Stoner TF! :D One of my favourite tropes.

    “Who the fuck are you!” You stared at the half naked man lying on your sofa, playing GTA V, the room reeking of weed and… some unidentified scent. “Get the hell out of my house!” You were shrieking like a banshee, yet this studly stranger took no notice of your rage. 

    “Yo, bruh. Why you screamin’? Calm down.” As if a Valium hit you like a brick, waves of relief washed over you. 

    “I… I don’t know.” You stood there, dumbfounded. Wondering why it was you were so surprised this dude was in your apartment. You calmly place your stuff down at the door, kicking off your uncomfortable work shoes.

    “Man, that fuckin’ job has got you stressed out as fuck.” He sits upright, patting the leather cushion next to him. Your head still fuzzy, you idly find yourself waddling over to him, and plopping down next to him on the couch. He tosses his arm around your shoulder, and hands you the second controller, which you gladly accept. There is nothing like Grand Theft Auto to let out all that aggression that builds up after a bullshit shift. “Sit back, and just let it out bro. I’ll roll us a blunt.”

    Marco bends over, opening the pot box. Wait. Marco. Yeah, that’s his name. But, why do you know him? How do you know him? Have you seen him before? It’s as you stumble over the little holes in your memory, your nose is bombarded once again by that strange smell. Sweet. Salty. Sour… It’s rank! Yet, addictive. Your mind occupied on the game, your nose focused on the smell… It’s a sensual overload when Marco finally has the blunt in his mouth, lighting it up and letting out his typical massive cloud.

    “Aight, here.” You take the blunt from his fingers, and he tosses his arm around your shoulders once again. You bring the blunt to your lips, and light it. You inhale, taking in that oh so familiar spicy taste of ganja. You sigh as you let out the smoke, settling into Marco’s comfortable hold. You try and pass it back to him, but he quietly refuses. “Nah, man. You need it way more than I do.” 

    You two shout and laugh together, high as kites as your outrageous shenanigans on GTA coincide perfectly with the absurdist humour the weed brings out. It’s at this point once again that your drawn again to that smell. It tickles the hairs in your nose, giving you shivers down your spine. Marco looks over to you, noticing your obvious goosebumps down your arms. 

    “Ahh. I know what you need.” You feel a hand grab the back of your head, and within seconds, your face is buried in a dark, dank little space. The smell is pulsating into your nostrils, clearly it is coming from here. “Yeah, I know how you like it. Breathe it in, babe.” You grasp Marco’s meaty pecs and back, pulling your face deeper into the sweaty armpit. He always knows how to treat you when you’ve had a rough day. Marco plays on, smiling, yet nonchalantly unperturbed. You lap up the beads of trapped sweat from his damp pits, savouring each and every ounce of his salty taste. 

    You pull away from your boyfriend’s musky pits for only a moment; just enough time to slowly and seductively pull down his beat up sweatpants. His gorgeous cock springs to attention, smacking you in the cheek. The familiar sour stench of his musky balls and cock welcomes you back to your favourite place on earth. 

    Marco grabs the base of it, smirking that familiar, cocky sidegrin. You know exactly what to do. You gently kiss and caress his tip, fondling those melons he calls his balls. Your insatiable lust takes over, as you go down on your boyfriend, deepthroating as if you’ve done it every single day. Each time your nostrils hit his bush, you take in that incredible stench, a product of his lackadaisical stance on showering.

    He grabs the back of your head, thrusting his cock into your mouth, throatfucking you like he loves to do. He growls, moans, and grunts as he furiously fucks your face. Each slap of his balls on your chin, you are reminded of the amazing streams of seed that will flow down your throat- your drink of choice. No sooner as you think it, Marco roars out his animalistic grunt as he shoots his massive load down your throat. Stream after stream, neverending. You can feel the cum get caught in the back of your throat, heading up to your sinuses, and trickling down your nose. Each throbbing thrust of cum fills you in ways you cannot explain. As if it flowed from your mouth to your toes, filling you up with every single burst. You found yourself pulsating, your muscles stretching and contracting with every load barreled into your powerful gut.

