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    “Dude! You gotta try this video game! It’s so life like.” Corey said too focused on the screen. “Oh I believe you man,” Michael said watching as his friend “created” his avatar never noticing that his own body was rearranging. Michael watched in anticipation as Corey lost all the fat he’d grown, a small amount of muscles finally becoming visible under his skin. A cute slim 6 pack starting to show.

    “Mind if I do a couple things?” Michael asked, Corey handed over the controller with ease. Corey never noticed his body changing as Michael got more creative. He went into some sub options turning up Corey’s libido and pushing him towards the gay side. Corey licked his lips watching the avatar on screen. “You like him?” Corey nodded as his shorts began to tent. “Great I think you’ll like the next part too.” 

    With that Michael started beefing up his friend, packing on the muscle and toning him up quite a bit. Corey sat there growing in the seat, taking up more room as his body grew wider to compensate for the enlarged muscles. His pants were straining as his cock did it’s best to break free. Finally Michael satisfied with what he’d created clicked save and looked at Corey.

    Corey sat there slowly taking in all that happened, he still never realized how much he changed, but he pulled out his phone and took a photo. “Lookin’ good right?” Corey said teasing Michael before giving him a deep kiss. Corey got up and went to cook dinner for them as Michael pulled up his own avatar excited to see what he could do to himself. 

    David Henrie gets a Magical Pounding

    Requested by malebodycontrol

    David Henrie played Justin Russo on the hugely successful Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” He was proud of his acting accomplishments on the show, but he felt bad that he didn’t have the killer body and muscles of some of his fellow actors. He wanted so badly to be buff and cut, but he was always so busy with his shooting schedule and socializing he’d never have time for the gym. He was desperate to be buff and was willing to try just about anything.

    Shooting for the day had just wrapped up on the soundstage of the wizard lair and Selena Gomez and the rest of David’s costars and the crew had said goodbye and left for the night. David was still in his character clothing; a pair of nice shoes, tight black jeans that hugged his ass and bulge, a nice button up shirt and tie, and combed back hair. The director left David the keys to lock up when he left. David strolled back onto the set and into the wizard lair. He looked at the decorative tapestries hanging from the wall, the glass panel door that led to the “wizard world” in the back. The blackboard where David Deluise aka Justin’s father would teach the kids. The day’s “lessons” still scrawled across the board.

    All the prop magic items were cluttered on top of the bookshelves, cabinets, and some had even fallen to the floor. David walked over behind the coach that Selena aka Alex always reclined on and picked up her prop wand. He walked over to the podium that held the magic book. The book was in fact purchased by one of the producers from a local magic shop because he thought it would help the actors feel more in character on the show instead of looking at blank pages. David walked over carrying the wand and was about to place it down next to the book when he decided to open the book and look through the “spells” inside.

    He looked down at the large golden cover with rubies and emeralds arranged in the corners along with silver scrollwork. David thought it was too flashy for a simple prop book, but he decided to open it with his free hand anyway. The cover felt oddly heavy, but then he remembered Deluise and Selena were the only ones who opened it in the show so far. He flipped through the pages and saw spells for all number of things. Ability to fly, future sight, eternal youth, gender bender, mind reading, life swapping, it seemed there was something for everything and David laughed as he thought about each one of these spells and how there was no way they would ever work.

    His turned the page after the spell for hair regrowth and saw a spell labeled “Body Buffer & Bulk Builder.” David was reminded about how much he desperately wanted to get some sexy muscles. He looked down at Selena’s prop wand, and he decided he had nothing to lose and the cameras weren’t rolling if he screwed up anyway. He spoke the incantation in the book, “Hulkus bulkus growus fink, do it quick before I rethink!,” and he waved the wand around. A beam of bright light flashes out of the wand and hit the yellow pages of the book, knocking David back onto the floor as the book began to glow. He landed on his back and the wand went scattering off across the floor and landed in front of the bookcase.

    David pulled himself off the ground and crawled behind the couch and peered over the back to see the book begin to vibrate as he heard a loud laugh fill the room. He watched in amazement as two large bluish white ghostly hands burst out of the book and grabbed the podium for support. A large ghost proceeded to pull itself out of the book as its muscles inflated from the pages before David’s eyes. The noise of the ghost leaving the book sounded like a loud inflating balloon. The last of the ghosts’ long tail emerged from the book with a pop and the book sealed itself shut.

