Soaking in mud: essential organics
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    Tava aqui almoçando e pensei:- O que é liberdade pra mim?? Tá aí uma coisinha bem complexa de explicar. Pra mim liberdade é você errar e não ter medo do erro, é você se declarar e não ter medo da reação do outro, é você sair da zona de conforto e não ter medo do novo.. então pra mim liberdade é não ter medo?! Claro que não, então o que mais? Aaa liberdade é eu ficar nua em meio a outras pessoas e não ter vergonha, é eu gostar de meninos ou meninas e não me envorganhar por isso, é eu usar um cropped e um shorts bem pequeno e não ter vergonha do meu corpo... então pra mim liberdade é não ter vergonha, siim. Não! Então, mas o que é a liberdade? Já sei, é ter coragem de pular de uma ponte de 10 metros de altura sem saber a profundidade do rio, é ter coragem de sair de um relacionamento de anos e se permitir viver outras paixões, é ter coragem de assumir que eu sou instável e tenho medo de ficar sozinha, é ter coragem pra mudar meu cabelo três vezes ao mês e sempre me redescobrir... Agora achei, então liberdade é ter coragem, sim também, mas não só isso. Tô aqui matutando e escrevendo e pensando e refletindo, o que é essa tal de liberdade?? Acho que liberdade pra mim é ter coragem pra assumir que tenho medos e não ter vergonha de ser quem sou, assim eu posso sempre ser e viver a minha verdade onde quer e com quem eu esteja. É, é algo nesse caminho mesmo, mas sinto que a liberdade é muito mais que isso tudo, ela é livre. 🕊 E pra você que chegou até aqui, o que é liberdade pra ti?


    July 2011 one of my first successful #hotspringhunting excursions. Chris Baker let me talk his neighbor out of their car in Denver Co to go seeking hotsprings in every direction. It took awhile! But it paid off & I made a lifelong friend along the way & made many awesome discoveries_all in under 24 hrs. I’d like to make it back to Colorado. RIP Chris💛 What was your very first hotspring? Mine was Bagby HS on Mt Hood in ‘98.


    Nous nous débattons dans la vie...tous recouverts des poisons que nous fabriquons.. Il faut s'accrocher..même quand on ne voit plus rien, qu'on ne sait pas où aller ni comment avancer. Trouver le courage de gratter la boue pour regarder la beauté qui se cache partout... Courage à tous ceux qui souffrent de la maladie, directement ou par amour... Accrochez vous ! ..et n'oublions pas de prendre soin de nous même en commençant par veiller sur notre outil le plus précieux....notre corps. 🎀💗🎀💗🎀 📸 @@chlartigephoto


    Today was one of the most beautiful, grounding experiences. I’ve been at a retreat getting initiated and deeper acquainted with kambo. With that we’ve been bringing in all of the elements. Fire, water, earth, air. Today we covered our body in mud and laid in the sun. Praying to the earth and the sun. Followed with a spiritual bath with herbs and flowers. Cleansing and blessing our auras. Taking on the beautiful spirits of the plants. I feel so connected. So grounded, so grateful, so blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


    Do you think connection with your head, or do you feel it with your whole being?! As long as you only have a conceptual sense of your connection to the earth, such connection is only supposed, it may very well be a fancy fabrication of your own mind. Until you have felt such connection at a cellular level... it's just pretty hashtags or one of those trendy proclamations people use to project a fashionable lifestyle on themselves. Sacred Life Force ~ Indigenous people have always known that the balance of all of life is directly connected with being in harmony with the natural world. Like a flower that opens up Spirit is reciprocal. Mother Earth has bestowed upon each of us her unfathomable love, wisdom, and sublime beauty. The hanging flowers, towering trees, life giving waters, and all of her magnificent animals. The plants have the monopoly on us they are the ultimate teachers and they are the first pharmacy. The wisdom of the plants teach health and how to prevent diseases, they also open your heart and shift habitual patterns, they enlighten your very being helping you to cultivate more compassion and more love. Wisdom comes from a relationship with Mother Earth and real happiness. Today modern society has sought “progress” for the sake of power. We are polluting the waters, killing and bombing our brothers and sisters, cutting our rainforest down— the lungs of our planet—drilling all over the belly of our mother for more and more money and power. We have disrupted the equilibrium of our whole eco system that gives in abundance more than we could ever need. The deeper our connection to the land the more wisdom and peace given. We cannot protect that which we have not come to love. In the end she wins - we either live in a concrete world surrounded by buildings and slaving for WHAT? Few holding power and the sweet sound of life - nature - gone, and in the end we will be gone too!! This may sound extreme but that’s what’s happening. Mother Earth needs us to awaken again to the nectar that is flowing out of her, she needs us to heal ourselves so are very expression is full of light and beauty. We have been given the greatest gifts. Bow to her ! ~ Jessika