the pants. Brandons body, still controlled by David, pushed down a hand into his pants.

    He grabbed his fathers erect pole and exclaimed: "I never really played with my own, but I know that this one is huge!"

    David stroked it slowly, building up the feeling he never felt this strong before.

    He pulled down his pants completely and stood up to stand in front of his fathers hige mirror.

    He felt how cum started to build up in his fathers throbbing member. David rubbed his free hand over his fathers hairy body, feeling the abs pulsating beneath it.

    A drop of cum felt from the tip of his huge dick, right before David got this body to shoot an incredible amount of cum against the mirror. The body quaked in pleasure shooting 12 thick strands of cum all over the mirror.

    David dropped onto his fathers knees, overwhelmed by the sensation flowing through the body.

    "Ooohhhh, fuck. That felt so good.", he said out of breath with his fathers deep voice.

    David got up onto his fathers feet again, his legs shaking. He leaned against the mirror, staring at the cum running down the smooth surface.

    David made his fathers body flex once more.

    "This was too good to be true.", he said happily.

    He looked at his fathers handsome face in the mirror.

    "You know, I think I'll stay in your body for some time. And now, I'll explore what else you have in store for your horny son."

    David sad down on the bed again, lifting his legs.

    This will be fun, he said to himself.


    Idea submitted by @weisnichts

    Pictures submitted by @weisnichts

    Departure and arrival

    I'm working at the airport selling flowers and coffee. Not the best job but the shop is owned by my uncle so I have almost complete freedom. I always wanted to travel often, to work from different places all the time. Now I'm somewhat in hell. I'm so close to flights but I can never enter them as I have to work. I can only dream and watch people live it.

    As I was daydreaming about flying away once more, a man caught my eye as his colorful pants separated himself from the rest.

    He was tall, handsome, had a beautiful beard and well-groomed hair. He was wearing brown leather boots, light brown/orange pants and a grey shirt. It suited him very well. He was gorgeous for me. The complete opposite of me. I was chubby, started to lose hair, even though I'm only in my mid-twenties, and I dont really had a sense of fashion.

    I was dreaming about how he was flying somewhere warm, where he gets to take of his shirt and flex his muscles on the beach. I was daydreaming even further as I realized that someone wanted to buy something. I snapped out of my dream and the man stood right in front of me with a big smile.

    "One latte, please.", he said with a big grin. I had to retract my eyes from his handsome face and white teeth.

    "Of course, one moment please.", I said, taking a paper cup and putting it under the coffee machine.

    "Do you have a ticket?", I asked. I couldnt wait to see where he was travelling to. But he looked confused at me.

    "If you have a boarding ticket, you can get everything cheaper in our store.", I clarified.

    "Oh, yeah. I have one.", he said, taking out his ticket and putting it on the desk. "That's a really nice service you have here."

    Was he flirting with me?, I thought.

    I took the ticket, scanned it for his discount, looked at his destination and gave it back to him.

    "Spain, what a nice destination. Especially as the weather here is pretty bad at the moment.", I said finishing his coffee. "May I ask for work or just for fun."

    "Both.", he answered. "A bit of work but mostly just for fun."

    I handed him the coffee and he paid.

    "You look like you could use some fun too", he said leaving.

    He definitely flirted with me, I thought.

    I watched him go and dreamed about being him in Spain. To my surprise, he didnt go to the terminals to start the check in, but he went to the toilet. He opened the door, turned around and looked at me, raised an eyebrow and disappeared into the bathroom.

    I was shocked and turned on at the same time. Did he want me to follow him?, I thought.

    I looked around and decided to follow him. I told my uncle that I have to go for a short moment and he excused me.

    I followed the man into the toilet but no one was there as I entered.

    The man came out of a cabin and grinned.

    "We're all alone. Come on, lock the door.", he said. And I did. I locked the main door from the inside so that we couldnt get disturbed. I may had no idea what he wanted but I was so horny for him that I didnt care.

    "I saw your looks.", he said. "And you are completely my type."

    "I'm your type? Come on, look at me. I'm fat. I'm totally not in your league.", I said a little intimidated.

    He stepped towards me.

    "Look.", he said running his hands over my a little too tight shirt. "I have a thing for chubby boys."

    "Boy? Do I look So childlike?", I asked shocked.

    "Well, you look a lot younger than me.", he said. "I'm Lucas by the way."

    He grabbed my head and kissed me gently. I loved the feeling of his lips. They were so soft and his beard a bit scratchy.