    Marco dismounts your cum-soaked face, and passionately kisses you. His little alpha persona is such a mock up, as you know that he’d rather just light a blunt than boss you around! You look down at the tattered remains of boring square work clothes on your lean, muscled body. What the fuck had happened? Who the fuck wears that shit? Thank god you sell out of your place, so you don’t even have to put pants on! Slipping on your favourite trash shirt, and rancid, cumsoaked undies, you plop back into your seat, while Marco begins to repay the favour you paid him. He’s in for a surprise. You didn’t wash up this morning, so there might be a little… Build up down there. You take a puff of your blunt as your boyfriend goes down on your cheesy cock. Damn. Doesn’t get better than this.


    One of my Tumblr crushes @idesofrevolution write this, it’s genius, just like him. Do your self a favor and read it!

    He was very hesitant to get to know me. For fuck sake, I'm his roommate and he's acting all awkward around me and very timid. Like, I don't care that he's a bookworm who never even touch a game console, I want him to be my buddy and make my dorm life fun.

    But well, cannot stand a roommate who cannot even speak his own mind and can't let loose for a while so I decided to take the matters into my own hand

    Now he's probably the horniest fuck tool I ever stumble upon in my entire life and he's got the skill to make my game night much more fun. Well......with that stick in his arsenal, things escalated to be very fun, very quickly.

    Oh, no, when I said stick, it's not that joystick that turned him from nerd to dumb jock, it's the other stick confined in that shorts of his


    The Look

    Based on a story idea from musclelover4826

    It was unexpected when Adam messaged me.  I hadn’t heard from him in a few months.  We had been good friends for years, but then he moved a few suburbs over, got a new job that ate up all his time and gradually we had hung out less and less.  So it was welcome to see that he had messaged me.  

    When I read the message though, it wasn’t had also probably been his best friend for the longest time. He must not have anyone else to turn to.  

    That’s amazing mate!  I’m not sure I’m very good with kids, but if you really need the support, of course I’ll do what I can

    It was the best I could do.  I mean, I didn’t want to say no, but I also didn’t want to be too enthusiastic.  

    The bubble appeared showing he was typing a reply right away.  

    Thanks dude!  I know kids have never been your thing, so this really would mean the world to me.  How about we meet at Harold’s tomorrow around noon, talk things over?  

    Damn, he must really be that desperate.  Well I couldn’t refuse, what kind of friend would do that?  

    Cool, see you then!  


    Harold’s was a cafe Adam and I used to have lunch at pretty often.  But it had been nearly a year since I’d last been there.  I hoped it would be like old times, but I knew that was impossible now.  I had so many questions.  How did he end up adopting, how old was the kid, how did he manage the expenses?  

    Adam looked pretty much the same as always when I spotted him sitting at a table toward the far side of the cafe.  He was thirty-two, thin with a receding hairline.  He used to wear glasses, but he’d had that laser surgery a few years back.  He wasn’t as well groomed or dressed as he could have been.  I took a lot of pride in my appearance, spent time getting my hair and outfit right each morning.  Adam often looked like he just threw on whatever was cleanest.  

    Today he was in a t-shirt and track pants, his standard attire when he wasn’t at work.  I never said anything about it anymore. 

    “Sam! Great to see you!” he greeted me, rising from the table to shake hands and then give a quick man-hug.  

    “I’ve missed hanging out,” I told him.  “I thought you were just busy with work, so I didn’t try to push you.  I had no idea your life had got so complicated.  Sorry I didn’t stay in touch.”  

    “No worries mate, I’m the one who should have been keeping you in the loop,” he told me.  “Anyway, the adoption was very sudden.”

    “I guess it must have been.  You never talked about wanting a kid,” I said.  

    “Well it was an unusual circumstance.  My little boy, he isn’t actually little, physically I mean.”  

    I was confused and it showed on my face.  

    “I mean he’s a little boy on the inside, up here,” he explained, tapping his temple.  “But on the outside, he’s big.”  

    “So you adopted an intellectually impaired adult?” I asked.  

    “Essentially yeah.”  

    Now I really didn’t know what to think.  

    “I didn’t even know that was possible.”  

    “Well technically I’m his legal guardian, his power of attorney.  It’s an alternative to putting him into an institution, some heartless bureaucracy,” he explained.  

    “How did this happen?” I asked, utterly baffled.  