    The large, burly ghost looked around the room to see who had summoned him. “Is this a joke?,” boomed the ghost, “Did someone prank summon me again?” “Uh…nn…no sir. I…I summoned you,” David croaked out as he stood up from behind the couch. He walked towards the ghost who was floating, big ecto muscles and all, right in front of the book. He was looked right at the ghost’s sculpted white face. “Well, what can I do for you dude?,” the ghost asked sounding sort of like a bro up close. “Well aren’t you supposed to help me get buff?,” David asked.

    “Yeah, but it depends if you want it fast and easy or slow and steady,” the ghost laughed, “Name’s Josh by the way dude.” “Well look, Josh, I want to be a stud like the other actors around here so I can get some if ya know what I mean,” David said as he felt up his little muscles arms. “Oh dude, I can totally help you make that happen and the some!,” Josh said excited. “Well what do I have to do for this to work?” Josh was excited; he rubbed his hands together looking at David’s body and imagining how great he was going to make it look.

    “Just close your eyes, breathe calmly, and leave everything to me,” Josh said. David hesitantly shut his eyes and focused on his breathing. “That’s right dude, just relax,” Josh said as he pulled back eyeing David waiting for his next move. David was breathing with his eyes closed for about two minutes with no noise from Josh. “Uh…what now Josh?,” David asked confused. “INCOMING!!,” Josh yelled from across the room. David heard Josh flying through the air and opened his eyes just in time to see Josh go head first into his crotch.

    Josh went right through David’s tight pants and boxers as his head pumped right into David’s cock with a rubbery pop. His shoulders and arms quickly followed his head, and his bulky tail was whipping around and protruding from David’s tight jeans. David was freaking out, yelling from shock at what Josh was doing, but a surprise hint of pleasure from feeling Josh slide into his cock so smoothly. He tried gripping Josh’s wiggling tail as it sank down into his cock like a deflating balloon. His hands repeatedly slipped on Josh, who continued happily squeezing into David, who began to grow hard around Josh’s bulky ectoplasmic body, pressing his cock right against his tight zipper.

    Justin was moaning in pleasure as he felt Josh going deeper and deeper, starting to fill out into Justin’s limbs and torso. Josh was laughing softly to himself as his tail slipped through David’s pants and slurped up his cock with a pop. David felt filled out and tight with all of Josh inside him, and he suddenly felt himself loosing consciousness as Josh was taking him over. In his mind, David heard Josh’s voice calmly saying, “let go, let me help, you’ll be fine, it’s ok, you’ll be huge when I’m done.” David was dumbly stumbling around the room spinning as Josh took control. He stumbled into the couch and groaned as he fell onto the couch from the impact.

    He landed on his back with a thud and a swoosh as air escaped the cushions and he was motionless except for light breathing. He slowly lifted his hands to fondle his still erect cock and giggle to himself as his eyes fluttered open. He was groping himself through the tight jeans as he said, “Oh man, you’ve got a lot to work with, that’s for sure, but we’ve got some improvements to make he said as he rolled around teasing himself in the velvety red couch. He grabbed his new ass and gave it a good squeeze and giggled at its firmness. He felt up his muscular chest and gave his small pecs a good grope. “Alright, time for some fun.”

    He stood up and walked off the set and over to a makeup station behind the cameras. He stood in front of the floor length mirror and switched on the lights. They radiated onto David’s body as Josh enjoyed the view of his new face. He stripped off his shoes, socks, tight jeans, shirt, and tie. He threw them into a heap on the floor by one of the cameras. Josh stood there in his black silky boxers before the mirror and flexed with a grunt.“not bad for a beginner,” he said turning to flex on his side, “but we definitely need to pump up the party,” and he turned to look at his ass, “especially back here my friend,” and he laughed.

    He scrunched his face and focused his energy on David’s lean body. David’s legs and arms began to pulsate as Josh pumped his ectoplasm into them. His thighs and biceps inflate like rubber. His toned stomach had 8 abs pop up like toast one by one. His dick swelled like a water balloon in his boxers. His ass inflated like two soccer balls, and his pecs plumped up like basketballs. All this growing sounded like a rubbery balloon being stretched out. Josh was moaning and groaning throughout the process and when the rubbery stretching finally stopped, he let out a huge sigh of relief.

