This is just a tf story so if Pup amp doesn’t approve then I’ll remove the post asap.

Bryan was a normal nerdy guy hanging out at a park just relaxing on a sunny but cool Saturday. He was sitting at a park bench just looking around at the dogs running around when someone sat next to him and said “Hey I’m David I see you’re looking at those happy dogs running around.” Bryan looked at David smiling and said “Yeah I’m a dog person and always wondered how fun it is for them.” David bumps his shoulder “There is real good way to know how they feel it’s like virtual reality, I can show you how back at my place.” Bryan smiles and nods yes then follows David back to his house which wasn’t far maybe a mile or two. David walks in and leads Bryan to a couch and asks if he’s ready for the VR simulation. David pushes Bryan to lay back on the couch and says “Clear your mind and let my voice guide you.” Bryan closes his eyes and almost goes to sleep. David smirks and says “Now you aren’t Bryan you’re Wolfie a nice little playful pup that I own and you want to go play with the other pups.” Bryan smiles dumbly and feels his hands curl up into fists. David tells him “Wolfie wake up and look at your paws.” Bryan opens his eyes and lifts his hands actually paws up and sees he can’t open up his fists and starts to freak out. “What’s going on?” David smirks and tells him “Wolfie you wanna see your new hood?” Bryan nods and shakes his butt and panting as well. He can’t talk but only in his mind. “Wolfie wanna get pup hood!” *No stop this isn’t what I had in mind at all I need to leave!* Bryan isn’t in control for his body anymore it’s just Wolfie the pup in control. David presents the hood to Wolfie and he waits to see how he’ll react. “Wolfie wanna wear hood Master!” David smiles and tells him. “Wolfie you gotta strip down and wear the hood so I can check it out on you.” Wolfie shakes his butt and strips clothes as he jumps on David’s bed. *No why did I do any of this and no don’t you dare put that mask on me!* David knows what Bryan is thinking as he puts the red puppy hood on Wolfie his newest pup. “Wanna go to the park Wolfie?” Wolfie shakes his butt and pants while nodding. “Ruff Master ruff!” *Maybe when I get to the park I can escape yes* They get to the park and David let’s Wolfie go loose to run and play. *Nows my chance to escape* “Ruff ruff ball!” *Right after I get this ball*

Story made for a friend


Thanks dude. Also I'll delete it too if amp isn't happy with us using his pic, I'll announce if that ends up happening at ask any of my followers who reblog to also respect his wishes should he ask us