    “Mikey was a co-worker of mine.  He was a really smart guy, really friendly, but kind of kept to himself.  He didn’t have a partner, he was estranged from his family.  And then there was an incident, and he was left profoundly impaired.  With no family, he’d have been stuck in some institution and I couldn’t let that happen… so, I adopted him,” Adam explained.  

    Oh Adam, poor bleeding heart Adam.  Of course he’d done it.  He’d never talked about kids, but he was the caring type.  

    “That’s incredible Adam, I really have to take my hat off to you.”  

    “It’s been wonderful, really.  He’s still big on the outside, but he’s really just a sweet, silly little boy now and I’ve found it so rewarding being his daddy.  That’s what he calls me you see.  It’s easier that way. We don’t ever mention his old family, who just abandoned him.

    “But it is very draining to be daddy all the time, twenty-four seven.  And I was hoping to have a night a week off.  The problem is that no babysitter will watch a boy like mine.  So I was wondering if you’d do it for twenty dollars an hour, once a week?”  

    Every week was way more than I had expected.  But I also hadn’t expected to be offered money to help my friend.  I was saving up to buy a house and every bit helped.  But watching a grown-up man who behaved like a child?  I wasn’t sure I could handle it either.  But again, I felt obligated to at least try.  

    “I’d love to help, Adam,” I told him.  “When were you thinking?”  

    Adam looked overjoyed.  

    “Thanks so much Sam!” he gushed.  “Well, I was thinking Tuesday nights, so I could do pub quiz.”   

    “Tuesdays would work for me,” I agreed.  

    “Perfect! Now, you should probably meet Mikey,” Adam went on.  

    “Sounds good.  You want me to meet him before Tuesday then?”  

    Adam laughed. “No silly, I meant right now.”  

    He gestured over my right shoulder and I looked over where he was gazing.  Harold’s had a small area for little kids to play while their parents ate.  It was just some basic toys, but it kept the little tots entertained.  

    But right now it wasn’t a tiny tot playing there, it was a grown man.  Mikey appeared to be mid-twenties, average build, with messy light brown hair.  He was down on the floor on his hands and knees, playing with a toy tractor.  His t-shirt featured a cartoon raccoon and the words Daddy’s Little Rascal.  He had a pair of bright blue board shorts on as well, but he was barefoot and looking around I didn’t see any discarded pairs of shoes or sandals either in the play area or under our table.  

    “Mikey! Come over here honey!” Adam called to him.  

    I blushed at the attention being drawn to this grown man playing with little kid toys.  Other cafe customers looked of course.  Eyes widened as others noticed the oversized tyke.  Some looked disgusted, others filled with pity.  

    Mikey shoved his toy tractor along the floor, running towards us hunched over as he pushed it along until it rammed into the empty chair next to mine.  

    The barefooted man giggled and then looked up at us.  I could see the innocence in his eyes now, the slackness of his face.  Yes, it was obvious he wasn’t mentally all there.  

    “Tac-taw go boom!” he announced.  

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    Thank you for going with my idea. This story was perfect! Thank you


    He was on his way to class when he got a call from his best mate Jake. Jake’s voice was oddly deep and slow, like he had a cold, but when he asked him “If you were a dumb jock what would you be…” he thought it was a joke and started to answer. Before he knew it he was putting on muscle filling out a new outfit with light fair hair and a semi hard massive piece of meat between his legs, on his way to the gym to meet his bro Jake at the gym.

    Brenden was walking through the park when he saw a group of immature young jocks shouting and shooting paint balls at each other. He tried to walk past them quickly to find a quiet spot to read his book when a wet thing touched his neck. "Tag youre it!" A deep but childish voice yelled at. Brenden looked down to see a grinning jock with hands covered in wet paint. He felt himself getting hotter, sweat pouring over his chest. He couldnt help but remove his shirt where he saw two round, tan pecs jutting out. Beneath his slightly pudgy stomach started to carve itself into a firm 6 pack with a light treasure trail. Brenden felt confused as his face changed to get rounder and more masculine with a big cocky grin. He could feel his intelligence and college aspirations fade away into nothing. Soon there was only Ben, another dumb jock for the game!