    Josh had worked up a bit of sweat all over from the growing, and David’s body now glistened like dewy morning grass. He flexed again in the mirror, admiring his hard work and smirking. “Now we’re talking dude! Look at these guys,” he said flexing and posing his buff arms. “And this could do some serious damage for you too,” he said bouncing his cock in his hand. “But now I think it’s time I get repaid for my efforts,” he said turning to look at his new inflated ass in the mirror, “And I think this is just the right method of payment,” he said laughing and slapping his bubble ass.

    After smirking to himself in the mirror and giving his ass another hard smack for good luck, he walked back onto the set and over to the bookcase. He bent down and picked up the wand and headed back to the magic book. Josh flipped through the pages until he found a spell titled “Erectus Correctus.” “This will do just nicely to get your body in perfect shape,” Josh giggled and he spoke the incantation, “schlongus elongus prolongus spout, make me moan and also cry out.” There was a clap of thunder and flash of light as he waved the wand over the book and a spiral of purple smoke erupted from the book and onto the floor behind the wooden podium.

    The vortex swirled with a loud wind noise and slowly pulled up from the floor to reveal a pair of feet. It gradually revealed a large buff man who was completely naked. He had curly brown scraggly hair, a light stubble, sculpted features, bulging muscles, and most impressively, a huge cut cock that Josh was practically salivating over. The cloud disappeared back into the book, which again shut itself, leaving the hulking giant staring at Josh. “What is your bidding master,” the stud asked.

    “This new body I’ve worked on is ready to be broken in Stanley,” Josh said, and he turned around and pointed to his ass, “I think you know what to do big guy.” Stanley picked Josh up and put him down on the couch after ripping off his boxers. He stuck two of his fingers into his mouth and slide them into Josh’s hot, tight hole as he moaned. “Oh Stan, really get in there and warm me up,” Josh moaned, “This is the tightest hole I think I’ve ever used.” Stan twisted his fingers around trying to loosen up Josh and added a third finger to the party, getting an extra yelp.

    Josh started to adjust to the pressure and was now humping Stan’s thick fingers with his tongue hanging out relishing the feeling. “Stanley, I need you now,” Josh panted, and Stan pulled his fingers out with another yelp from Josh. Stan positioned himself on his knees behind Josh on the couch, grasping his hips and plowed fully into Josh with a quick thrust. He immediately rammed Josh’s prostate and his dick grew to full stiffness in seconds. Josh saw stars from the impact and wanted more. “Make this ass yours Stan. Breed it like a b***h!” “As you wish master,” and Stan began pumping hard and fast with precum making the perfect lube.

    Stan’s thighs slapping against Josh’s bubble ass as he pushed back to meet Stan’s thrusts. The sweat and steam they made fogged up the camera lenses and the stage lights that were off for the night. Their sweaty musk and panting and gasping and flesh slapping filled the room. “Oh Stan, you always know how to make me feel full,” Josh panted. “I live to serve you master,” Stan obediently replied. The thrusting picked up speed and Stan was hitting Josh’s prostate like a pimp trying to collect money.

    “Oh Stan, I’m getting so close,” Josh moaned. “I’m ready to finish master, shall I stay inside,” Stan asked politely. “Paint my insides white!,” Josh moaned with a grittiness to his voice. That was all Stan needed to hear and he climaxed. He roared as he smashed Josh’s prostate thrusting completely inside as his monster cock pulsated. He was pumping wave after wave like a fire hose inside Josh, who himself erupted from the orgasm of Stan and squirted cum all over the velvet couch. Josh’s abs were bloating as Stan literally filled him to the brim with cum.

    “I’m going to burst Stan,” Josh joked as Stan’d orgasm finally began to die down. After a few more minutes, Stan grew soft and popped out of Josh. He immediately licked up all the cum of his master from the couch and lifted David up and brought his legs over his shoulders. Stan brought David’s asshole to his mouth and sucked like a straw all the cum out of his master’s ass, licking the hole clean, before putting him back down. Josh laughed and said, “I always love how clean you get everything Stan,” and he brought Stan in for a kiss, savoring the taste of both their cum in his mouth.