    Lucas took a step back.

    "Strip.", he said. I was shocked as I thought that he would take them off. But I started anyways as I opened my laces, kicked off my shoes and took off my socks. I tried to take off my shirt but I was struggling with it. Lucas helped me getting it off and then continued with my jeans. He took them and my underpants off, leaving me naked in front of him.

    He kneeled down and lifted my belly to start sucking my dick. It didn't take long until I moaned by the pleasure. It was the best feeling I ever had. His beard tingled slightly but his lips and mouth were a pleasant surprise. It felt as if this wasnt his first blowjob. He sucked further and further until I came. And he took it all in one gulp.

    He stood up and we kissed aggressively until his back hit a highboy. He pushed me away, causing me to fall backwards. After that, Lucas pulled himself up onto the highboy with a big grin.

    "And now you strip me.", he said holding his foot out for me.

    I quickly took off his boots and socks. After that I opened his pants and pulled them down. To my surprise greeted me his hard dick instead of underpants. He giggled as he saw my surprised face. I continued by unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his watch and rings.

    He got down from the highboy and turned me around. He hugged me from behind and layed his chin on my shoulder.

    "You'll gonna like this.", he whispered into my ear right as I felt something getting stuck up into my butt.

    "Oh, it's so tight. Is this your first time?", Lucas asked. I just nodded in pain.

    The sound of my fat cheeks hitting his muscular hips filled the air.

    He increased the pace with every thrust until he came. As he pulled out his dick, I felt how the pain became even stronger.

    I was completely out of breath and I heard him panting too.

    "Thanks, chubby.", he said.

    As I turned around to face him, I saw that he already wanted to dress up again as he lifted his pants from the ground. I took them out if his hands and threw them back to the ground. He looked confused.

    "Thats it? Really?", I asked furious.

    "Well, I never said I wanted more.", he answered.

    I stormed at him and we struggled to the ground. Lucas tried to fight me off and I tried to overpower him.

    He managed to get out if my grasp and tried to stand up but I grabbed him by his ankle and pulled him back down. His fall must have hurt as he was panting on the ground after it. I quickly sat down on his back and secured his arms.

    "You'll gonna like this.", I whispered in his ear.

    "No, please. You dont have to do th-", Lucas didnt even manage to end his sentence as I pushed my dick into his hole.

    "Uugh, fuck. It feels so much bigger than it looks.", he said. "Please - aagh - stop! It hurts so bad."

    But I didnt stop. With every thrust I felt better and his hole became wider.

    I grabbed him by his man bun and lifted his head.

    "Its so tight. Is this your first time?", I asked him uppish.

    He groaned under pain and nodded.

    "You'll remember this day as the day when chubby got what he wanted from you.", I said letting go of his man bun.

    I thrusted even faster until I shot my load.

    Lucas cried silently as I shot my load into his hairy ass. As I wanted to pull out my dick, his cheeks tensed up, making my dick stuck. I tried to pull it out but my dick didnt move a single inch.

    Only then I noticed that I didnt hear a thing from Lucas anymore. I lifted his head again to tell him to relax but he suddenly started to move uncontrollably. His muscles were twitching as if he had a seizure. I tried to relax him, but I passed out on top of him.

    As I started to regain my consciousness, I felt the cold floor beneath me.

    Looks like I fell off of Lucas, I thought. But then I felt something heavy on top of me moving. It stood up. I rolled around and opened my eyes to see my body standing in front of me. It looked as surprised as I was.

    "What did you do?", it said looking down at me and then back at his body. "You stole my body, you little filth!", it said.

    I didn't understand what he meant. Only as I tried to stand up I noticed my muscular arms and legs. I was now towering over my old body. I was in Lucas body.

    He attacked me and we struggled again.

    "You cant do this to me. I dont want to be chubby!", he started crying.

    "This wasnt my intention. But now you wont get it back. I always wanted to have a body like this. I also thought that you had a thing for chubby bodies.", I said while overpowering him.

    He fell to the ground.

    "Stay down!", I said. "I'm now Lucas. I'll meet my best friend Jorge in Spain and you wont."

    "Wait, how do you know...", Lucas stammered in my old body. "Oh god, I know your life too. Please we have to change back. I want to live my life, not yours."

    "This is your life now!", I said. I slapped him so hard that I knocked him out. I was watching my old body for quite some time. I'll probably never see my family again, but thats okay if I'll stay in this body, I thought.

