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2020-07-06 22:52:55

    eleanor & park is getting made into a movie??? fucking eleanor & park???? miss “deeply racist, homophobic, & fatphobic” eleanor & park??? 2020 really out here

    anyways.... if you weren’t already aware of this book, eleanor & park was written by rainbow rowell, a white woman, about two teenagers that fall in love in high school. it caricaturizes korean characters as “china doll squinty eyes nerds”, in addition to stereotyping east asians living in white communities as race hating, “fenminine men” and only tolerated because they have One Popular White Friend.

    here’s a thread explaining the racism of e & p (full thread by @/naomigiddings here)

    Also, antiblackness.

    There’s passages where the white girl is bullied for being fat and she’s so low on the social ladder she’s “even beneath the Black girls” and the Black girls laughing at her “was Dr. King’s mountain”

    She also has two token Black friends that use AAVE and say things like “ain’t no thing” and “those people are trifling” and also their names, I shit you not, are DeNice and BeeBee

    Also if you know Japan’s history of colonizing Korea, culturally assimilating them, massacring and enslaving them, and its history of violence towards Zainichi Koreans (going as far as the right wing to send death threats to PRESCHOOLERS)....... then don’t bring up “but the movie has a Japanese director!” as a defense

    this fourth of july think of the indigenous people of america who had their country and land stolen from them with little to no reparations or apologies. land is still being taken. sacred grounds are still being ripped away. there is no “independence” for the people who were here first.

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