    Josh broke the kiss with the bulky stud and waved goodbye to him as he was sucked back into the magic book in a purple swirl of clouds again. Josh walked over to the mirror and flexed one last time. “I think you’re just about ready dude,” and he winked before shutting the mirror lights off. He put his now extremely tight clothes back on, minus his torn boxers of course, and walked back to the spot where he initially possessed David.

    He took a deep breathe and focused as he suddenly dislodged inside David, who was waking up feeling in a daze. Josh pulled back into his ghostly form inside David and moved towards his cock. He pumped into his urethra and popped out of his cock tail first as an inflating balloon noise filled the room. The tail emerged through the black denim and was wriggling its way out quickly as David stood dazed in a fog. Josh’s arms made it out and with a final loud pop, his head emerged.

    David snapped back into focus and said, “What the hell just happened?” “Uh, I made you hot dude,” Josh laughed. David flexed and admired his muscles in front of the magic book, trying to not rip his now insanely tight dress shirt. “Dude, how did you do this so quickly?!” “It’s my own special treatment, no secret telling,” he laughed. “How can I thank you enough Josh?” “I already got my payment, your satisfaction (under his breathe: and mine.” “My body feels great! Especially my legs, so relaxed and flexible now!” “Well I like to give the body a full, thorough workout.”

    “Well if I ever need anymore body advice, I’ll definitely hit you up!,” David said excited. “I look forward to working with you again!,” Josh replied happily as he dove towards the magic book, which opened and sucked him back inside. David went right to the mirror and started flexing like Josh had been doing moments before. David remembered nothing of the possession or pounding he received, all he knew was his body looked awesome and felt great. His ass felt a little sore, but he thought nothing of it and couldn’t pull his eyes off his smokin’ new body.

    To be continued…?


    An idea is to have a king drain a knights muscles

    “RIGHT WHO IS IT, AND DONT BE LYING!” The king shouted at the line of knights. “WHO STOLE IT!”

    The line of knights stood looking at each other accusingly but 1 knight stood out. His armour was specially made to fit the curves and bulges of his masculine body. His arms were so big you could The the definition through the armour, his pecs were so round he could barely see over them, his abs were 12 solid defined blocks sitting on his torso, his thighs were as big as a normal mans waist and best of all his bulge was so big it got in the way whilst walking.

    “Take off your helmets! NOW! “ he added. The group took off there helmets to reveal one chiselled cheek bone and beautiful blue eyes and perfect sandy hair with skin slightly tanned and clear.

    The king walked up and down the row of knights looking for his stolen goods when he stopped at our beatiful hunk.

    “That’s an odd shape in your pocket young man” The king said as he reached into it. “Aha! I knew you were always a bad fellow! I have just the punishment for you.” The king said happily.

    The knight and the king went into a empty room. The king grabbed the knights arm and a surge of energy went into both of them. The kin screamed in power and the knight got more confused until he realised what was happening. He could see his right arm shrinking and the kings growing. He starred to pull away but couldn’t get away from the beastly arm the king now owned. The king grabbed the left and did the same.

    The king then grabbed his pecs and starred feeling the up and flicking his nipples and the knight couldn’t help but get hard. The king stooped once the knight was as flat chested as paper and then worked his way onto the ridges of his 12 pack licking and feeling them up and down. He tried to move onto the thighs but the 15” boner that the knight had got in the way.

    “Guess I’ll have to do this first!” He said caressing the dick and that’s all it took for the knight to cum and his dick was shrunk as the kings grew larger. The king moved onto the thighs felling them up and down until the were gone too and moved up too the bubble butt. The knights butt was used to being squeezed but never this good and so hard!

    Everything was done except his looks but this king was determined to get every last bit of this knight. The king grabbed the knight and started kissing him until he looked like a pre pubescent ugly boy.

    “Your too weak to work for me now! LEAVE!” The new deep voice of the king roared. They both left the room and the knight was kicked out the castle. “I’m so glad I framed him now, it was so worth it” The king said quietly.


    Thank you so much for my first ask and I’ll be getting round to some more soon! I’d also like to take this opertunity to thank everyone who has followed and liked my stories so far and I can’t wait to make more! Make sure to leave more asks for me to do aswell