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2022-07-01 10:07:19

    Hey guys!

    Chastity update over on my Onlyfans where I can upload images without being flagged of the adjustments I've made to MY & @female-leds-boy Contender.

    Just wanted to say Thank you to all that have commented with helpful advice and suggestions both here and on Onlyfans. I love how you are all just as invested as I to see my boy locked away in permanent, inescapable chastity. Special thanks to @simmered2020 for his time.

    As sexy and hot as all this is, its got to be done safe and correctly, especially when its permanent for him. Hopefully I am very close to that now.

    MS πŸ‘ 



    (kneeling in chastised submission for @female-led-couple πŸ”πŸ™‡) Excellent news and update MS. Thankyou MS πŸ”πŸ™‡