"Former friends of Prince Harry say they are considering breaking their silence after years of 'clearing up' after the royal over his decision to 'betray' his family."

    A tale of two VERY different 'commoners': How Princess Mary learnt a new language, changed religion, and became one of the most photographed women in the world... but has NEVER complained

    "I will tell you that I would be furious, and I would think that child or that grandchild was a selfish, spoiled, ungrateful one"

    I had a feeling this was coming.... I watched Lady C last night and knew exactly what she was referencing that "went down" in Liverpool. Now that all the footage and photographs of the children have aired on Fakeflix, the Sussexes are trapped. They can't say they didn't pass these children off as their own, we have 6 hours of evidence. You can't walk that back! I have said since 2019 that my cards confirmed a surrogacy deal that went sour, payment wasn't made per the agreements. Sussexes had to appear with Darren doll or be in trouble. Custody battle ensued behind the scenes but could not go to court because it was so secret. Then they apparently did get Archie from the surrogate who I think had escaped to South Africa, so they arrived here with a doll in winter clothes, did the adoption and left with Archie. But of course once back in the UK, they knew they would eventually be found out, so off to Canada they fled to come up with a new plan. Maybe little Archie had bonded with his surrogate and she had to be schlepped along as part of the family? As part of the new negotiated deal?

    Sneaking people into the UK is called trafficking and sneaking them into Canada and the US is also trafficking.

    Its going to go down Anons. @houseofbrat predicted an earthquake in House of Sussex early in 2023. I think this is IT


    Also why is no one acknowledging that the reason why half in half out wasn’t an option was because the royal family is a part of the government with a constitutional role??

    Because they are counting on the American public to not know about that.

    Also it's very interesting - he says "we were given 5 options, 1 being nothing changes, 5 being we're completely gone... we chose option 3, half in half out and then were told its not possible" and it's like... what were the other options. Were you really GIVEN 5 possibilities or did you TELL THEM there were 5 possibilities?

    This is all so one-sided and there's SO much context (that we're likely never going to get) missing.


    So when my kids were younger it was like... "Your options are this. If you don't eat X amount of your dinner, something of everything on your plate, you don't get dessert. If you eat it, you can have whatever you'd like after." They'd always respond with option three: "But I don't like this bit, can I have the ice-cream if I eat all this and this?"

    And I would reply: "Was that in either of the options I gave you?" which would lead to another round of negotiating in the way only kids can before it was an inevitable 'no' from them, and they would ultimately end up choosing one of the two options presented to them.

    Harry was not given five options. They would not have presented him with an option that was not feasible. They were told you're in or you're out, make a choice. He shot his shot and missed the target with imaginary option three, so he tried two and four in the hope they'd take pity on him.

    If he had any brains at all he would have said, "Meghan is struggling with moving to the UK, the culture change, and becoming a mother. We'd like to take some time away from full-time Royal duties to settle into our marriage and parenthood, similar to how William and Catherine did in 2011/12/13. We'd like to spend some of that time in the US to be close to her family. Would you mind terribly if we did that for two years? And if not, can we come to an arrangement about the duties required of me during that time and how security/funding will be handled?"

    Nobody, absolutely NOBODY, would have begrudged them that. Not at all. We would have said, "Gosh, what a smart choice for them as a family and they've handled it so well."

    Instead they went, "peace out, bitches, we're off, don't forget to pack the passports for the security guards and send our cheque to the new address."

    I thought leaving the UK for a private life was “moving on”.

    Then you did Oprah and were never talking about this again.

    Then you did The Me You Can’t See and numerous other interviews.

    Then your lunatic wife was brilliantly trolled in The Cut article.

    NOW you say that you are MOVING ON?

    Wait…you have your SPARE book and I am positive your wife has again helped/dictated Omid with his new book trashing the Royal Family.

    This won’t end well I fear. For YOU not your family that you so desperately want to destroy.

    Right on cue 3…2…1…

    The Cambridge Family in 2022

    Well, that sure was a year! First things first, I did in fact kill the Queen (sorry!), meaning we have a new King and a new Prince and Princess of Wales. As part of the events following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we saw numerous public walkabouts (x, x), as well as many events with foreign diplomats and royals (x, x, x). The Queen's death followed her hugely successful Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which included a surprise George and Charlotte appearance in Cardiff, and Prince Louis stealing the show at the pageant. William and Catherine undertook a number of overseas trip this year: William began with a visit to Dubai; Catherine then visited Denmark as part of her work on the Early Years; the couple visited Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas in a controversial tour; and a final overseas visit to Boston, on behalf of the Earthshot Prize. The Cambridge family - now known as the Wales family - also experienced some personal highs. The family moved their main home from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage, in Windsor, and George, Charlotte and Louis began their new school year at Lambrook School. William and Catherine also gained a new niece, as Catherine's sister Pippa gave birth to another daughter, called Rose. The couple were able to experience some sporting highs, with the Princess of Wales becoming Patron of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League in February, and attending a Six Nations match shortly after. She also attended the Sailing Grand Prix. The couple also attended Wimbledon together twice (x, x) (with Catherine also going alone once), as well as the Commonwealth Games. William was also able to see football finally come home, with the Lionesses' winning the 2022 Euros. With Covid-19 finally beginning to retreat and the BRF experiencing a new beginning, I hope the Wales family continue to flourish next year.

    THE Queen Consort’s guest-edited edition of Country Life has become its biggest-selling issue of all time

    The Mail+ | Published 26 December 2022

    THE Queen Consort’s guest-edited edition of Country Life has become its biggest-selling issue of all time, the magazine said.

    The edition, which featured a photograph of Camilla taken by the Princess of Wales and told of her own strong bond with the UK’s natural environment, sold nearly 70,000 copies.

    Camilla took over the weekly magazine to commemorate its 125th anniversary on July 13 and to mark her 75th birthday just a few days later.

    Country Life editor-in-chief Mark Hedges said: ‘The world exclusive cover set the tone for an extraordinary edition of Country Life, now the best-selling edition in its 125-year history, which provides an unrivalled insight to our Queen Consort.’

    It was the fourth time the magazine had been guest-edited by a member of the Royal Family.

    [Click here to read/download a digital copy]

    October 2019

    🇲🇦 This week The Duke of Gloucester is visiting Morocco to better understand the country’s traditions and history. As Patron of The Global Heritage Fund HRH also learnt about important projects to preserve Morocco’s ancient sites.

    HRH learnt about Morocco’s traditional carpet making during a visit to Dar Si Said, National Weav
    ing Museum.

    Did you know The Duke of Gloucester is a qualified architect? HRH was interested to visit Morocco’s Collective Granaries at Adghess and Ifri Imadidane. He met a fellow architect who showed HRH plans to restore these ancient tourist

    The Royal Family