    Scott found the green bandana tied around his bike handle, almost like a warning from the skater jocks who patrolled his neighborhood. Later that day as he was riding his bike to the store he realized he left his mask at home. With no other choice, he wrapped the bandana around his face, smelling cheap axe and sweat from the skater who wore it last. As he walked inside his muscles begin to strain and stretch. His flat chest getting longer and buffer. His arms and legs getting longer. He raised his arms with a new confidence and easily discarded his shirt, store couldnt make him wear one of those, he mused. His large hands rubbed his muscular pecs while tattoos etched themselves on to his arms. His face hardened and matured with shorter hair and a firm jawline. His feet grew large and masculine with each step. By the time he made it to checkout the only item he had was a pack of cigerettes and the bike had turned into a skateboard. "Yo, wanna try this on?" He asked in a smooth commanding voice before forcing the sweaty bandana on the nerdy cashier...

    The jock sat there staring at the rocks and pondered why he was even there. He remembered touring Europe with his bros but couldn't exactly remember why he was here. Just a bunch of rocks in a circle seemed like a dumb tourist attraction, even for him. He had no idea this was an ancient Neolithic site dedicated to the worship of old gods no one prayed to anymore. He had no idea that a few moments ago a college nerd on summer break touring Europe made a desperate prayer to these gods. Saying he would give anything to be stronger and more attractive so he could have more friends and find a girlfriend. He had no idea these gods still listened and accepted his offer, taking it upon themselves to take the nerds intelligence as payment since he said he'd give anything. He had no idea he was the person that nerd had become. How could he? He was too dumb to remember such things. But even being dumb he knew it was stupid to travel just to go see a bunch of rocks.

    Matthew desperately needed his own car for college.  He was premed and worked two jobs and had classes.  The nerd was just getting by so he was taken aback when the biggest jock on campus offered to sell him his old car for only 500 dollars!  Almost crying with gratitude Matthew was quick to accept and jump in the car to head to class.  He turned on the ac to cool off but a strange scent came out the vents.  "Ugh it smells like a locker room" He whined and rolled down the window for fresh air.  The wind felt so good.  So relaxing.  The nerd felt a new temptation to rest his arm out the window.  He cautiously complied.  Not noticing his arm was rapidly tanning in the sun, and growing.  Large biceps sprouted out and the hair in his pit thickened and began to smell.  Matthew was lost in a daydream while his formerly weedy body grew bulging pecs and hard abs as if all he did was lift.  His feet swelled and split through his shoes as they pressed down harder on the gas.  His hands grew big and strong, turning the wheel and uturning towards the gym just as he was reaching his class.  The only thing not growing was his brain, which was rapidly shrinking.  By the time Matt arrived at his destination his face had hardened and become masculine and there was no trace of his former intelligence or interests just another dumb jock for the team!

    Ben and Mitch giggled as they carefully removed the worn out sneakers from the jock's locker.  They were gonna get revenge on Tyler the football captain for bullying them all year.  The nerds carefully snuck towards the door when a pungent smell hit them like a punch to the gut.  Ben slowly sank to the ground and began removing his shoes as if in a trance.  "What the fuck bro?" Mitch cried out, oblivious to his deeper voice or new language.  He watched in horror as Ben removed his socks next and his feet began to swell getting large and muscular.  The same thing was happening to Mitch now as his hands moved against his will to take off his clothing and make way for the growth.  They both removed their shirts next.  Bare chests getting tan, bellies sucking in and pecs becoming large and bouncy with athletic muscle.  Their hair shortened into masculine jock cuts and their eyes dulled.  Both could feel a stirring in their gym shorts as their cocks grew and their minds filled with thoughts of serving Tyler their boyfriend and football captain.  They mindlessly jerked each other off, brains shrinking with each stroke til they came.  Giggling.  "Huhuhu bro, guess we better return these to the captain."  The two new foot loving jocks turned around to serve their new leader.

    Intro to Advertising

    Shit! I’m late. I grab my coffee, take a seat at my desk and open my laptop. Another semester of online classes… great. I like college. I swear I do. I’ve always been the smartest kid in the class. No other student’s brains compare to mine. That kinda sounds conceited but it’s true! I was top of the class last year. And I intend on keeping that title. No one will stop me.

    I load up Zoom and enter in the meeting code. First module of semester 2… “Intro to Advertising” it reads. Ten minutes late. No one’s gonna notice, right? The call finishes loading. I am met with the faces of fifteen other students. 

    “Looks like we have a latecomer.” The professor scoffs. “Eh… let’s see what your name is… Robert? Is that right?”