    I put on Lucas clothes, inhaled his nice smell, took his luggage, unlocked the door and left.

    I had the best time of my life in Spain. His job as a model was pretty easy and the rest of my time I've spent on the beach or at the park, showing of my new body. I'll never go back to where I was with my life before. Lucas is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    What? You expected someone else?

    Well your husband owed me a lot but he couldnt repay me so I took from him what I desired the most.

    What that is? First of all, this incredible body. It suits my face perfectly. Second, I'll took his motorcycle. I always wanted to drive one.

    Where your husband is now? Probably wandering around somewhere wondering what happened to him.


    I'm trying something new with this. These are some shorts I can write quickly between my bigger stories.

    "Shit. I have to hide somewhere",  I thought. "The cops will be here soon"

    I look around the mall, seeing people shopping happily. I pull my backpack even tighter and walk straight forward trying to get myself lost in the crowd of people shopping.

    I got myself into this bad situation. Ever since the black market was flooded with the bodysuit serum and other enhancers, crime rate sky-rocketed. I was one of them too. Before I started robbing banks I was an athlete in a circus. Heavily underpaid of course. One day I got my hands on the serum and on a kind of time enhancer. I used both of them on myself and now I can turn everyone I want into a bodysuit. With the Enhancer I can move much faster than every other person and I'm so much more agile. I often turn old men into suits to rob a bank. No one expects them to be a thief but this time I messed up. Someone managed to call the police while I was robbing the bank and now they're following me.

    So I walk through the mall, pulling my cap deeper down. I search for an unsecured exit but security is everywhere. But then I see a possible way out. I rush towards the men toilets and look around if no one got suspicious of me. Inside the bathroom I looked around for a new skin. At first I thought I was alone until I heard someone pulling up his pants and flush. I stand in front of the cabin door and prepare to ambush whoever is in the cabin. The lock turns, door opens and a shirtless muscle jock comes out. He looks at me confused and I look confused too but then I remember the sign. The toilets are shared by the mall and the gym next to it.

    The jock wants to say something but I push him back into the cabin. He falls onto the closed toilet.

    He looks perplexed by the fact that an old man managed to push him back. I close and lock the door behind me.

    "What the -", he isnt able to speak any further as I grabbed his nipples to start the transformation.

    While his body deflates I'm admiring his godly physique. Big pecs, beautiful abs and great biceps. I admire his handsome face, wild hair and his nice tanned skin.

    As he deflates further he's losing his clothes. His shoes and socks slip from his feet and his wallet falls out of his pocket. I lift it up to see who I'll be for the next few days.

    Joshua Hunter, 27, resident in San Francisco. Nice.

    He deflated completely and I start to strip myself. After that I peel off the old mans skin. I pull it over my head, take my arms out of it and woggle it down my body until I can step out of it.

    Joshuas shorts and boxer briefs fell to the ground as I lifted his skin. I stretched his mouth wide and stepped into him. Even though I have an athletic body too, it was impossible for me to fill his skin. I position my legs inside his and pull it up further.y arms enter the bodysuit and I pull it over my shoulders. If anyone would see me right now would think that I was standing here in a way too big, dumb looking muscle suit. As I positioned my dick inside his, mine felt so small in comparison.

    Everything arranged I pull his face over mine and the transformation began. The loosely fitting skin starts to fit better as I feel how my muscles grow to his size. It was the first time that I took a body that was buffer than my own and it filled myself with testosterone. My blood was rushing through my body and I got a boner. My cock, still growing in size to Match Joshuas, started to twitch.

    I sat down on the toilet as his memories started to flood my brain. I saw his friends, his career as a model, his memories of masturbating himself to sleep and so much more. As I sorted his memories I noticed that the transformation had finished and that my now thick cock was spurting pre-cum. I opened my backpack and put my old skinsuit and clothes on top of the money I stole from the bank. I took Joshuas clothes and put them on. I opened the cabin door and checked myself out in the mirror.

    As I wanted to leave the bathroom 2 officers entered the bathroom.

    "Hey you!", one of them shouted.

    My heart started beating faster.

    My heart started to beat faster.

    "Yes, officer. How can I help?", I answered.

    "Have you seen an older man, between 55 and 70 years old, coming through here?", the other asked.

    "You mean the creepy guy with a backpack who ran through the gym? Yeah, he left tje gym.", I lied.

    "Thank you for your help.", one said as they walked through the gym towards the door.

    Now I'll go home to test my new body. I'll definitely enjoy the time as Joshua Hunter.