    I sit there like a deer in headlights, quickly regretting entering the class at all. I stare blankly at the screen before deciding to bite the bullet.

    “Yeah, that’s me. Sorry for being lat-“

    “We started ten minutes ago, Robert. This isn’t the best first impression. We’ve already started the discussion without you.” 

    We sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Sorry” I smile awkwardly and turn off my microphone. Other students in the call smirk and snicker.

    What a dick. I was ten minutes late. I’ve never been called out like that before. In fact, I’m usually never late. This was the first time. And he still made a mockery of me. Jeez. Screw this guy. 

    I had never seen him before either. He sat upright in his chair as his bulging muscles strained against his shirt. He was in surprisingly good shape for his age. He looked around forty, maybe fifty? He’s basically bald but his body seems hairy. I can see his thick forearms covered with jet black fur and a tuft of chest hair poking out of his shirt . His beard is manly and thick. His voice was deep and commanding. He might have been hot but he was still a prick for calling me out.

    “So, as I was saying.” He glared at me. “Let’s discuss target demographics. When selling a product, businesses target their adverts towards specific groups based on factors such as income, age, race, sexual orientation and occupation.”

    The moustached professor continued on with his big spiel. I passively took notes from the slides until I heard the dreaded words.

    “Robert!” The professor sarcastically smiled. “How about we use you as an example?”

    I let out a fake smile. Fuck. Why me? I unmuted myself. “Sure”

    “Perfect.” The professor smiled and leaned back on his chair.

    “Let’s say… I’m selling gym equipment, okay? And you’re my target demographic.” The professor smirks a devilish grin. “Let’s say your name is Jackson, okay?”

    “Okay… my name is Jackson” I passively agree. Something about the professor’s words… they just spiralled in my head. Repeating. Spinning round and round in my mind.

    “Class.” He addressed the rest of the students. “If I’m trying to sell gym equipment to Jackson. What kind of target demographic do you think he’s is in?”

    Brad, the class jock, chimes in. “I’d say Jackson would be big and muscular. Like big pecs… and biceps and stuff.”

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Does he not hear how stupid that answer is? He sounds more like this supposed ‘Jackson’ than I do. I reach up and scratch my chest but something seems… off. I look down at my chest. It seems… swollen? It doesn’t normally look this big. I thought I was wearing an oversized shirt today. But it looks totally normal on me now. It fits me to a T. I lay my hand on my obsencely big chest, letting my fingers sink into my new fat pecs. Now that I’m looking, my hands seem unusually large too. My hands are supposed to be small and thin. I shouldn’t have thick fat sausage fingers. They’re huge! My eyes travel up my arm to see my huge biceps. My once think skinny arms are now monstrous beasts. I look like I lift weights every day, like one of those dumb jocks. Are people seeing what’s happening to me? Am I going crazy?

    Brad continued rambling on about this ‘Jackson’ character. What better person to describe a jock, than a jock. “Jackson would also like… hate wearing shirts, bro. He’d wanna show off that big bod of his. He’d be just like me and the other bros.”

    Suddenly, I feel the need to strip for my class. I want to just pull off my shirt and show them these new big muscles. Oh God, what’s happening to me? I can’t be actually turning into this fake ‘Jackson’… can I? That’s crazy. And yet, I can’t help but feel the need to just show off my beastly body. Maybe, I can just take it off for a bit. I can just show my muscles and then put it back on… yeah, totally. That’s not weird. People should see my body. It’s gonna feel so good to show off.

    I grab the bottom of my t-shirt and strip, putting my body on full display for everyone to see. I can’t deny, it feels to right to be shirtless. I don’t even want to think about covering myself up. I should just stay like this for the rest of the class. It won’t hurt anyone. I bounce my new tits playfully at the camera.

    “So, would a business target something like a book towards someone like Jackson?” The professor watches my bouncing tits and smiles.

    Callum, the posh kid, scoffs. “Jackson probably doesn’t even know how to read. He just spends all day at the gym. Flexing his muscles and jerking off to porno mags.” 

    As I absentmindedly play with my tits, I hear movement across the room. The noise is emanating from my bookshelf. I’ve spent years trying to fill it up. It’s got every book you can imagine. That bookshelf is one of the reasons for my grades. It’s filled with every literary classic you can imagine, from The Great Gatsby to Jane Eyre. The noise from the bookcase only grows louder. The books start vibrating. As if each book is trying to wiggle its way out of the shelf and onto the floor. My huge body sits helplessly in front of the Zoom call. I focus in on my favourite book, The Catcher in the Rye. I’ve been in love with that book ever since I was younger. I watch it wiggle and struggle as it slowly creeps closer to the edge. With one final wiggle, the book falls off the shelf and towards the floor. As the book falls, it elongates and becomes thinner. As it hits the floor, I hear a loud thud. I look down at the ‘book’ in horror. The book is now nothing more than a gay porn magazine. I try to think of the book it was before… but I can’t remember. All my knowledge of the book is gone. As if I had never read it. Each literary classic falls of the vibrating bookshelf. Each one of them becoming gay porn magazines as they hit the floor. With each thud, my brain shrinks a little bit more. All my literary knowledge is gone and now replaced by images of big cocks and fat fuckable asses.

    The thuds become too overwhelming for my brain to handle. I panic after seeing I had drooled all over my laptop. I glance back at the Zoom call to see everyone staring at me. Some students were laughing. Some were scoffing. They now saw me as some big dumb brute. 

    My jaw drops open, becoming slacked and lazy. I’m left looking like a dumb ape who can only breathe through his mouth. My brain feels so small now. As if the words of my professor and classmates have just drained my IQ. My head is beginning to feel so light. So floaty. Airy. It feels so… goooooooooood. Huhuhu, I cahnt stap dreeewlinggg, brah. My hed is sooooh emmmptyyy, broooh. 

    “Everyone is completely correct.” The professor smiles. “Jackson would be in the target demographic of dumb gym buffs in their early 20s.” 

    “Huhuhuhu yehhhh I ammmm” I chuckled dumbly.

    “Now Jackson, thank you for accepting to be our example for this class. But this degree is for smart, hardworking students. So, we won’t be needing you from here on out.”

    “Huhuhuhu, okaaayyyyy, sirrrrr. Taht makezz senze” I slurred.

    “Alright, Jackson. Say goodbye to the class.”

    “Byyyyyeeeee, brahs” I dumbly chuckle before Zoom closes.

    ‘You have been kicked from the call’ appears on the screen. I chuckle, grab one of the porno magazines off the floor and begin beating my 9 inch cock until I shoot my thick potent load all over it.


    Jackson was now nothing more than a dumb smelly college drop out. The apartment which was once full of academic papers and literary classics was now littered with dirty underwear, gay porno mags and video games. By the end of the class, no one even remembered the high-achiever Robert. They only remember his new self, Jackson, the dumb fuckable jock who would never amount to anything in life.

    It wasn't until Todd got out of his car in the gym parking lot that he suddenly realized he forgot his mask at home. He felt around his pockets and his car to check but nothing. He didn't even want to be here but his friend invited him since membership included +1 access. He drove 45 minutes to get here too so its not like he can go back home to get a mask. But his friend reassured him the gym has a few just in case this happens. So when they walked in he got the usual "sir masks are required" and had to explain he forgot his and make it clear he wasn't some karen pretending to have a medical exemption. They gave him a black one and let them in.

    It smelled weird but he watched them remove it fron a sealed bag so he knew it wasn't used. Yet it smelled sweaty and musky. It was making him dizzy as he followed his friend to the weights and started working out. As he did he noticed the grunts of effort getting deeper, more aggressive as well as louder and more frequent. More obnoxious like he wanted attention on him. The weights also started to feel lighter so he kept having to increase the weight. Todd barely noticed that his arm and chest muscles were swelling and growing....getting swol huhuh...wait why was he thinking like that? The dizziness only got worse as the sleeves of his t shirt vanished and the arm holes expanded and the color lightened until his black t shirt was a bright yellow loose barely covering anything tank top. Muscles showing everywhere. Abs tighter, pecs and arms on display. Hell there was even a nip slip on one side. His hair buzzed into a short jock cut. His skin tanned and glistened with sweat. His mind empting fully of anything other than sports and workout routines.

    "Huhuh check me out bro!" Todd said to his friend as he walked over to a mirror and took a gym selfie. Now just another dumb jock at the gym. Indistinguishable from all the others.